Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Feeling

Good morning!  Yesterday I took my coffee out back to the swing with this Vintage Holiday magazine. Even early it's warm enough for pjs, and later it just gets plain old hot. I long for fall but not for the pumpkin spiced lattes everyone is talking about, but for the cooler weather. 

way too soon

Even the garden is trying to feel the fall temps.. I have lots of leaves on the ground already and the crabapples have already changed colors.  My weather app says that maybe the 18th it will be in the 70s.  That would be nothing short of miraculous.

trying for fall
In the meantime, I'm working on my fall ClubHouse project.  Did you know that you can become a member of The Quilt Show for free?  There is a lot of free content over there, in fact the ClubHouse is free,  but the shows do require a paying membership.  I hope you'll tune in to check it out and share a photo if you make the shopper or any of the upcoming projects.

Ok, time for me to get busy!  xo


Blogger Grandma Shell said...

It has cooled off here also. Now if it would just stay in these temperatures until next April! Fat Chance LOL I just love going on your jaunts (vicariously) with you. Living out here in the wilds of West TX there's not much else to do when I need a break from sewing/embroidering. You can only watch clouds full of moisture headed for OK for so long!! Empty promises!!

5:49 PM  

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