Friday, October 28, 2016

Coffee Date

Happy Friday friends!  Hope you had a great week.  It was a good one here. Wednesday, as I mentioned Monday, I had a coffee date with Joyce. You might remember Joyce from this post, she's a long time local friend.  I met Joyce at Going to Pieces, a quilt shop in Pleasanton, where I took a lot of classes from Joyce and ended up working  for quite a few years. The weather was wonderful, warm but not hot, and we sat outside and enjoyed her spectacular backyard.  I'm all about those outdoor spaces and Joyce's backyard has me totally wowed with the potential of having a nice backyard that's still nice even in the drought.  Joyce and Mike, her husband, built that fire place last year from a kit.  WOW. Totally dying over it. 

Joyce's Backyard
They removed some of their lawn and added paths and a lot of mulched areas to cut back water usage.  I love the path that goes all around the patio,  perfect for her grandkids to run around. She's got lots of interest with birdhouses and garden statuary and fun seasonal elements like the pumpkins.  California has the perfect weather for this kind of outdoor living. 

Joyce's Backyard
Joyce is still a prolific quilter and you can find TONS of quilts of all sizes through out her house. I thought you might like to see part of her sewing room.

Joyce's quilts

I love this mini quilt hanging in the sewing room.

Joyce's quilts
These are just a few of the quilts she's made recently. 

Joyce's quilts

Joyce's quilts

Joyce's quilts

Joyce's quilts

Joyce's quilts
Joyce does all her own machine quilting too. She loves sewing and knows how to squeeze progress into the tiniest slivers of time.  More on my visit to Joyce's next week. 
It rained yesterday, and it was glorious.  I love that cozy feeling all day.  Hope you all have a great weekend. No big plans here, what about on your side of the screen? xop

Monday, October 24, 2016

Magnificent Monday

Good morning! I'm very excited to show you the box of Scrappy Project Goodness I received from Fat Quarter Shop.    The box was packed to the brim (in adorable packaging I might add) with Lori Holt's new Scrappy Project Planner and all the accessories that go with it. 

Scrappy Project Planner
I can't get over how cute it all is.  And what I really like it that it all goes so well with the cute tins.  You'll be completely accessorized. 

Scrappy Project Planner
I don't know what to talk about first, the pens to color in your quilt layouts? There's plenty of spots where you will be using them to design blocks or quilts or make quick sketches in the project planner.  You can tape your fabric swatches in there with the washi tape  and mark the page with the sewing machine book mark. 

Scrappy Project Planner
Lets talk about the STICKERS!  So many cute little designs, way more than you see here, there's coffee cups and cocoa cups and phones and sewing machines and airplanes.. holy cow. There's a whole section in the book for weekly planning, and these stickers would be perfect for those days.. or on your regular calendar.  I keep a kitchen calendar, and the years dates for birthdays and anniversaries, appointments, vacations, they all go on the kitchen calendar.  This would be a great way to make a note with a birthday cake or a cup of coffee to tell you have a coffee date with a pal! (Wednesday 2:30 with  Joyce)

Scrappy Project Planner
Other sections of the planner include Tips and Organizing... I can tell you that's going to require some study time, better mark the day in my planner!  Lori includes not only a description of her method of scrap management, but a list of all her shortcut methods, including handy charts showing you cutting size charts. 
Then it's time for the Scrappy Patterns. There's 6 cute patterns, my favorites being the Scrappy-Apple Quilt and the Patchwork Tulip Quilt.  It's cozy time and that's the perfect time to get started on something new, right?   
I love my planner and all the wonderful things that came with it.  It's the perfect spot to record your projects and your coffee dates and check for cutting sizes and find some pretty quilts to make.  Thanks Fat Quarter Shop for sending me all the tools that I need to make my life more cute and more organized!    If you'd like to see more pictures of the quilts and the goodies check the instagram hashtag #scrappyprojectplanner!  There are lots of pretty photos of everything there! 
I hope you have a good week ahead friends!!!  I'm off for another cup of coffee! xo

Friday, October 21, 2016


Happy Friday!  I had a busy week!  Not doing anything in particular, but busy none the less.  What about you?    What did happen here this week?  I got some great surprise mail from Fat Quarter Shop.  This is First Blush, their Block of the Month book. 

First Blush
First off it's adorable. All diagrams are full color and the instructions are clear and easy to understand.  The illustrations are buy Elea Lutz, and they're super cute. 

First Blush organization
I love the layout here, where each fabric is listed by month.  Organization for a big project is key.   And don't forget to order your Creative Grids Starburst 30 Triangle Ruler. 

My trees are ready!  Yeah, I bet you thought I forgot.  Well, didn't. But to in an effort to be transparent  I just finished them in time for this picture, yesterday!

During the week I've continued to discover some little treasures.  I am in love with the apple tape measure, with the little leaf as the pull. And the decals on the machine.. adorable. More things for the shelf! 

Next up the weekend.  Do you have any plans?  I suspect I should soldier on with the Legendary quilt, the pieces are cut and waiting!  Have a happy weekend!  xo

Monday, October 17, 2016

A is for Apron

Hi there friends!  It's a fresh new week ready for us to get out and conquer it.  Yay.  We had a lovely rainy weekend....still in the mid 60s so I could have all the windows open and get all the fresh air.  I love the gloomy rainy days so much.  There's something so cozy about it, and of course now that they're so few and far between I need to cherish each one! 


Last week you had a glimpse of the applique I started for this little work apron.  I started out making the pocket ( (2) 7 1/2" x 21 1/2" rectangles).  The inside of the pocket has fusible interfacing .. just whatever I had laying around, I'm not an interfacing genius at all.  I appliqued my little monogram onto the outside pocket, then stitched the pocket lining (same fabric) along the top with some rick rack for a nice break between the black floral and the Black Essex linen I used on the body of the apron. This is the first time I've used the Essex Linen and it's quite nice, just the kind of body you need in an apron. 

I ended up cutting my apron body (2) at 21 1/2" by 13 1/2".  Originally I went a little taller but I didn't like the proportions.  I basted the pocket to the apron body front, and then layered the back apron piece rights sides together and sewed around the sides and bottom, leaving the top open.  I added some pom poms on the bottom for fun.  I like the red and pink thing I have going here.   You flip that right side out and press. Now's the time to measure off some pocket divisions and stitch from the pocket edge to the bottom of the apron.  I just picked some arbitrary sizes.. you can too!  Then I cut (2) strips of the linen 4 x wof, cut one in half at the fold and sewed it to the other piece at each end, so you have one long piece of fabric. (and seams that don't fall right in the center)  Fold in half lengthwise and press to form a crease, then bring the long edges to the center and press, then fold on first crease to create a 1" tie that is open along the long edge. Fold the ends in 1/4 inch so there's no raw edges showing.  I found the middle of that tie and matched it with the middle of the apron and slid the apron into the tie till it met the crease.  I pinned the heck out of it and then starting at one end of the tie I topstitched will I got to the other end lengthening  my stitch a bit. 

apron applique
Press it and you're done! There's lots of ways to handle each and every step but that's how I did it.  Now you too can make a cute apron and you have the dimensions that worked out for me as a starting point.   Want more instruction?  The Spring 2014 Quilts and More has an adorable apron and you can download that issue here if you don't have it stashed!
Ok peoples that's it for me today!  Hope you have a great week! xo

Friday, October 14, 2016


Greetings friends!  How are you and how was your week?  I had a very pleasant week here in PamKittyVille.  The weather was quite nice and cool, chilly in the morning with the windows open but I toughed it out. I love all the fresh air that comes in and soon enough I'll have to keep things closed up.  It's one of the nicest times weather-wise around here, temps in the 70s, cool nights and mornings.  Sunny but not so blisteringly hot.  Quite lovely.   I spent the week doing a little of this and that.


A long time ago I ordered a little Buzza Motto that I thought was so cute.  It featured a sweet little poem about friends and neighbors and with a charming little village.  It really captured how I feel about all you friends I've made here online, I've been so lucky.  I know, sentimental feelings.  Yikes.  Anyway I finally got around to having Bret cut some glass for me for a vintage frame so I could put it up on my wall.  I have it over the shelf in Frankie's room.  I've been very lucky and it's a nice little reminder. 

I've also had this little shelf ALMOST as long as that motto.. I finally got it up on the wall.  So cute right?  It's really skewed so there's just no getting a picture of it where it looks straight.  I spent way more time than I'm ready to admit auditioning little items to put on it.   DAYS.  That little chair pincushion..  one of my first copycat purchases.. Alicia Paulson from Posie Gets Cozy had one and it appeared in photos here and there.. I found this post to show you.  Back in the first days I was reading blogs I would visit Alicia's, it was THE blog to follow.  Just looking back through the old posts, so magical.  I remember when my blog appeared on her blog list.  I DIED. To be on the bloglist of someone so famous.  Ohmy.  Seriously people it was an enormously big deal.   Oh the good old days.  But you guys know that. I still follow along, although I don't comment much anymore.  Man I loved those days.  And that little chair. 
Well so much for all the sentimental talk!  Next week more about sewing.  For those of you following on Instagram you've seen a peek at the little applique I am working on.  I'm enjoying the slow steady pace while going through all my stuff.  Frankie will be shocked when we don't have to shoe horn her into her old room!  Happy weekend! xo



Monday, October 10, 2016


Good Monday morning!  I finished that tote believe it or not, and already have dropped it off at Alex's for her to ship to RJR. It's a simple tote to show off the pretty focus fabric of the Mirage grouping.  Boxy, big, stands up on it's own courtesy of Pellon fusible fleece and buckram.  My new Reliable iron is a total game changer when it comes to fusing.. I've always hated that it wouldn't completely fuse and be a pain to stitch because it wasn't adhered to the edges or the center and would just be a floppy pain in the rear. And since it was fused perfectly, the spray basting I used to hold the buckram in place did it's job.. the whole thing, easy. 


I went to my stash of Inazuma handles and found these cute green ones with the little flower ends that mimic that flower in the center of the repeat. 

Mirage Tote

First time ever I made a matching key fob. I have had the hardware for years.. why procrastinate? Why not?

Mirage Tote

Standard PamKitty pockets in there.. divided extending across the width of the bag. There are three sections but so easy to customize to your cell phone size.  

Mirage Tote
It was super fun to be able to make something for Alex.  Her new line Mirage  will be out in the spring, just in time for some fun colorful sewing! 
Ok, have a great week! xo

Friday, October 07, 2016


Hello Friday!  I'm headed back to my stunt sewing roots this week.  Alex called me and asked if I wanted to make a bag for the quilt market display of her new fabric line Mirage with RJR.  YOU BET. Sewing with a purpose is my favorite kind of sewing. 
Alex Anderson Mirage
I love the big focal print, it begs to be fussy cut.  So I did, for a tote bag. I'll show you when I finish it up.  I have some perfect green handles the will go great with it.  Mirage ships in March/April.

Alex Anderson Mirage
Quilting in the Garden was a couple of weeks ago and Alex took a class from Freddy Moran and used her Mirage advance yardage for this fun Freddie style quilt.  Don't know Freddy? Just google her name and you'll see a slew of amazing quilts.  She's truly a quilting legend.   

alex anderson
Alex also showed me her latest rulers, mats and rotary cutters from Quilter's Select. That cutter is pretty amazing.  I love the soft gray of the mat, nice and neutral. 

quilter's select ruler and cutter

That's all that's up here.  I love stunt sewing and it was fun to catch up with Alex.  Everyone is so busy it's hard to connect up in real life!  Hope you guys have a great weekend! Happy sewing! xo

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Pam Kitty Cozy

Yesterday it was cloudy and cool and it almost rained.  I mean the patio was the tiniest bit damp and the air smelled like rain.. but that was it.  But it felt like a day to get totally cozy, snuggle in, watch CSI and drink coffee. 

SO I DID THAT.  For a while anyway, thanks to Esquire TV and it's little marathon of CSI episodes!  But then I had to get up and actually do something, so I returned to my little project, the sewing rooms.  Actually I'm just working on the 'cutting room' which is Frankie's old room.  It's still a room for her to visit, but I've added in a 4 foot folding table  that I now cut at, freeing up the dining room table for its intended purpose.  (you know, to pile stuff on like mail and random things you're not sure what to do with)  Anyway Frankie had a shelf over her desk, so my table is under the shelf and I'm trying to keep it cute and functional.  FINALLY I unsealed that package of scalloped trim that I bought YEARS ago, and put it on the newly painted shelf.  It felt magical.
I spent a lot of time organizing just those few things. Everything needs to be auditioned.    I have little treasures hidden here and there that I will dig out.  Like that 40th Anniversary Hello Kitty bobble head.  I actually pulled it out of its protective packaging!!!!  I know, I felt a little faint when I did it.  But I quickly put the packaging in the recycling so I wasn't tempted to put it back in there.  FOR IT'S OWN PROTECTION.
I love looking at all the wonderful pictures of people's sewing spaces and just homes in general.  I admire people who really keep it all together.  For now I'll just keep walking by and surprising myself.  Baby steps people.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Catching up.

Hi there friends! How was your week?  Seems like it's been an age since I was here chatting about things with you!  My trip was wonderful.  I made it thru Pumpernickel Valley both coming and going, thank goodness.  It did seem a creepy, especially since you can see for miles and there were no cars. The drive went fast, not just because the speed limits are higher in Nevada and Utah but the time just seems to go by faster when you're headed to visit friends. 

Alpine Utah is nestled at the foot of the Wasatch Range, and it was just my luck that Wednesday it snowed up at the higher elevations.  I could look out at those mountains for hours. Nanette and I went to a few quilt shops, Just Sew ,Broadbents ,  Provo Cotton Shop and  The Cornwagon.  That was super fun.  So nice to run into Amber at Just Sew and  Shannon at Cornwagon.   I have met so many wonderful people through social media and it's always so exciting to see them in real life.

Saturday Nanette and Dave, her husband, took me for a nice long ride around the Alpine Scenic Route. It's the beginning of the fall  leaf  peeping season, and it was really breathtaking. Lots of snow on the ground at the higher elevations, beautiful blue skies at times.  What a fantastic ride.  I have a ton of blurry car photos and this one.. that shows things mostly in focus! 

FALL colors
Of course there was plenty of time for sewing and chatting and hanging out.  I made all the tree units for my Legendary quilt.  Now that I am back home I'm working on getting them put together.

sewing trees
They were time consuming but pretty mindless once I got into the routine.  Just drawing a line and sewing away.  Nanette managed to get a ton done, and I hope she shows off the quilts soon.  I love the fall quilt she has up in her entry.  You can see it over here on instagram.
Well I think you're all caught up now!  Tell me what you've been up to! Have a good weekend. xo
P. S. how can it be OCTOBER tomorrow???

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

100 Blocks Sampler Sew Along

Good morning!  Hope the week is treating you well! Today  the 100 Blocks Sampler Sew Along is featuring the 6 inch version of Courtyard Square over on the Quilty Pleasures blog.  Did you know that this is from the very first edition of  Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Magazine and my very first published design?  It was so exciting, and even more exciting, I've had a block in every issue since then!  You can read about it here on my blog post from 2009!



You can see my block in the first row, third block on the red and white quilt. Even though we were well into the blogging days, I didn't have a photo of my block!  What kind of blogger was I???  This is photo is  from  Quiltmaker.  I loved this line of fabric from Moda, Sweet by the Urban Chiks. 


One of the most fun things was being next to Monica at Happy Zombie.  She wrote a fun post about being next to me in the magazine and she took our blocks and made the cutest quilt ! You can read about it here. 
But lets get back to the blog hop!  The 100 Blocks sew along is taking the original 12 inch blocks and making them 6 inch finished for this sampler quilt!        I made a small selection of blocks  in photoshop to have some fun!  

There's all kind of options to explore value and that center square is perfect for some fussy cutting in both the large and small blocks. 

And then I made some blocks. I really liked the idea of a darker background, so I put the gray in that postion.  

Courtyard Square

And here's how they'd look sewn together.   


I stitched up some more blocks in red and then put them together on point.

Courtyard Square
If you wanted to do that as well, you'd need 5 Courtyards Square blocks,  one 9 3/4" square cut twice diagonally for 4 setting triangles and two 5 1/8" inch squares cut diagonally (once) for 4 corner triangles. Then trim up and quilt as you like and bind.

Courtyard Square

You could always add borders.. I'm still thinking on that here.. Maybe a slim inner border of the plaid and then some kind of red outer border? Or should I just quilt it as is?  Share your thoughts if you like!
Thanks for stopping by today.. head over to the Quilty Pleasures blog to read about the blog hop, and if you're coming from Quilty Pleasures thanks for coming!  Have a great day friends!


Monday, September 19, 2016

Road Trippin'

Good morning!  I am up and out this morning, road tripping to visit a friend today!  I look forward to the drive, seeing the sunrise up towards Auburn and the Sierras and then driving across the wise expanse of Nevada.

california sunrise
I was thinking about all the landmarks along the way.. like Pumpernickel Valley, which I should NEVER HAVE GOOGLED before heading out.  OMG people, terrifying. 

Yet I've driven across that valley quite a few times unscathed so I'll risk it again.  I was curious about the mountain ranges that I cross in Nevada, not sure exactly which these are.. but they're beautiful covered in snow. (pictures from May 2016)

road trip
I have some audio books to keep me company and some regular spots to stop off for gas etc. And the excitement of a few visiting and  sewing  with Nanette!  It should be a great week!
Hope you have a good week ahead!! I'll see you soon! xo

Friday, September 16, 2016


Good morning, how was your week?  I had a happy week, ran some errands, did some sewing, you know, that kind of thing.  I'm working on borders and you can catch a glimpse over on my instagram if you're not already keeping up.
On to other things.  As long as I can remember, which admittedly isn't that long these days, I've been asking my mom for an old icebox cookie recipe she used to make.  She'd make these rolls of cookies and put them in the freezer in the garage and we  would go out and unwrap and cut off chunks like the wild animals we were.  Anyway, all these years she didn't know where it was, then suddenly a couple of weeks ago I mentioned and BAM!  Recipe! I don't pretend to know how these things happen but I'm sure someday in the future Frankie will ask me for that stupid tailor's ham and BAM. There it will be.

Mom's Icebox Cookies
Anyway I wouldn't  be jumping on the pumpkin spice bandwagon, but you can see the recipe calls for pastry spice.  Of course McCormick's doesn't make pastry spice anymore, but I looked around and found old spice combinations here online.   Current day pumpkin pie spice mix contains the same ingredients, no idea if they're the same proportions or not.  (and notice the old pumpkin pie spice is different now) But I was trying for something authentic to my childhood and I hoped this would give it to me. Thanks to everyone on Facebook who helped me try and find information on pastry spice!

Mom's Icebox Cookies
Back in the day we always used Fleishman's or Nucoa  for baking.  I have a lot of old recipes that call for the brand rather than the product.  ANYWAY.. this week I made the cookies.  I have to say it's pretty close to what I remember.  A little less crisp, but I think it's because eggs are so much bigger,  maybe next time I'll make them with just 2 eggs.  Or buy small eggs. But that will be in the distant future because this recipe makes a million cookies. 

Mom's Icebox Cookies
My log making technique is stale but these little misshapen beauties were delicious.  And that first bite of dough transported me back to our garage in Clayton, where I ate my ill gotten gains.
It took longer than the 7 minutes, so either my mom's oven was an inferno or that was just an arbitrary number.  But hey, it's incidental.. the dough is delicious frozen.
Hope you have a sweet weekend!  xo

Sunday, September 11, 2016



Seriously though  I AM.  I totally underestimated how bad my old iron had gotten, not that hot, definitely not very steamy.  Ironing with my new Reliable Velocity iron is  A DREAM. I can't wait for my pal Greg to get his next week so I can see what he thinks.  Holy cow people. My quilt is so flat.  I want to IRON ALL THE THINGS.  Ok, ok, lets not get carried away. Sorry.

anchor quilt
Yesterday I put the borders on this quilt.  I love how it turned out.  I'm debating on centers for a few of the flowers, but I'm in no hurry.  Will I quilt it myself? Probably not, though it's not all that big.  But I know for a fact my attention span isn't what it used to be and I'd  probably be stitching along fine then just be OVER IT and do something stupid. 

anchor quilt
So I won't risk it.  I'll add it to the pile of things to be quilted, which is getting pretty big.  I also might throw more centers on those flowers.. I tried them out when I was first fusing them all down and didn't like them, but maybe some different fabrics will help or some buttons or something. 
Details details.. I used my Sizzix Big shot, with this die, here's the link.  I also used this leaf die, several flower dies and this circle die. Anchor I cut out by hand (like a savage.)
Ok, hope you have a great week! xo