Monday, March 30, 2020

Monday, isn't it?

So how's it going friends? Just drinking coffee like it's any other Monday.  It's garbage day here in PamKittyVille and normally I get dressed early as my neighbor Ron and I  have a little friendly competition on who can put all the cans away first.  He used to just put my cans away before I could get to them and then it turned into a little friendly competition when I started to try and beat him to the cans.  The Garbage Games as we call it.  The past two weeks though I've just stayed in my pjs way too late to get even one can out of three.  Not intentionally, just lazy. Poor Ron must think I've given up.  
plus quilt

I cleared off my sewing table, not all the way but a bit, and made room to put some binding on.  I have a big bag of quilts I had quilted and I just need to get moving on it.  I have several bound and haven't even taken pictures yet.  I'm the worst.  But maybe that's a project for this week if the rain lets up.  Anyway I found this quilt that I had forgotten about at the bottom of the bag.  I made it several years ago during an American Patchwork and Quilting sew along, stitched it up at the retreat I went to. I made the mistake of looking through my flicker file and found that the top was finished in April 2016.  Its just one of a lot of finished quilt tops, I can't be the only one right?  The name of it is Easy Addition by the way.  Anyway I stitched the binding on it and I'm chugging away at the hand stitching.  It's big and seems very heavy.  I like it though even at the time I don't remember loving it.  It's got all the PKM whites in it and that's what I love the most.  

Trying to great each day with optimism and gratitude.  I hope you are all doing well.  Keep your distance, wash your hands and be careful out there friends.  I'm thinking about you everyday. xop

Thursday, March 26, 2020

More Sheltering In Place

Good morning friends, how are you?  I see so many more states joining in on the sheltering in place orders, and I hope you are doing ok with that.  I think (hope and pray) it works and we can flatten the curve.  I sometimes barely go out all week, maybe just the market, so it's not a huge change, but I do miss the smaller pleasures, like grabbing a Starbucks and going for a ride in the later afternoon on the weekend with Bret. Especially this time of year when the hills are green and there are signs of spring.  Of course I suppose we could still do that and I could make myself a cup of coffee at home, but I think you know what I mean.  

EllisandHiggs Watering Can

You probably follow along on IG already, so these are a rerun.  I've started working on the Ellis and Higgs Spring Garden Quilt blocks.   They're so cute.  When I was looking at the website just now to get the url for you, I saw the spring flower from last year's block and now I might have to get that too.  So cute.  

EllisandHiggs Tulips

I don't know about you but lately concentrating is challenging and you can see from this  chonky red tulip I missed a step. These blocks are so easy to sew, don't get me wrong, it's all me, not the patterns.  But I have done a lot of seam ripping on almost everyone. 

EllisandHiggs Tulips

I've really let my standards slip, photos from my phone.  Back in the day I would never have done that, but lately it's so easy, the path of least resistance.  Then when I come back here to my desk top they look so bleached out and over exposed.  Sorry friends.  I'm just so lazy now.  

EllisandHiggs Boot

The boot is such a cute design to me.  That little buckle detail is so clever.   Doesn't it just jazz up the boot? (Is that who  I am now? Some one who says 'jazz up'?  I guess so.)

EllisandHiggs Bunny

Love the rabbit and how serendipitous the gingham placement was, looking like a little glimmer in that rabbit's eye.  

EllisandHiggs Garden Blocks

They're all so cute together don't you think?  It's such a cute group of blocks.  I was going to do the larger quilt but given my current level of concentration  I'll stick with the mini quilt.  I can quilt that myself.  More to go .... still have the garden tools and hmm, wheelbarrow, and maybe the mole.  

In other news, we started a new jigsaw puzzle.  We finished our colorful cat puzzle the other day and I had LUCKILY grabbed a couple before we were locked down so next up is a mostly brown Baby Yoda puzzle.  It's going to be a challenge even though the piece count is low.  We need the slightly larger pieces so we see them with our bifocals.  Talk about old people problems! 

Ok, time to let you go.  Thanks for stopping in for coffee with me.  The blog has always been a nice place for me, and everyone has always been so kind.  I hope you are well, keeping a good distance from others and staying safe. Thanks to all of you out there working those necessary jobs in the public, I know we all appreciate it so much.   xop

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Classic & Vintage:Carolina Lily

And now for something more normal....

Hi there friends!  Today is Classic and Vintage day here on the blog.  It's one of my favorite projects to do with Fat Quarter Shop.  They take a classic block and make it in a new modern way and I am here for it!!
The Carolina Lily block is one I made when I first started quilting.  At the time I made it the classic traditional way with diamonds and set in seams. That was many many years ago, but Doris, my mother-in-law still displays it at Christmastime.  This updated version is a lot and I mean A LOT easier to make, even considering the applique.


I chose some of Amy Smart's SugarHouse Park, I wanted a nice rich red for the block, going with a traditional colorway. 


The applique on this block uses a 1/2" bias tape maker, but the strip width makes it easy to fold the raw edges to the center and press.   I used monofilament thread with the invisible machine applique technique I learned back in the day, I'm vintage like that. 

I hope you click over to the Jolly Jabber blog and read all about the Carolina Lily block.  And of course I hope you give it a try!  Thanks for checking in with me! xop

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Another Shelter In Place Morning

Good morning friends, how are you? I'm up drinking coffee as usual.  Curious of your daily routines and how things are going for you.  Here in California and I know  so far in NY and IL, there are mandatory shelter in place rules.  Are you doing ok? I sure hope so. 

Our schedule is more relaxed these days, which is fine.  About three quarters of the time I get up at my normal time and then the oddball days I sleep in.  Weird, I always feel like I've wasted a chunk of the day even though I would have just been watching the news.
I haven't done a ton of sewing, I just can't seem to concentrate but hopefully this week will be better.  I went to the grocery store on Saturday and there was more on the shelf than I have seen in a couple of weeks, so I feel a little better about being able to feed Bret and acquire groceries for my mother-in-law.  Miss seeing Frankie, seems like she just got here and now we're quarantined from her, but it makes sense to keep the distance so we have another person who can find things for us if we need it. 
I hope you are all well and keeping a safe social distance from friends and neighbors. I'm hoping we can  keep the pace of the virus slowed with our efforts.  Love you guys. xop 

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Shelter in Place:Day 3

Hi friends, how's it going?  Same old thing here, wandering around, watching the birds, some sewing, thinking about sewing, refreshing my Instagram feed and worrying about the supply chain for goods. 
Last night Bret went up to the market around 8 when we figured most people wouldn't be there.  I had been thinking about how all the fresh produce was gone for the last week or so, and wondered if that was going to be our new normal for a while.  But he came home with 2 nice big heads of cauliflower and I couldn't be more grateful. There was some restocking and the shelves weren't completely empty and I felt a lot better about the situation.

Today I saw 3 women friends walking down the street enjoying the sunshine and getting  some fresh air.  They were walking apart as the CDC guidelines suggest so good for them! Earlier this week I saw a mother with a toddler in a stroller and a 5 or 6 year old trailing behind,  taking a daily walk.  I was on the porch and waved at the kids, and it really cheesed the toddler off.  I could see her gesturing to the mother and looking at me and clearly was mad I was waving.  The kid following wasn't too pleased either and no one waved so lets just say I did what any old crone on the porch would do and waved some more. 
Anyway on day three  I'm thinking about how grateful I am to have a nice fresh cauliflower to eat. In fact it might have been the best cauliflower I have ever eaten. I have some sewing to work on, my people are healthy and it's sunny out.  I hope you are well friends. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Sheltering in Place

Good morning friends! Welcome to day 2 of Sheltering in Place, SF Bay Area. I'm lucky in that it's not a huge change in my normal way of life, staying home, doing what I want, except with a side helping of anxiety. Trying to overlook that part right now.

Shelter in Place Excitement

Yesterday we were treated to an afternoon weather event to perk us up. The past couple of days have been California Cold, and there was snow on the foothills around us. It hailed A LOT for about 30 minutes, lots of thunder and lightening to go with it. It was crazy. My backyard has a snowy look to it, and there was maybe an inch of hail on the ground by the end of it.  My old lawn area is just dirt now, but looks so charming covered with snow (hail, it's hail Pam) I forgot it's a dud on most days.  Bret and I really enjoyed it, and later the birds came out in full force and we watched those out the kitchen window for a while.   

Fabric stash

You might remember this bundle of fabric.  I really love it.  I added a lot to it and turned it into a pile of 9 patches.   


Then turned those into some blocks.  I have 2 left to make and then I can put it together. Holly and Greg mentioned my IG photo had 1 red block that really stood out.  You can see that picture here. I need to see how it all looks once I finish and maybe make more red blocks or take that one out.. I have other reds there but maybe not quite a solid looking.  We'll see how it goes when I lay it out again.
quilt blocks

This is Joyce's quilt that inspired me.  She used a fat quarter bundle to make hers.  I love it.  Here darks show off more than mine, mine is pretty mooshy  I love it, but also realize it's not that great design wise. Mediums are my weakness. Even most of my lights are mediums. 
Joyces Quilt

It was fun to put together a pile of fabric that wasn't all from one line.  I miss seeing those kinds of quilts. 

EPP Shamrock
Also my friend Elise sent me some  shamrock EPP papers and I made this cute shamrock.  Mine looks a little less shamrocky than the other's I've seen.  I should have maybe tried matching pairs.  She made a quick little Instagram IG TV post about how to make them, and I would recommend it if you're a novice like me.  Also, that button covers a lot of sins there. 
Now I'm on Day 2 of Sheltering in Place.  Lots more days to go, and I'm all for doing it and hope and pray that we can make a difference for all the people we love in our lives and the people they love and so on and so on.  Take care people, wash your hands! xo

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Patchwork Gifts Book Tour

Good Morning!  Today is my day on Elise's Patchwork Gifts Book Tour.  I've been very excited about this book since Elise announced it.  Count me in as a fan of Elise and Emilie on Instagram, I've even done some EPP just so I could stitch up some of those cute Dilly flowers.   
Thanks to Tuva Publishing for sending me an advance copy so I could start working on  my projects.  First thing up was the adorable mushroom shown on the cover.   Why oh why have I never used my hemostats to stuff anything before.  I've had them for years.   The pattern is so easy to sew up by machine, and really once you start sewing them you can't stop.  And the hemostats really get that stuffing into the tiny spaces.  I feel foolish for not trying them sooner. 
Patchwork Gifts

When I chose my 'official' project for the book your, I chose the Bon Bon Pouch.  The list of makers on this tour is pretty intimidating and I didn't want to venture out beyond my capabilities of making something that would turn out book tour quality.   I had some of the cute Peko fabric from Sunny Day Supply so I checked with my sunny friends to order some coordinates and the supplies needed.

The templates for this project are wonderful.  Elise uses a classic method of marking I learned many years ago, and my darts and match points ended up perfect.  I love that she has you cut the interfacing smaller so it doesn't end up in the seam, this makes for a nice crisp edge.  The bag works up so cute.  I had never used those  beads  for the pull ties before,  and I'm definitely not a genius about it but they're so cute.  Really, those knots should be inside the bead.  Don't judge me too harshly.


In my excitement I forgot to add some trim in the seams but it still turned out so cute.  I pulled out my cute Heidi Staples fabric to make a cute cherry version that includes some rick rack. 


I couldn't stop with those mushrooms.  Cheri made the cutest mushrooms with lace frills and I loved them.  Check them out here. 

Patchwork Gifts

I hope you check out the Patchwork Gifts book. There are plenty of projects for gift giving or keeping, and many techniques are covered.  Elise's instructions are great and the book is a pretty one.  I love when the pictures are pretty don't you? 
And now since you've followed along  leave me a comment today for a chance to win everything you need to make this little BonBon pouch. (you will need the book)  The girls at Sunny Day have packaged it all up for me in their cute way, so it's extra adorable.    I'll chose a winner this coming Friday. 

Thanks for following along,  and thanks to Elise for inviting me to participate.  I love her new book and I think it would be a great addition for your library of sweet sewing books!  There's a lot of cute projects included!!! xop

Tuesday, February 04, 2020


Hi there friends! How is 2020 going so far? It's offered us some challenges but nothing we can't face.  Can you believe we're already in February?  Before you know it I'll be complaining about the summer heat right?  I'm thinking of all you in the snow and sending your pretty primrose greetings from the temperate climates here in Northern California. 


They're the prettiest harbinger's of spring popping up in nurseries in January around here. After Christmas and all it's winter themes I'm ready for them.  It won't be really spring here for  a while, but these beauties can stand our frosty mornings.  Monday morning it was 30 degrees when I got up!!! Kid stuff I know for all you snowbound people but definitely cold for here in PamKittyVille.

Atkinson designs playing hearts

I've been in my sewing room more lately, even doing things, not just sitting there and looking at all my things. (chaos) Terry of Atkinson Designs came out with a new pattern called Let's Play Hearts, and it's so cute, fast and fun, I couldn't resist it. It's clever, the thing that takes the time is picking fabrics and deciding which order to put them in! I used my Quilter's Select Free Fuse which I love so much.  I really hope you give it a try.  This isn't sponsored content, I just REALLY LOVE IT. 

Atkinson Designs Playing Hearts

The other thing I did over a few days was cut some hearts.  I've been inspired by so many cute heart projects on Instagram, particularly those by Helen Philipps, I ordered a die from Accuquilt to cut a bunch out because die cutting is soooo easy.  I used the Quilter's Select Appli-Web Plus on my fabric so when ever I get around to getting started I can fuse them on background fabrics and blanket stitch them up.

accuquilt heart die

I went through my big box of jumbled scraps and sorted them out, coming up with this selection, lots of scraps from my first line of fabric PamKittyMorning in that box. It was fun to go through and pick out pink, red and blue fabrics. I had enough smaller pieces to cut tiny hearts too, and I have those packaged up for some future project, who knows  It was fun and I couldn't stop cutting.  I like this particular die, it has symmetrical hearts, plus that folky looking heart as well.  

accuquilt heart die

Monday was definitely a happy mail day around here.  I received my quilts back from Amy of Big City Quilting. Amy and I have been friends since way back in the beginning of the blog days, her blog Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts was always so inspiring.  I have been such a huge fan of Amy for years, and was thrilled to have her quilt my quilts.  


I had three quilts quilted, and I can't wait to show more when I have the binding on them.  I just stitched the binding on  the Jelly Roll Railway quilt  today, and can't wait to do the handwork and show it off.  This photo doesn't do any of them justice, but most particularly this one at the bottom, which is so vibrant and cheery. 

Patchwork Gifts

Also made a few of these, which you already know if you follow me on Instagram.  I'm loving the Elise's new book, Patchwork Gifts, Tuva Publishing sent me a copy and I'm excited to be participating in her book tour.  Her book is available March 1st. 

So that's a big big catch up from me.  What's going on with you?  Hope you are well! 

Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Perfectly Pretty Patchwork Book Tour

Hi and hello friends!  Today is my day on the book tour for Kristyne's new book, Perfectly Pretty Patchwork.  I'm sure you know Kristyne, if not from her blog Pretty By Hand, then from Instagram.  I'm a long time fan and friend of her's and I was so excited to be invited along for her book tour.  Its an honor to be included in such a great collection of makers and designers.

Perfectly Pretty Patchwork Book Tour-CORRECTED
I love the book.  There's no detail overlooked with the projects, there are lots of pretty embellishments, lace, embroidery. #KlassicKristyne  The styling and photography is wonderful, and of course the instructions and illustrations are clear and concise like you'd expect from Kristyne and Martingale.

The book is in sections, each section incudes a classic block and two projects.  I couldn't resist this little basket.  You can see it's quite small.  I did applique the handle, but you know what's great about this book, or really any book, you can adapt the projects to suit your method of choice.  If I was making this whole quilt, I'd probably fuse the handles and blanket stitch them down, but I wanted to try the classic technique. My handle looks a little chunky on one side but you know with practice I bet I could get it right.  The best part, the book inspired me to just try something for the heck of it. 

I love this Mill and Stars block.  The book has a beautiful blue and green quilt with both large and small blocks.  I picked some Christmasy fabric when I made this block, again, just inspired to give it a try.  Along with the quilt, there are 3 sizes of pincushions to make, so I made the largest one, but how darling is the tiniest one?

Perfect to use a vintage button on.  Check out how adorable Minki's  pincushion is.  I saw it on Instagram on Monday.  Love it.
Photo courtesy of Martingale. Photographer Brent Kane
One of my all time favorite blocks is the honeybee and I love Kristyne's interpretation of it. In her small quilt, she used embroidery for the wings.  Her pattern also includes Colonial knots for the 9 patches.  I tried the tiny embroidery for the  wings and just could not make my stitches tiny and sweet so I turned to my favorite lazy daisy stitch to add those little wings.   
Obviously, not a genius at that either, but you get the general idea of what I'm going for.  And isn't that the best thing about a book that inspires you, encouraging you to try something and finding a way to make it work for you.
This book is a wonderful addition to your library. There are fun projects, beautiful photographs and pages of inspiration. I hope you check it out, check out the #perfectlyprettypatchworkbooktour hashtag and of course follow @prettybyhand to see all of Kristyne's beautiful creations. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2019


Hi there!  Are you ready to say good by to this decade? Was it good? I guess like every decade or even year or day, it was filled with good things and bad things and all manner of things in between.  Next year or decade will be the same.  Perspective and attitude make all the difference. 
I managed to get in some sewing lately.  Not a lot but enough to keep me busy and out of trouble.  I finished a third watering can and love it.  Had  some problems, I stepped away from it too long and managed to mess up the spout.  It's just fabric luckily and I simply  cut some new pieces and moved on.  I decided to make this into a 3 watering can table runner.  I made the first one in July and I'm just done with it.  I was so happy with my flag table runner from last summer I wanted another runner.  Its a wonderfully clever pattern by Margo of the Pattern Basket and it's not hard.  You just need to pay attention which is sometimes a problem for me!

Tablerunners are not just for tables.  Do you follow Heather of Anka's Treasures on IG? She recently had some interesting ways to showcase a tablerunner that has given me some new ideas.  I love IG, lots of inspiration there. 

When Fat Quarter Shop had it's sale on books I treated myself to Lori's Farm Girl Vintage 2. I have been in love with that zinnia block which is included, and there are a lot of nice project layouts in the book so it was a no brainer.  I think a  quilt filled with pretty flowers would be fun.  I have some bigger tulips from Lori's Scrappy Project Planner and I could include those.  Dreams.  Who knows what it will all turn into, but I do get how people find big bags of blocks in antique stores!  In the meantime I love these zinnias.  Who can resist them.
I hope you had a wonderful holiday and your new year is filled with good things! I'm grateful for your friendship !  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  xop

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Ho ho ho!

From all of us here in PamKittyVille…

Christmas greetings

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Drink up!

Hi there! How are you?  It's just one week before Christmas, and I cannot believe how fast this year has gone.  Again, so fast and at times so slow, well that's like life right?
Way back in early November I wrote about  making some of the cups that Kellie designed.  I think it's such a cute and clever design.  You can see her cute clamshell version here and her strip pieced version here. Well actually I wrote that I planned to make them and holy crap I did. 

I just picked up fabrics piled up on the cutting table or on my sewing table or any of the other places I had them piled up.  I found some cute Starbucks Hot Cocoa packaged for gift giving, which sparked the idea to include some white rick rack along the top edge to mimic marshmallows or whipped cream.   My cups are kind of wonky but I'm hoping it adds to the charm of them. 
Adding the marshmallows in the little bag seemed like a no brainer and you need a candy cane to stir your peppermint cocoa right?  

I  washi taped the candy cane to the bag of marshmallows and hung it off the loop on the cocoa packaging, slipped the cup onto the loop and tied it together with some seam tape to keep it from all falling apart. 

Then I sat back and felt smug about how cute I thought it was.   Maybe you think its cute too? Or not, whatever! It won't hurt my feelings! 
I had a blast making them.  Now wouldn't these cups make a cute garland? 
Happy sewing friends! xop

Monday, December 09, 2019


Greetings!  How are you?  We're barely into December but the Christmas Crush is in full swing.  In a bit of shocking news, MY TREE IS ALREADY UP.  Bret and Frankie  put it up right after Thanksgiving and its so cheerful. Christmas lights are happiest part of Christmas décor to me.  Inside and out! I love having a artificial tree so I can have the lights on as much as I want.  I was always so careful with a real tree. 
So what have you been up to?  I've been doing a lot of little sewing.  Things I can't show right now as they're gifts.  I can't wait though because I'm feeling pretty smug about them.  I started on Ayumi's very cute Dresden Photo Frame, it's adorable.  I saw it on IG and although I was worried I couldn't make the tiny petals, I ordered the pattern and kit.  The kit comes with the interfacing and the pattern printed, so I didn't have to go in search of things I might not have. I have been such a fan of Ayumi's since the early blog years and kick myself that I never reached out when she lived close by.  Anyway I finally started some petals and it's so fun.  I'm pretty clumsy at it but you can't get better if you don't practice.
I finally dove into one of my still unpacked boxes and put a bunch of stuff on  a shelf Bret hung up this past weekend.  Then while I was sitting around being pleased with myself I had an idea about where I could hang the little scotty towel hanger I've had FOR YEARS PEOPLE, YEARS.  I went right to where it was on the sewing table for the last decade and... you guessed it, IT WASN'T THERE!!!!  I tore through the sewing room, and all the places my sewing  is because I haven't moved all my stuff  back into my sewing room. I do this constantly.  Stash stuff and then I cannot find it. I finally admitted defeat and left Frankie a big message when I had one last thought of where I might have put it during one of my rampage cleanup sessions. 

I'm always losing things and searching for them.  Forever tucking things away forgetting my memory isn't what it used to be.  So grateful I found it.  And that I still remember what I intended to do with it! 
He's charming isn't he?  I believe he was a gift, but I can't be too sure. Happy that I found him, (and the box of German paper mushrooms I hunted for about an hour before that.) Can't wait to hang  him up, just waiting for my Command Hook to be ready!  
Just another day in PamKittyVille.  What kind of day are you having?

Sunday, December 01, 2019

A PamKitty Style Christmas Tale

Morning friends! Welcome to December!  I thought I'd start off the month with a throwback style post like the old blog days.  You know the ones, the long rambly totally PamKittyMorningish style of ridiculous posts about some weird thing.  Like most old people, I wax on about how it was in the olden days, you know, like 10 years ago or whatever.. but I really did love those old blog days.  As much as I love our new ways of communicating, the blog is the thing that brought me the most friends, the most opportunities and mostly the outlet for all the stuff rattling around in my head.  
WAY BACK in October I headed into Walmart, probably for soap or some other sundry item that I can only get there, and the Christmas stuff was going up next to the Halloween, a phenomena  that was foretold by Nostradamus,  (sorry that just popped into my random brain) and I saw one of those little pink ceramic lighted trees that was about ornament size. 

pink ceramic tree
I thought it was cute and Frankie loves pink, so I grabbed one to set aside for her birthday.  It was under $10 and I thought about grabbing one for myself.  I remember seeing these at other people's homes when I was growing up.  Even then I was a little envious, or maybe curious, but whatever, it was kind of an icon of my childhood in the 50s and 60s, which doesn't seem that long ago BUT HOLY CRAP IT IS.

ANYWAY BACK TO MY STORY, I just thought eh, I don't decorate much and did I really want to spend almost $20 on small pink light up ceramic Christmas trees (that have timers by the way, which is my favorite) so I walked away.
**Spoilers ahead**
Anyone following me for any length of time can probably guess what happened next.  OF COURSE I WANTED THE PINK TREE!  Or maybe the green, whatever, and the obsession began.  Except of course when I went back the trees were gone.  And they were gone or never came  to any of the Walmarts anywhere near anyplace I was in Northern California.  I didn't drive anywhere out of the way specifically for it but I did manage to be near A LOT OF WALMARTS.  Sigh.
I mean, how sweet would two of those  little trees look in the cabinet our tv sits on?  (super cute I'm sure.) Their little timers would click on  and I would be so happy looking at them while watching all the grim crime laced tv I love.  And how perfect, they'd turn themselves off just as I was ready for bed.  It would be lovely.  Except OF COURSE there were no trees in Northern California. 
Which leads me to the next chapter of this story, obsessively looking for something Frankie wanted for her birthday.  I was on the Target website searching for the tinsel lighted unicorn and saw that in the Christmas offerings there were TINY GREEN OR WHITE TREES.  So off to Target I went.  Lets be clear, I did check the website and it said the blessed words "IN STOCK AT YOUR STORE" but like many an PamKitty dream, they were not.  #sadpam  But would I pay $15 a tree for small ornament sized trees that previously I would not pay under $10?????  Sob, I was conflicted.
In true holiday story style, one day I went to Target, innocently looking (probably in an obsessive way) for holiday Pyrex for Frankie, and there, sitting in their glory, the tiny trees.  

Little trees
Best of all they were on sale for $7.50 which was less than the original Walmart trees and it was like a Christmas Miracle, Lifetime movie style.
I bought myself 2 trees and a tree for my mother-in-law Doris and I lived happily ever after. (don't ask about the Pyrex.)
The End
P. S. I was walking though the Christmas department at Walmart right before Thanksgiving and what did I see??? LITTLE CHRISTMAS TREES!!!  Having no control I bought 2 more. 

Target Tree
How cute is this tree in my bathroom.
Happy December friends.  I hope the holiday season is as joyful for you as these happy little trees have made me. xop

Christmas Pyrex
You knew it right?