Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Morning

I don't mean to scare you people, but this quilt top is finished!  THAT'S RIGHT FINISHED.  No surprise if someone like Sherri said it was done but me??!! In less than a week?? Totally shocking!

Thimble Quilt

I have to say it really was one of the easiest things to make.  The instructions are geared for precuts in the 10inch and 5 inch size, but I just cut from my stash of PKM and PKL.  I think if I was doing it again I'd use a strip for the large block, as the height of the cut thimble was less than 10inches. 

Thimble quillt
I was wishing I had a darling clothes line in a darling backyard to take a picture.  I think Sharon has one of those.  She also can crank out projects and she's got the long arm to actually finish them. I tried a variety of spots, but over the back of the swing's canopy seemed to work out the best.  I couldn't let those clothespins go to waste though, they look so cheerful. It was a lovely afternoon here. I wish I could send a sunny day to those of you in snowy weather.
So tell me what's new. What are you working on? Can you believe it's just about March? Where does the time go?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday Morning

Hi there hello good morning!!  How are things with you? I'm always thinking you're reading this in the morning, although I know most of your probably aren't. It's like we're having coffee and checking in with our friends, since morning is when I do a lot of my checking in.

thimble progress
Yesterday morning I left bright and early to head over to pick up Bret at the airport in San Francisco.  Not a long drive, but one that involves commute traffic. We're happy to have him back home from  a trip to Virginia and Atlanta.   After a nice lunch out he did some work and I finished up  stitching my blocks into rows. Hopefully I'll have time to sew my rows together today!  Wow is all I can say, this really came together quickly!   Bet you're as surprised as I am, me being such a slowpoke and so easily distracted.
So that's the scoop around here! What's new with you?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Miracle Monday

Happy Monday Morning!  How was your weekend!  MINE WAS FUN AND BUSY!  Check it out, I got the blocks done!  And not just done...

Thimble blocks using Lori Holt's Thimble rulers

..Frankie helped me lay them out.  We  moved the coffee table and worked on the living room floor.  I wish I had that place to back up and get a shot of the whole thing, we'll have to be satisfied with this.

Thimble blocks in action
It was a great weekend. This weeks challenge will be to stitch them all together. It's super cute and I'm either going to try and quilt it  myself like Lori did hers,  or more likely call my friend Diana who is my trusty long arm genius! Quilting it myself would just mean too much time spend cleaning up my sewing table. And that would be a miracle.
So how was your weekend?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Finally Friday

Yay! We made it to the end of the week! Do you have big weekend plans?  Yesterday my Thimble Rulers from Lori arrived so I plan on cutting out my piles of  fabric that's just been waiting.  I'M REALLY GOING TO.  Her free pattern to go with the rulers is so adorable, I love it in her cheerful fabric.  I'm using a combo of my fabrics, and Holly's white on white dot that I love, Polka Party III (#LH07013).  More photos to come on that.

Lori Holt's Thimble Rulers

Lori included a nice little selection of her Polka Dot Stitches for me.  My photos don't capture how nice and cheerful they are.  Honestly, the whole little package was just an adorable ray of sunshine on a cloudy day!  Just like Lori! 

Lori Holt's darling fabric
I had a fun and busy happy day yesterday, and in fact, the week was fun and busy!  Today I hope is a good sewing day, but there's still the weekend!  Hope you guys have a happy one ! xo

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday, right?

Good morning! How are you?  Yesterday was such a nice sunny day over at the studio I just can't help but have a happy hangover!  We had a really busy  day, and that just adds to the happy mood!

The tea cup quilt is back from McCalls and is it ever cute!  Here's a quickie look at Holly and Tracy wrangling  Bandito because I thought it would make for a cute picture. Me and my big ideas! The quilt looks fantastic, Debbie and  Nubin did a wonderful job making and quilting it.  For the 'real pictures' head over to Holly's blog.   The quilt is in McCall's Quick Quilt's April-May issue.  Interested in a kit... Fat Quarter Shop has them here
Now head over to Holly's and check out the nice quilt photos, it really is a wonderful quilt. 
( Looking for the kit for the heart quilt? Look no further! )

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hi Wednesday!

As usual I have a Tuesday feeling about today, that always happens to me the week of a three day weekend! I can't believe I'm the only one!   I had lots of leftover weekend chores yesterday but I still managed to get in some time in front of the machine.

spool row along

The blocks were already done so it's really nothing to brag about. What is something to brag about  (for me, not for all you achievers out there) is that I'm done and caught up before the next row! I'm going to enjoy it, because it's not likely to happen again!

spool row along
The one thing about these rows ... a good photo is next to impossible for me.  Lori always manages to have a million darling photos.  Isn't her house so cute? Anyway,  I can't wait to see the next row!
Speaking of cute have you see Fat Quarter Shop's blocks for the Back to School with Pam Kitty? They're so cute.  Are you stitching along with us? You  need need NEED to get your blocks up on the flickr page! Every month Kimberly selects a new winner for a gift certificate!
Ok, I'm off to see Holly at the LakeHouse Studio today! Have a super fun day peeps! xo

P. S.  Head over to Kristyne's block and check out her ADORABLE placemats. OMG!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Did you have a three day weekend?  This was the first time in YEARS that Bret had the day off, so we had a nice three day family at home weekend!   I even managed to get some sewing done, can you believe it?

row along

My stars are done and sew into a row, but I didn't get the little spools finished, maybe today.  They're so cute, I could really get into making a small quilt out of them.  I love their little chunky look.

row along
I also did some fabric cutting. Lori's new Thimble Rulers  are on it's way to me, and I want to be ready when it comes. I am going to make her Jump Rope quilt, which I think is adorable. My 10 inch and 5 inch squares are cut, and I can get working on it as soon as they arrive!  For once I'm ahead of the game!
So tell me, what did you do with your weekend?

Friday, February 15, 2013

February Back to School

It's that time again, time to put your rotary cutter's down and get Back to School with your homework! My blocks are done, I don't want to get sent to detention.

Back to School with Pam Kitty
Were you a good kid in school?  The only time I remember getting in trouble was in 3rd grade with Mrs. Regalia. She liked things neat and tidy and my desk (with the flip up lid) was a mess.  One day I came to school and found it turned upside down!!! That sure taught me a lesson!
Back to the blocks!



London Square

London Square


Apple Tree

February Back to School

Here's this month's collection of blocks.. I think they look pretty cute!  My favorite is London Square, I just love that big floral and gingham together.

Back to School Months 1-3
Wow, look at all three month's worth!! I love it!  So, hop on over to the Jolly Jabber and check out Kimberly and Debbie's blocks!  I know they'll be super cute! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Good Morning and Happy Valentine's Day! You guys are awesome and I hope you'll all be my Valentines!


I had some fun lately making a  little banner. I'm sure like me, you've seen a lot of banners/buntings out there on Pinterest.  I love the look of using vintage linens, just take a peek at this, this, this and this. But while I think they all look so pretty, I'm a big squeamish about cutting up pretty old things, even if they are damaged. I was cutting up some of my Heart Toile and thought gee, this is like the next best thing!  I used Elizabeth's Celebration Banners pattern, because that scalloped edge across the top is just so cute.  I think I'll add to this, but I need to pick up some Heat and Bond off the bolt which I can't find in town.  The stuff I can find, not so good.  I also like Steam-a-Seam but I can only get that in a package and these pieces are just too big. ANYWAY... wouldn't it be fun to adapt Suzanne's tag idea for this too? Buttons, flowers, you name it, not to mention something like Elizabeth did here.

Valentines banner

While I was at CHA with Roseann, we came across the Pinhooks booth.  What a great idea, hangable push pins. Perfect for this kind of project (and a million other things).


This is Johnny, who is the President  of Pinhooks I believe! He was quite a good sport and was willing to ham it up for me. Thanks for the Pinhooks Johnny! They work like a charm!

Johnny Cantu - Pinhooks
Ok people! I hope you have a fantastic day! And remember, our homework is due tomorrow!! Are you ready?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sew What

Good Morning! Hope Wednesday is off to a good start for you!  Did you go over and leave a comment on Holly's blog? That little lunch box is so cute!  Anyway yesterday I decided to make something for fun. I had seen the cutest little heart wristlet over on the Sew Mama Sew Blog and I was determined to make it. Stop everything and head over to check out how totally adorable it is. Download the pattern so you can make your own.   Then when you get back, we'll resume here.

Cutting out, pretty easy.  I like my choices and I feel secure that I can just whip this out.  Of course I've forgotten that I really am not good at turning things, I never get those nice crisp edges everyone else does. 

My oh my, it's the case of the missing rick rack along the right side. And I had wanted the wrist strap on the same side as the zipper opening, but being sew-lame, I managed to get it on the opposite side when pinning it to the back piece.  Lets don't even mention the lack of a center point on those lobes. Still all in all, it's pretty cute. For my next one, I think I'll enlarge the pattern just a smidge. (candy for scale, and consolation)
Probably surprising that in spite of it's flaws,  it was still super fun to do and I feel happier having done it. It's the perfect little thing to slide my atm card and keys into  when I head into the market.  I don't think they're going to scrutinize my rick rack at the checkstand , at least I hope not! And who cares if they do?
Ok, hope you have a fun filled day!

Update:Looks like the wristlet pattern is no longer on the  Sew Mama Sew site!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sweet Little words

What's new with you? I had a great day yesterday over at Holly's. There's always stuff going on, mostly work, but time for coffee and catching up too.  It was especially exciting to see that Holly's Sweet Little Words Quilt is back home from McCall's Quilting!  It is SUPER CUTE.  This picture is from the magazine, but it doesn't do the quilt justice.  Pieced by Debbie Taylor and quilted by Nubin Jensen it's absolutely adorable. 


Fat Quarter Shop wrote about Sweet Little Words here in the Jolly Jabber.  They have the kits with blue border, as shown in the magazine and  kits with a  pink border option as well.  What I like about the McCalls pattern is the nice layout for the fabric requirements and cutting, so you know exactly what you need and how to cut it, and nice clear  instructions so you know how to put it all together.


It's Valentine's Day coming up, and Holly and I have cooked up a fun little surprise. It just might involve some pretty pink and red Pam Kitty Love. But if you want find out for sure, you better hop over to her blog and find out!

Also on her blog are some nice close up photos of the Sweet Little Words quilt.  Ok, off you go to Holly's now!  Just look at that  sweet pink and red pile, wouldn't it be a fun prize to win?

Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Happy !

Happy Monday!  Hope you had an awesome weekend!  I spent some time at the sewing machine which is always nice. My houses are in a row, and I've started my stars, sure, I only have a couple made but it's progress right?

to do list

This is what I'm dreaming of right now. My friend Pat from Silver Thimble  Quilt Company was just down the way from us a quilt market.  This quilt caught my eye so many times while I was scurrying back and forth that I begged Pat to send me the pattern as soon as possible.  I have had it propped up in my sewing room since I got it.  I'm not an applique person for the most part,  so I'm  more than a little intimidated by the project.  I have a stack of Steam-a-Seam Lite and I'm ready to go for it soon. I'm going to use my favorite yellow on white love bird fabric for the center and probably  this sweet little floral for the border. I want it to have that nice warm sunny day feeling like this quilt.
I hope you all have been working on your homework, it's just about that time again!  So what's on your agenda today? I'm headed across the bay to the LakeHouse studio again! Hope you have a super day! xo
P.S. The pear was delicious! I highly recommend them!

Thursday, February 07, 2013


The neighborhood is done, well except sewing them together, and it's just in time because Lori's next row is up, cute little spools.  They look like they'll sew up pretty quickly.. providing I get them cut and ready soon.

There's always stuff going on here, but most of it isn't that exciting, like emptying the dishwasher and going to the market. 

boring trips to the market
Just to show you I know how to mix it up and keep things interesting, I bought myself a Chinese Pear.  From actual China even.

china pear

That's just the kind of thing I like to do to keep things fresh for you guys! You never know what I will be up to next. And this pear proves it.
Ok, I hope the week is going your way! xo

Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Wednesday already! How's the week been so far?  I've been busy, but only managed to stitch up one little cottage. I just couldn't wait to make one, so I skipped past the stars for now, and am thinking about my sweet little neighborhood. Maybe later I'll put a cute little button on the door for a door knob.

little cottage
What's up with you?

Tuesday, February 05, 2013


So how did Monday work out for you?  I didn't get a ton done, but I'm trying to be satisfied with whatever I accomplish.  And somethings there are just no pictures for, like catching up on blog reading!

row along
I did get my row along pieces cut.. well yes, I have the background to go but I  feel like this is the brunt of it right?  Those are stars and houses, backgrounds to follow.  I think the parts go together pretty fast once they're cut, and it's nice to have things prepared so when you want to sew you can just sit down, turn on the machine and go for it.  Of course come Wednesday I'll be behind again, but why cross that bridge till I come to it?
Happy Tuesdaying people! xo

Monday, February 04, 2013


Another weekend behind us and here we sit smack dab in a Monday!  Time just flies past me and I am unable to reach out and grab a hunk to spend on getting stuff done.   But I'm trying not to fret about it. What's the point?

china lilies
Hope you had a fantastic weekend. I'm going to pace myself here this week.  I'm not back 100% I should have reasonable expectations right? In the mean time, if you have projects that use even a bit of PKM or PKL leave me links so I can check them out, and pin them to my Pinterest pages.  You all inspire me with your creativity and I thank you all for that! xo

Friday, February 01, 2013


Hey I'm kicking January to the curb today! I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. January had it's moments, like CHA and Disneyland, but those two installments of being sick were for the birds.  So I'm glad January is over and we've moved on.  
Wednesday I hauled myself over to Holly's to work on a couple of things.  My timing was perfect because I got to take a peek at some of the Sweet Things strike offs that were in.  YUMMY. 



Even the selvages are super cute.  The whole line is so colorful and vibrant I can't wait to get my hands on it.   My friend Amanda  made the cutest donut quilt, and now all I can think of is how cute that quilt would be with that cute lime green donut border.
Ok, believe it or not, I'm having my first cup of coffee in about 2 weeks or so.  IT'S DELICIOUS, so I know for sure I'm on the mend.  Lets have a fantastic February, even if it starts off with a bit of a cough! MISSED YOU GUYS ! xo

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