Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Swoon Curious

Hi there friends, what have you been up to?  Lately it seems like I've been busy, I have a little bit of work, some weeks more than others, and then there's just stuff, you know, takes time, but isn't anything all that interesting.  

One thing that caught my eye this summer was the Summer Swoon Along.  I really love that quilt, the block is clever, and the piecing easy.. I've just never made one.  I have the 16 inch pattern, you can grab any of the many Swoon patterns over at Camille's site here.  There are a ton of totally cute patterns, but I'm sure you already know that.  Check out the #swoonquilt hashtag for some beautiful quilts. 

                                             Swoon Curious

I have all the beautiful Tanya Whelan Posie fabric just waiting for a great project, so I went for it.  I ordered the Barefoot Roses dot from Thimbleanna to use as my background. I plan on using the ginghams as that accent part of the star and then the pretty florals as the stars. Posie will be available later this year.  

Posie-Tanya Whelan

I made just one block for now, no rush right?  I have to cut a bunch of squares for my house quilt that I still want to blog all about, but that is means going through my scrap box for a nice mix of fabrics and I've been really lazy about doing it.    I have sewing motivation in spurts so I'm making the most of it when I do, and then I don't worry about it.  

Anyway you guys have been busy sewing and doing fun summer stuff, I see you on Instagram!!!  I hope you're all doing well.  So much intense weather everywhere I worry about friends near and far.  Sending my best wishes to you!!! xop

Friday, July 29, 2022

Treat Yo Self

 Hi friends!  How is the summer/winter  going? Can you believe we're at the tail end of July already?  As usual time seems to be zooming by lately.   No disrespect to those of you that love summer and it's  hot weather, I am not a fan. 

                                             LDH Sewing Shears

Anyway about treating myself.  Do you follower Minki Kim, @zeriano, on Instagram?  She makes a lot of really wonderful projects and is a fabric designer as well.  I'm sure you already follow her.  Anyway I watch a lot of her sewing videos over on her you-tube channel.  I find them so peaceful to watch, I keep the sound off, but even the music in the background is calming. Sometimes I sit in the morning with coffee and watch her stitch away.  But back to treating myself....

Minki often uses some beautiful black sewing shears and the way that they cut through fabric is mesmerizing to me.  In all the years I have sewn, I've always used inexpensive 'over-the-counter' fabric shears.  They work for a while and then they are doomed to become paper shears or worse, relegated to the garage!   I've treated myself to a lot of smaller fancy scissors but never a pain of long shears. 

ldh sewing shears

One day earlier this year I was cutting with some scissors that were reaching retirement age and I decided to research what scissors Minki uses and ordered myself a pair.  I was watching this video where she slices through a quilt-as-you-go panel and I knew I HAD TO HAVE THEM.   

LDH Sewing Shears

So they're LDH Midnight Edition Fabric Shears, 9 inch length.  Worth every penny, they glide through fabric, it's really amazing.  I'm so happy I ordered them. They have a nice weight, heavier than your basic scissors, but they feel good.  I'm being very careful not to knock them off my ironing board or sewing table with my irresponsible behavior.   But I love them.  I'm not sponsored by them or anything just a big fan.  

I think about how I used to just blog away about nothing in particular,  like scissors or Trader Joe tamales for lunch, of about coffee.  I miss it.  I have been thinking about the scissors and thought it might be fun to write about it.  Its easy to post a picture on instagram and say look at my new scissors but then I couldn't tell you how much I like Minki's you tube videos and all her pretty pictures, maybe you'd like them too.   In the mean time I do love seeing everyone's photos on IG, so I'm sure I'll see you there, and maybe post a picture of my scissors.  But we'll both know the real story.  Treat yourself friends, to a walk outside, a breath of fresh air, a cup of coffee  and some sewing or some pretty scissors.  You're worth it. xop

Monday, July 18, 2022

Sloan Zone

Good morning! I'm up with  my first cup of coffee enjoying the cool air before it really warms up here.    These hot summer  temps are normal for us but I know a lot of  you are in hotter than normal weather and I'm hoping you stay cool and hydrated.  


I hope you had a chance to visit all the participants of the Bird Song fabric tour.  There were a lot of great projects shared, and I enjoyed seeing them all.  The tour winner here at PamKittyVille is Lisa McCool who said "♥️♥️I love seeing the fabrics manipulated and set into designs by all the designers!! Love Blue!!♥️♥️ Thank you for your post and tips!!"

Time for me to get to get ready for work.  Monday's are my day at the office.  Can't wait to see what's new.  Keep cool friends !!! Thanks for visiting my stop on the tour! xop

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Bird Song Fabric Tour

Good morning friends! Today is my day on Pat Sloan's Bird Song Fabric tour!  Bird Song is Pat's new collection for Benartex Fabrics.  

I really love this collection, it's two colorways, pink and blue, and both are so cute.  I love pink and I made my fabric selections and then of course thought OMG should I have chosen blue???  Luckily Bird Song will soon be in stores so we can get all we want!

Birdsong FAbric Benartex Pat Sloan

I decided that it would be fun to make another project from Pat's Tantilizing Tabletoppers book and I chose the Breakfast Club topper for a nice summery topper.  I think this Bird Song Breakfast Club mini quilt makes for a cute table display.  


Of course it's a perfect opportunity to bust out my cool vintage concrete garden bird!



I love all the little details in the Wildflower Field and Sing a Song prints.  Of course also the Bird Watching print on the back.  And the Happy Flower for the border, super cute.  It's very reminiscent of the 70s to me, fun and funky! 



Be sure and check out the Bird Song look book!   There are some great projects shown and closeups of all the pretty fabrics in this collection.  

Now for the fun part, leave a comment and you might win a 10 inch charm pack of Pat's fabric!


The drawing is open to international  friends as well, and if chosen you'll win this cute Perfect Little Box of Colors of Aurifil thread!


Here's a list of everyone participating in the tour along with their links.  you can also catch people on Instagram by following the #patsloansbirdsong hashtag. You have a chance to win with every participant so I hope you check them all out! Pat will have updates daily so you can check out her Instagram here. 

That's it for me today!!  I should be back here soon because I can't wait to talk about my fun current quilt in the making.  You've maybe seen it on Instagram here...   It's so much easier to share photos on IG but it really takes a blog post to fill in all the details, you know? Hope you're having a good summer or make that winter for all my southern hemisphere friends! 

Saturday, June 04, 2022

Goose on the Pond

Hi there! How's the weekend?  

I've heard that after a lot of delays, Fat Quarter Shop is finally able to show the Geese on the Pond projects we all started last year!!!   I had an Instagram post from November 7 to show off my fabric selection!  I barely remember it!  I love their Classic and Vintage series and I'm always excited to be invited to participate. 


I had a lot of fun working on it.  I used the triangle paper suggested in the pattern and had really good luck with it.  I like the accuracy. I've never used it for tons of triangles though.  Have you?  And what about scrappy, do you have a system?  I love seeing how everyone approaches sewing projects.  


Probably no surprise, I made a pillow!!!  I think it turned out great, patriotic, but also just good for everyday.  I loved this collection by Minick and Simpson for Moda. It's Belle Isle and is  still available. I used the large floral on the back, but forgot to grab any photos of it.  You can see them over on IG.

Hope you head over to The Jolly Jabber and see all the other projects people have made.  They have a lot of great people who contribute so check it out! And be sure to check out the hashtags on  Instagram to see all the action there!  #geeseonthepondquilt  #classicandvintageseries

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Chicken Dinner.

 Good morning friends, new and old!  Hope you're had a nice holiday weekend if you're in the US.  The weather here was lovely all weekend, I really enjoyed it.  It might be the last hurrah before summer temps settle on us for the foreseeable future!


I had a lot of fun on Pat's book tour.  So many great projects, right?  But today is my 'winner winner chicken dinner' day.  But before that, did you always know that phrase?  I first heard it reading blogs, it wasn't a common saying in my life... well till around 2005 anyway.  I mean it's the cutest right?  And trust me there were a lot of things I never heard of that I learned about on the internet that are not that cute!!!  

But back to the winner, who is Deborah who said "Love the runners.  Pat has been a life saver during the past couple of years.  Yours is great.'  I totally agree, Pat has been a life saver.  She's such a thoughtful friend, bouying my spirits during the past few years checking in with me.   I met Pat through the blog then later in person at Quilt Market.    She's great.  I'm lucky to know her.  

Ok, that's it for today.  Thanks for all the wonderful comments!!  I really enjoyed them.  I was really getting that old blog feeling reading them.  And everyone is so busy!!!  Hope you have a great week everyone! xop

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Pat Sloan's Tantalizing Table Toppers

 Hi there friends!  Today is my day on Pat's Tantalizing Table Toppers Book Tour.  It's always so fun to participate in a book tour, especially among such talented people! 

pat sloans Tantilizing Table toppers

I had a hard time choosing which topper to make.  There are a lot of fun projects in this book, but that blue runner on the cover, French Bistro, really caught my eye. It's a simple project that  can be made quickly.  Perfect for left over strips of fabric.  I had my eye on this cute Cook Book fabric by Lori Holt and I love how it turned out.   

  Tantilizing Tabletoppers Pat Sloan 

One of the things I love about Pat's books are the variety of projects, the tips and the little stories about each piece. I like the way she approaches each project, her work style.  And of course Martingale books are lovely, the photos and styling are charming, so they're a pleasure to look at.  And of course the most important thing, the instructions and illustrations are easy to follow.  

Tantilizing Tabletoppers Pat Sloan

I love sewing.  And sewing with people, like Pat, is what I love the most.  I hope you enjoy seeing my project and all the projects that people have made for this book tour. I'm grateful for all the friends I've made over the years.  


And now for the fun part, if you'd like a chance to win a copy of Pat's book, leave a comment below.  Tell me what you're working on, or  just say hi! A winner will be selected at the end of the book tour!

pat sloan's tantilizing table toppers

There's a giveaway on each post in the book tour, here's a list of  the participants:

Full Tour list:

You can check out Pat's YouTube channel for videos each day  where she introduces everyone.  It's fun to follow along with Pat on a regular basis, not only for this hop. Follow along on Instagram with the #PatSloansBookTour tag.   Thanks for hanging in there till the end of my post! 

Thursday, May 19, 2022

What's up?

Greetings friends! Surprise, here I am.  Hope you're doing well.  It seems like nothing much is new here, and maybe the boring everyday things aren't interesting enough to share. Who tunes into read about how I drank coffee like I didn't drink coffee every day (or just about) since the last time I drank coffee. And in all the years since 2006 when I started this blog. 

Ok, sure that coffee photo is from last year during summer. That plant isn't blooming yet.  But the days are warming up and the branches are getting all their leaves so hopefully it won't be long.  I know so many people are just getting spring time weather right now, but we're already having days in the nineties, so it's basically summer to me. Chris, on hot days you know I'm thinking about you!

TQS Pictures

Some things are new to me.  A month or so ago I started helping out over at the Quilt Show Store taking photos of incoming goods.  So many pretty things, it's a little like working in a brick and mortar shop again.  This was just a little corner of the table of things I took pictures of recently.  It's nice to get out of the house and see people even though  most of the work takes place here at home on the computer.  The extra bonus is having a little more structure in my day to day, which has led to a tiny bit more productivity in the rest of my life.  But just a tiny bit. 

lori Holt cookbook fabric

Mostly people follow along on instagram, and I haven't been too good with that either.  But I posted this photo a while ago, kind of a teaser at the time.  But now it's finally coming around to being able to talk about it.  Pat Sloan asked if I'd like to participate in her Table Topper Book Tour and of course I said yes!  One of the best things for me is working on things like this.  Plus the runner I made is cute, so bonus.  You can check out Pat's Instagram post about it here, and see all the sneak peeks. 

pat sloans Tantilizing Table toppers

Glad I hopped on over here today to catch up.  I have to reteach myself how to use blogger each time when it's been so long between posts, My last post was my little box tutorial a bit more than a year ago.  Looking at the post it seems like so much longer than that though.  The new changes are nice, once you remember how to do it.  Maybe I'll be here more often, who knows.  I know I'll be back a couple of time, once for the table toppers tour, for sure.  

So anyway most of you post on instagram and I follow along there.  Your posts always make me so happy to see and read about all the things you're up to.  Many of the way-back bloggers have kids grown up and in college or graduated and there's nothing like that to show you how time has passed by.  Maybe it' an old people thing to mention but time does seem to be flying by right, even though in the moment it seems to plod along.  I hope you're all healthy and doing well. xop

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

How to make a little box.

Hi there friends! So a couple of DM'd me on IG to ask me if I had a pattern for my cute little box and I don't.  But trust me it's SO EASY you'll be amazed, and these not that great photos and the word salad that goes with them should be enough for you to make one too.  

Ok, here we go.  The box will measure about 7" x 4" x 4", I say about because your final box size is influenced by how well you sew, and you might sew a lot more accurately than I do, so your numbers could vary slightly.  

You'll need your basic sewing supplies, two 12" squares of fabric, one for your outer box and one for lining.  You'll need a 12" square of stabilizer, I used Shapeflex (Pellon SF101), but you probably have something laying around that will work just as well.  This fabric is regular quilt weight and it's stiff enough to suit my fancy.  I like how nice Shapeflex fuses to the fabric, I don't get that weird orange peel look that I sometimes get.  You'll also need about 28 inches of large rick rack. It takes less, but you want enough to have a nice joining area.  I pressed my fabric with a generous amount of spray starch so it's nice and crisp.

RECAP... Two 12" squares of fabric, one 12" square of stabilizer, and rick rack. Seams are 1/4 inch unless noted. 

Little easy box

Fuse stabilizer to outside  piece of fabric.  Fold right sides together and press, stitch side seams.  Press seams open.  Repeat with lining fabric leaving an opening on one side for turning your box right side out.  Press a crease in the bottom of  each piece.

Little easy box

Cut a 2" square off the bottom of each side of both your lining and outside fabric. Fold the side seam to the crease in the bottom of your piece to create one side of the  boxed bottom. Repeat on each side of the lining and outside piece. 

Little easy box

Turn outer fabric right side out, line rick rack up with the top of the outer  box fabric and baste in place using a 1/8 inch seam allowance. 

Little easy box

Insert outside box  into lining RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER.  Match side seams and pin around the top.  Stitch all the way around using 1/4 inch seam allowance. Turn right side out through the opening in the lining.  Press.  Stitch the lining closed by hand or machine.  

Little easy box

Stuff your lining down into your box and press well.  I used a small folded towel inside the box to press the outside of the box and form nice corners.  You can fuss around with it so it looks nice and rectangular.  

Little easy box

I am quite happy how it turned out.  It's so much fun to make, from fabric selection (both pieces from Sunny Day Supply) to rick rack matching.  Use what you have on hand, it's  very easy  and just about anything would work.  You could leave the top plain or add a ruffle instead of rick rack.  Embellish the heck out of it.  

Little easy box

The best part of a fun project like this is that it's just 2 squares of fabric... if it turns out crappy you can just throw it away!!!  But it's so easy I know you can do it.  I hope this slipshod tutorial  will help you make one of these boxes or ton of them.   Thanks for indulging me.  Seriously, so fun.  

Monday, May 10, 2021

One track mind

 Hi there! I'm back at it with the boxes.  You probably already saw these on Instagram, but I love it so much I had to blog about it. I'm thinking of making a little blog tutorial, what do you think? I had some people contact me asking if it was a pattern.  It isn't, it's just something I made.  The original one that Frankie wanted was more like this.  Like I said I didn't remember making the old one at all.  

Little easy box

The box looks nice and stiff but it just has Pellon SF101, commonly known as Shapeflex, in it.  And just on the outside fabric.  The cat fabric is a medium weight fabric, kind of canvas like, but not quite as heavy.  You could use any kind of stabilizer you have laying around really.  

Little easy box

Careful pressing really gave this box it's shape.   I really starched my fabric before hand so it presses up really nice even after being manhandled when turning right side out.  

Little easy box

Might start on a tutorial soon, it's so easy I just made another and took a bunch of pictures.  It won't be fancy like a lot of people do these days,  but enough info to get the job done.   I love little projects like this, practically instant gratification.  I mean if you don't count in fabric selection you could make it in less than an hour.  I would even say 30 minutes if you didn't stop to admire your work so many times. 

Hope you're well friends!   

Monday, May 03, 2021

Welp, now it's May

 So how are things with you ?  Not much going on here in PamKittyVille.  I haven't felt much like sewing anything big lately, just working my way through a bunch of small fun projects.  All the little bags are from Jean at Little Mint Designs.  Super fun to make. Perfect for some hand sanitizer and maybe a lip balm.  I couldn't stop making them, this is just a few of them.  (now I've done something so that this photo isn't in the center and I can't fix it and I'm not trying anymore, sorry.  Sometimes it's just TOO MUCH.)

Little Clover Pouches

Little Heather Pouches

Frankie wanted some little baskets to organize things in her IKEA cart.  I'd made a couple for her before and she needed new ones.  I didn't actually remember making the first ones, so I tried to figure out what I'd done.  I had made some small berry baskets from Ayda's Made for Baby book, so I made a couple of those.  I have a stash of fabrics I've picked up for Frankie-stuff, and a small supply of that cute bias tape.  She brought over her old basket and I didn't remember making it at all.  Yikes.

Berry Baskets

I decided I'd make a pincushion. I know this is all old news for people who follow me on Instagram.  I haven't paper pieced in a long time, so it was a fun mini-challenge.  This is from Ayumi Mill's Patchwork Please book. I might even try the hexagon potholder if I can master enlarging on my printer.   


Also made some scrunchies.  One thing that happened this past year is that I didn't have my hair cut and colored so I have ponytail hair. (that is also half gray, weird)  This is for Frankie and it  matches a mask I made her.  

Still hanging out with this guy.  He comes daily to my yard to check in.  He's kind of a jerk but I like him ok.  I guess he doesn't want me to get too attached since he belongs to some kids down the street. I get it.  

Last week, or the week before, WHO EVEN KNOWS ANYMORE, I picked up Elizabeth from the airport and we spent the day hanging out.  She was visiting her kids and meeting her new granddaughter. What a great day.  You can see a picture of that new baby over on her instagram. I can't believe I didn't take a photo.  We're both vaccinated so it was a safe visit for both of us!  And speaking of vaccinated, I met up with my sewing friends last week and it was great.  Looking forward to more of that kind of thing now.  My people will get their second shot next week and I couldn't be happier. 

Hope things are going well for you all.  I am going to head into my sewing room and figure out how to make those larger baskets for Frankie.  I want to cross that project off my list next!  Tell me how it's going!  xop

Friday, March 26, 2021

Spring and all that.

Good morning friends!  Hope you're well. The coffee is on, and it's the season.  Did you see that Peeps and Pepsi have gotten together to "usher in the joyous, relaxing vibes of springtime". What could a Pepsi/Peep combo beverage even taste like?   You can read about it here on the Pepsi website.  Wow right?  Anyway my friend (read that as a fun guy I follow on Instagram who I don't really know) Shay Spence  wrote about it for People Magazine and you can read about it here.  Marshmallow Cola.  Wow.    


Anyway I hadn't had Peeps in ages, but my cousin Linda texted me her coffee cup with a giant Peep next to it and what else was I supposed to do? 


Spring has sprung around PamKittyVille, and although the days aren't all sunshine and blue skies it's been pretty nice.  Some really windy days, nor the rain, could ruin my pretty crabapple tree.  It looks so pink and fluffy right now I can't even stand it.

Lately Frankie has helped me with going through a bunch of stuff. Found this little charmer that I love.  I made it ages ago with a package of tiny hand cut scottie dogs that I bought from one of my favorite Pacific International Quilt Festival vendors, Quilting Cousins of Pismo Beach.  The sold them in little packets and I bought a couple (and I know that I have another one somewhere.  Hopefully not with the tailors ham I still can't find.)

old friend\

It's a small quilt, with simple borders and I used it a lot on a side table.  It was fun to see it again. I enjoyed seeing a lot of old projects.   Same with going through a lot of my old books.  Wow, the past sure has influenced the present, that's for sure!!!  

That's what's up with me.  What's up with you?  Doing anything fun?  Tell me all about it Happy Weekend!!! 

Friday, February 05, 2021

Little Camellia Pouch

Good morning friends!  Sitting here having my coffee, it's sunny out, its going to be nice weather for a few days, but the mornings are still pretty chilly.  It feels familiar to sit here with my morning coffee,  it's my old early morning routine.  

Surprise, I finished my first Little Camellia Pouch! I love it!  I think the fabrics worked, the colors in that Lori Holt fabric  ( I don't remember which collection but it's recent) has all the colors of the Kokka Message for You fabric.  I see it's sold out at Sunny Day Supply but there are some similar Kokka prints in the line still available.  

Little Camellia Pouch

I like how the bag came together.  I wish my zipper application had been more even on the front pocket.  I don't know how I managed to get the more zipper tape showing on one side of the zipper.  But I'll make this again and see if I can't remedy that.  It doesn't ruin it for me.  I don't sew a lot on these kinds of projects so it's nice to try and then see if I can't improve on it. 

Little Camellia Pouch

The lining is a nice finish inside.  It fits well and I was a little worried about the top stitching but it went just fine, and didn't make the lining funky like I was afraid of.  I did do a lot of careful pressing and I took my time.  The construction of the bag is very clever. 

Little Camellia Pouch

Here's the  iron on  messages that are coordinates for this line of fabric.  Super cute right? No idea what I will choose, there are a lot of options.  I want to wait, as you cannot iron over them after application.  Mary (from Sunny Day Supply) talked about this on IG. 

Little Camellia Pouch

I chose the lining because of the cute black and white lettering stickers.  I just think the whole line is so cute and it's such a clever idea. 

Little Camellia Pouch

Little Camellia Pouch

Anyway that's how I spent yesterday afternoon.  It was fun, and I have more zippers and fabric left for a couple of more pouches, including the smaller version of the Little Camellia Pouch.  I have a couple of other patterns to try out as well.  Crossing my fingers that the next projects turn out as well. Happy weekend friends.  Stay well!!! xop