Monday, May 03, 2021

Welp, now it's May

 So how are things with you ?  Not much going on here in PamKittyVille.  I haven't felt much like sewing anything big lately, just working my way through a bunch of small fun projects.  All the little bags are from Jean at Little Mint Designs.  Super fun to make. Perfect for some hand sanitizer and maybe a lip balm.  I couldn't stop making them, this is just a few of them.  (now I've done something so that this photo isn't in the center and I can't fix it and I'm not trying anymore, sorry.  Sometimes it's just TOO MUCH.)

Little Clover Pouches

Little Heather Pouches

Frankie wanted some little baskets to organize things in her IKEA cart.  I'd made a couple for her before and she needed new ones.  I didn't actually remember making the first ones, so I tried to figure out what I'd done.  I had made some small berry baskets from Ayda's Made for Baby book, so I made a couple of those.  I have a stash of fabrics I've picked up for Frankie-stuff, and a small supply of that cute bias tape.  She brought over her old basket and I didn't remember making it at all.  Yikes.

Berry Baskets

I decided I'd make a pincushion. I know this is all old news for people who follow me on Instagram.  I haven't paper pieced in a long time, so it was a fun mini-challenge.  This is from Ayumi Mill's Patchwork Please book. I might even try the hexagon potholder if I can master enlarging on my printer.   


Also made some scrunchies.  One thing that happened this past year is that I didn't have my hair cut and colored so I have ponytail hair. (that is also half gray, weird)  This is for Frankie and it  matches a mask I made her.  

Still hanging out with this guy.  He comes daily to my yard to check in.  He's kind of a jerk but I like him ok.  I guess he doesn't want me to get too attached since he belongs to some kids down the street. I get it.  

Last week, or the week before, WHO EVEN KNOWS ANYMORE, I picked up Elizabeth from the airport and we spent the day hanging out.  She was visiting her kids and meeting her new granddaughter. What a great day.  You can see a picture of that new baby over on her instagram. I can't believe I didn't take a photo.  We're both vaccinated so it was a safe visit for both of us!  And speaking of vaccinated, I met up with my sewing friends last week and it was great.  Looking forward to more of that kind of thing now.  My people will get their second shot next week and I couldn't be happier. 

Hope things are going well for you all.  I am going to head into my sewing room and figure out how to make those larger baskets for Frankie.  I want to cross that project off my list next!  Tell me how it's going!  xop

Friday, March 26, 2021

Spring and all that.

Good morning friends!  Hope you're well. The coffee is on, and it's the season.  Did you see that Peeps and Pepsi have gotten together to "usher in the joyous, relaxing vibes of springtime". What could a Pepsi/Peep combo beverage even taste like?   You can read about it here on the Pepsi website.  Wow right?  Anyway my friend (read that as a fun guy I follow on Instagram who I don't really know) Shay Spence  wrote about it for People Magazine and you can read about it here.  Marshmallow Cola.  Wow.    


Anyway I hadn't had Peeps in ages, but my cousin Linda texted me her coffee cup with a giant Peep next to it and what else was I supposed to do? 


Spring has sprung around PamKittyVille, and although the days aren't all sunshine and blue skies it's been pretty nice.  Some really windy days, nor the rain, could ruin my pretty crabapple tree.  It looks so pink and fluffy right now I can't even stand it.

Lately Frankie has helped me with going through a bunch of stuff. Found this little charmer that I love.  I made it ages ago with a package of tiny hand cut scottie dogs that I bought from one of my favorite Pacific International Quilt Festival vendors, Quilting Cousins of Pismo Beach.  The sold them in little packets and I bought a couple (and I know that I have another one somewhere.  Hopefully not with the tailors ham I still can't find.)

old friend\

It's a small quilt, with simple borders and I used it a lot on a side table.  It was fun to see it again. I enjoyed seeing a lot of old projects.   Same with going through a lot of my old books.  Wow, the past sure has influenced the present, that's for sure!!!  

That's what's up with me.  What's up with you?  Doing anything fun?  Tell me all about it Happy Weekend!!! 

Friday, February 05, 2021

Little Camellia Pouch

Good morning friends!  Sitting here having my coffee, it's sunny out, its going to be nice weather for a few days, but the mornings are still pretty chilly.  It feels familiar to sit here with my morning coffee,  it's my old early morning routine.  

Surprise, I finished my first Little Camellia Pouch! I love it!  I think the fabrics worked, the colors in that Lori Holt fabric  ( I don't remember which collection but it's recent) has all the colors of the Kokka Message for You fabric.  I see it's sold out at Sunny Day Supply but there are some similar Kokka prints in the line still available.  

Little Camellia Pouch

I like how the bag came together.  I wish my zipper application had been more even on the front pocket.  I don't know how I managed to get the more zipper tape showing on one side of the zipper.  But I'll make this again and see if I can't remedy that.  It doesn't ruin it for me.  I don't sew a lot on these kinds of projects so it's nice to try and then see if I can't improve on it. 

Little Camellia Pouch

The lining is a nice finish inside.  It fits well and I was a little worried about the top stitching but it went just fine, and didn't make the lining funky like I was afraid of.  I did do a lot of careful pressing and I took my time.  The construction of the bag is very clever. 

Little Camellia Pouch

Here's the  iron on  messages that are coordinates for this line of fabric.  Super cute right? No idea what I will choose, there are a lot of options.  I want to wait, as you cannot iron over them after application.  Mary (from Sunny Day Supply) talked about this on IG. 

Little Camellia Pouch

I chose the lining because of the cute black and white lettering stickers.  I just think the whole line is so cute and it's such a clever idea. 

Little Camellia Pouch

Little Camellia Pouch

Anyway that's how I spent yesterday afternoon.  It was fun, and I have more zippers and fabric left for a couple of more pouches, including the smaller version of the Little Camellia Pouch.  I have a couple of other patterns to try out as well.  Crossing my fingers that the next projects turn out as well. Happy weekend friends.  Stay well!!! xop

Wednesday, February 03, 2021


Hi there friends!  How are you?   Keeping busy?  I haven't really been up to much lately.  I'm not making an active effort to settle down and focus on much of anything.  The weather has been gloomy and we've been settling into a little cozy lazy spell here, reading, watching tv, chit chatting with friends via DMs on Instagram.  Not beating myself up over it though.  

Yesterday I switched out my old ironing board cover.  It was so cute but had become, like so many covers before it, a gross scorched version of itself, and I had to get rid of it. I really hoped this new one  would brighten up the space and cheer me onto making stuff. (p.s. that's just starch overspray on my iron, not dust.. although maybe a little dust.)


Frankie has been asking (bugging) me for another apron for a while.  Like for months. I had made the Fat Quarter Shop Pockets and Pies apron years ago, (you can see my apron here) and she loves it and wanted another.  Pockets for your cell phone when you bop around the house to music and a towel to wipe your hands on.  Genius.  And people it's a half hour make. Anyway just our good fortune Fat Quarter Shop came out with an update to their free pattern and it encouraged me to get busy. 

Pockets and Pies apron

Lucky I found this oyster white towel because I had the perfect Hello Kitty fabric waiting for something like this. I made it just like the pattern with the exception of the tab with the D ring so she can hook her keys to it when she goes out with the trash.  

Pockets and Pies apron

I also managed to get started FINALLY cutting out the fabric for a Little Camellia Pouch from Little Mint Designs.  I saw plenty of cute photos of the pattern samples and I had ordered the cute Kokka fabric from Sunny Day Supply. so it was perfect timing.  It's rather an eclectic mix of fabrics that I hope works.  The white tossed alphabet will be the lining, the animal fabric is called Message for You and I liked the idea of that combined with letters. 

There are also stickers that coordinate with this line of fabric, little messages to put on the notes the animals are holding, can't wait to see how that works! Anyway my pieces are all cut, just need to get my stabilizer ready and get sewing.  

That's what's up here in Pamkittyville.  We are headed into a few days of nice weather in the 60s with sunshine, and I am happy for that.  Even though the ground hog said 6 more weeks we'll have a bit of a respite.  Hope you are well. xop

Friday, January 22, 2021

Sew Home in the Kitchen

Hi friends!  Just popping in to share my friend Abi's book Sew Home In the Kitchen and all the projects I made out of it.   I had so much fun!!!  This is the perfect book for new sewists, especially the younger set who might just be starting out sewing and looking for useful, pretty things to make for their homes.  Abi's book is filled with simple to make useful projects.  

Abi Butler

The projects use simple techniques, and aren't  bogged down in complicated instructions, which I think is what holds a lot of people back.  There's that perfect mix of information and illustration to get the job done.   Right off I wanted to pull out some Valentine's Day fabric to chase away the winter blahs.  I went right to the Mug Rug, chose my 4 fabrics and had it made in an hour or so.  So cute.  Decided that was so easy I'd make something else, so I went for the Bowl Cozy.  VERY FUN.  The cozy holds a pretty good sized bowl as you can see.  The projects use Insul-Fleece  which is similar to Insul-bright.  I ordered a package but it didn't arrive  in time for my projects, so I used Insul-Bright. I'll let you know how it goes when I try it out.  


Anyway, that went so fast I decided that I'd make a pot holder, so I went right to the Hot Cook Pot Holder Set instructions to whip one out, and that became two.  Super fun, fast.  Perfect with my Valentine's Day fabric.  


I had some squares leftover and so I whipped out a couple of Trivets for Two.  So super cute and fast. Very fast.  Perfect use of little leftover pieces from the Mug Rug. 


They all looks so cute together and I have to say making them really was fun.  Bonus chance to use my cute mug from Frankie.  I love the book, it's fun, and I'm grateful to Abi for her friendship and for sending me a copy of her book.  


If you hop over to Abi's instagram  you can see other projects made by friends.  As for me, I have a cup of coffee and a  Valentine's kitchen towel waiting to be made into a Mama's Hot Rolls Towel. Hope you are well friends!  Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Small projects

Hi there friends! I suppose it's a bit of a surprise to see me back here again.  What's going on with you? 
I've been working on small things waiting for my fancy zipper order to arrive. Fun.  One of the things I've been guilty of over the years is using potholders long past their expiration date.  My current potholders are burned and plain old worn out.  I'm guilty of making cute potholders then never using them because they're too cute to use.  HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT?  I'm trying to kick the 'saving it for a special occasion' mentality but it's hard.  So I found some fabric in my vast collection and made some new potholders.  

This first round one is my PamKittyPotHolder, it's a free pattern you can find along my side bar there.  It's pretty easy and I whipped up two of them in no time. The only thing I do different from the pattern is I put the pockets on at a slight angle so I don't obsess about the rick rack being just so.  I mean who needs that?  


This rectangular one is a free pattern from Amy Sinabaldi's blog Nana and Co,  called the Pretty Little Potholder, and indeed her's are very pretty. This is the second time I've made it, my pocket is one a little crooked and it's KILLING ME and I keep trying to tell myself it's just a potholder... we'll see how it works out.  I went back to the old post where I had made one. I had one that turned out great and one that was well, a failed experiment.  But in looking back for the post, I searched on "potholder" and looks like I turn to potholders when I need something to sew more than I thought. 


 EXCITING NEWS!  My friend Abi  has written another book!  You may remember her from her book Modern Prairie Sewing.  I blogged about it when it came out in 2014. She sent me a copy and I can't wait to dive in.  Now I can sew something besides potholders, although I peeked and there's a nice potholder pattern in there! 

Abi Butler

I'm looking forward to reading about the kinds of things she's making for her home.  I'm so positively thrilled for her.  I was so lucky to meet her and her sisters at quilt market in May of 2012. OMG so long ago.  Time just flies by doesn't it?  Anyway soon I'll be in her book tour so watch for that! 

Ok, that's it for me today. Hope you are all well.  

Friday, January 01, 2021


Happy New Year friends!  2021 started out with some warm sunshine this morning, I went out to check on my sweet peas and couldn't help but grab a coffee photo like the old days.  I'm filled with hope for this year but don't want to discount all the losses this past year.  My heart breaks for the people who have lost loved ones, seen their dreams vanish, lost everything.  It's a bittersweet sunfilled morning.  


 I wanted to  start out the day like I want the year to go. I tried to find the actual quote but no luck... or I didn't stick with it long enough.  Yikes already giving up on something.  Anyway I had a good nights sleep, I've been outside to enjoy some fresh air, I've hit the treadmill.  Nothing I don't normally do, it's symbolic really I guess.  No resolutions or word for the year just one foot in front of the other.  


Years ago my late neighbor Alice-Jane brought me some black eyed peas on the first day of the year.  I had never heard they bring good luck for the coming year.  Since then I've made myself her black eyed pea salad every new years eve and have it first thing in the morning.  This years tasted particularly good, so I hope it's a sign!  

Hope you're well friends.  I'm wishing us all a healthy happy 2021. xop

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Hello, Kitty.

Hi there friends!  Now that all the hubub is over I can show you my favorite Christmas project.  I had been promising Frankie I'd make her an iPad case and I FINALLY DID IT.  Cue the confetti!  After I finished it I wondered why I had waited so long.  Actually I didn't really wonder, it was that foam interfacing..that's why.  I ended up using  Soft and Stable by Annie.  The pattern, which is the Busy Day Tablet Case by Melissa at PolkaDotChair, has great instructions and illustrations and it's really easy.   It calls for fusible foam, but Soft and Stable isn't fusible, so I used my Fast Fuse and it worked perfectly.  My Sanrio fabric came from Sunny Day Supply, but its' sold out.  You can still find it on etsy I think.  


Anyway, I was worried about foam and that binding but it really was a non-issue. FYI those edges all line up, in spite of what the photo is telling you.  The binding went on so easily.  I had this binding left over and it was 2 1/4" and I was worried it wouldn't go around the foam but it worked easily.  Thank goodness as I'm out of (or can't find) that fabric.  This is a great starting point for sewing with foam. 


Another thing I thought might be a challenge was the zipper pocket.  My end there isn't great, my zipper is slightly too small but it seems like no big deal.  I wouldn't bother showing you a close up if it wasn't for that strawberry pull next to that strawberry!  Now that I have put a zipper like this in, I'll know how to adjust the size of the cut out for a better fit.  And,I don't think it takes away from the rest of the case at all.  And if it does, don't tell me.  


I love the pocket lining, cute little strawberries from Minki Kim's Moments line for Riley Blake. These little details are what makes sewing fun for me.  


The lining is also from the Moments line, it's such cute fabric and I have it in the blue as well, I was a hard choice which to use.  But there are always other projects to make right?  Did you see that Minki has a cute free pattern on you tube?  Adorable little fabric box, and the assembly is to clever and easy.  I will try one of those soon.  


The final touch was the cute button snap also from Sunny Day Supply.  They are also sold out but I'll be honest they're pretty tight snaps so I'm on the fence about them.  They're cute though, and nice for a tablet because there's no chance of scratching the table screen with them.  

Anyway it was a blast to make and I was wishing that I had another one to work on.  But I recently bought a cute bag pattern from Little Mint Designs. Waiting on my zipper order to get started on those.  I am enjoying smaller projects right now, are you working on something?

Hope you are all well and have enjoyed the holiday season.  I'm looking forward to the new year and hope it brings good health and happiness to all of us.  xop

Monday, December 28, 2020

Stomping around

 Hi there friends!  Today is the first day of the Stomping Ground sew along Pat Sloan is hosting.  The pattern is by Wendy Sheppard and you can find it on etsy here. 


It's a darling  pattern, and the etsy listing shows several different color variations for it.  I thought it was super cute.  Pat asked me to sew along and I said I'd make an elephant or two to get the word out.  Not that Pat needs me to get the word out, but she knew I needed some encouragement to get back to my sewing machine.  But then I had what I though was an clever idea.  Why not make some Circus Animal elephant blocks.  I crack myself up sometimes.  


Do you have these pink and white sprinkled cookies where you are?  Mother's is a local brand here in the bay area.  (and those Mother's English Tea Cookies are wonderful.)   Admittedly I hadn't had a circus animal cookie in years and OMG THEY'RE SWEET.  


I had grand dreams of making a stop action IG post like so many people do, with cookies marching across the screen to the tune of baby elephant walk, but like a lot of ideas like that,  well they turn into something more like this. It's winter here and the lighting looks like I am posting from a dark castle where I am being held hostage by an evil Quilt Queen.  Or possibly a witch.  Who knows.  Does it even matter? The blocks are cute and happy, take my word for it! 

I hope you had a nice holiday and have a couple of days to relax.  Hope you are well friends. xop

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Happy Holidays

 Hi there friends.  Just want to pop on and wish you the very best for this holiday season.  It's been a rough year for all of us but hopefully better days are upon us.  I'm grateful for your friendship especially this year, but for all the years we've met here.  My life is richer for it. xop


Sunday, November 08, 2020

Home Sweet Home Sewing

 Hi friends! It's my day on Helen's Home Sweet Home Sewing book tour!!!  I'm so happy that Helen asked me to participate along with a group of really delightful makers.  So many inspiring  versions of projects from Helen's book.  I love her style, and her lovely photos on instagram are so charming, she's a happy follow. 


For my project, I chose the cherry zip pouch.  It's super cute and of course how I can I resist anything cherry?  I wanted to use my cute Atsuko Matsuyama cross stitch fabric  that I ordered from Sunny Day Supply.  (I maybe heard a rumor there could be more on order???) and I paired it with some  Amy Smart Sugarhouse Park cherries and Pat Sloan's Morrison Park for the leaves.  I topped it off with a cherry zipper pull from The Cherry Chick's etsy shop DecorativeSewingPins. 


 I was a bit worried, it's been a while since I installed a zipper in ANYTHING but it went in like a breeze.  Kristyne also made this little zip bag, making hers slightly larger to to accommodate her fancy cherry zipper from Sunny Day Supply.  I have one of those hoarded but was a little apprehensive, but now that I see how easy it is, well I'll be actually using it.  SHOCKING! 


 It was a lot of fun to make. Helen's book has great instructions and illustrations to help you through it all.  There are so many great projects, I had to give the patchwork bag a try as well.  I have a nice little collection of that pretty cording and was anxious to use it.  SO CUTE.  And even though I cheated and used my patchwork panel fabric, I think it turned out sweet.  Another great project in Helen's book.  


This new book by Helen is a great addition to my collection of Helen's books.  Thank you to Helen and Tuva Publishing for sending it to me.  I had so much fun making these two projects, and look forward to working on that cute Little Houses quilt on the cover.  So charming, and you all know how much I love machine applique.  If you want to see more of the projects you can follow the #homesweethomesewing hashtag on Instagram, lots of pretty makes there!  

Hope you are well friends! xop

Thursday, October 22, 2020


Hi there friends!  How are you?  I know some of your are having delicious fall weather (I'm talking about you Sigi.@LittleQuiltSong) , but here in PamKittyVille it's still warm.  We do have leaves falling off our fruitless mulberry, but those will continue to fall well into next year.  Our windows are still open at night and soon it will be 70s and 80s everyday well into November I'm sure.  Not a complaint, that's for sure.  Cool weather is so nice after a long hot summer.

A year or probably more ago I finished this small quilt top.  I am not even sure I posted this on Instagram, or here on the blog... but it was on a pile of small projects.  I fell in love with the quilt on the cover of Sheri's October Make it Mini quilt and pulled together some fabrics to make it.  


I broke from the pattern by adding some of my hoarded Lakehouse Sunrise Studios scallops on the border.  My corner execution is pretty bad, and I think that turned me off of finishing it, kind of disappointed in myself that I didn't pursue a more accurate finish.  I layered it and basted with the Quilter's Select Free Fuse that I've talked about before, I love that stuff.  It was still nice and basted when I picked it up again the other day.  (not sponsored I just love it)  I had set it aside at least a year ago.  One of a few small projects that was easy to pick up and finish when I had the urge to sew but didn't know what to make. 


Anyway I'll be ready when Valentine's Day comes around because I think it's a cute finish.  Sheri's patterns are nice to sew with and I enjoyed making it.  I'm not sure my dotty version is even close to as cute as her original, but its done and ready to go.  I would definitely make it again. 


Valentine's Day has some of the cutest decorations around, and I'm always happy to see the candies and cards and all the hearts pop up in stores after what seems like an endless Christmas decoration season.  I'm already seeing Christmas on IG and it's killing me. Valentine's Day is the OG palate cleanser of holidays in my (grouchy old lady) mind.  Plus who doesn't love pink and red and all those cute Valentines?  

So many of you are making things I want to tell you how much I enjoy seeing all your  projects on Instagram.  I don't always feel like sewing lately so your quilts and other projects are great to see and be inspired by.  There are other wonderful things I see, fall leaves, kids, gardens, it's all great.  I hope you're all well, staying safe and healthy!!! xop

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Winner Winner

Was 'Winner Winner Chicken Dinner' a saying that you about forever?  I have to confess I had never heard it before blogging but it cracks me up each time I hear it.  (and also makes me want some kind of delicious old fashioned Sunday night chicken dinner.)  I looked it up and it originates, according to the internets, (so we know it's true!!!) from the Las Vegas Strip.  Weird! 

Anyway WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER FRIENDS!  Any excuse to use a picture of my kitchen chicken here.   I felt so clever when I thought about taking this picture.  That's what passes for entertainment these days here in PamKittyVille.

Pat Sloan MorrisonPark

I had so many nice comments on my Morrison Park blog post, it was fun to see how many of you regularly watch Pat.  She's a positive force out in the world, I admire her attitude during her broken wrist  recovery.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to must that kind of positive outlook. 

Anyway you're not here for my Pamdemic Ramblings so I'll get to it.  The winner of the Morrison Park giveaway is Lana Stewart who said " I love all things Pam Kitty Morning including your Morrison Park table topper! Beautiful."

Lana, email me your address at and your gift from Pat and Benartex will make it's way to you.  

Thanks everyone who stopped by and entered for a chance to win! 

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

It's that time of year.

 Hi friends! Thanks for all the comments on the Morrison Park post.  If you haven't entered, go back one post and leave a comment. I'll be picking a winner later in the week. 

Here in PamKittyVille it's been hot hot hot, only cooling down a smidge today.  It sure makes it hard to get into the whole fall sweater weather thing everyone has going.  I am not sure we'll be in  sweater weather until next month!   


Saw that fellow the other day.  Headed over to my favorite picture taking spot. Because I had Bret to help me, I was able to get a better full quilt shot.  I am pretty sure it's been just over a year since I started this quilt .  It was done for some time, but I put off having it quilted.  The quilt is by Margo at the Pattern Basket and it's called Boo!  So super cute.  I used the pastel solids because Frankie loves the pastel Halloween style.  The background and backing is the Riley Black black dot on white and the eyes and binding are their smallest black gingham on white.  I think it turned out cute and Frankie is quite happy about it.  


My fence least the quilt obscures the dry grassy background.   We won't see green fields for quite a while, and only then if it's a wet winter.  (crossing my fingers for a rainy season)


The quilt was quilted by Darla from Wildflower Quilting.  She does a great job and I was lucky to get onto her schedule in time to get this back for October.  She's local to me so I dropped it off and picked it up social distance style!!  


It was very fun to sew, Margot's pattern was easy to follow and I admire all her clever design work.  The piecing isn't hard if you follow the instructions carefully.  I like that  her designs are full of cute details.  
Hope you are well friends! I'll be back later in the week to pick and announce the winner of Pat's prize.  I hope you take a moment to go check out the post and leave a comment!  xop