Saturday, September 09, 2006

Coffee please!

Fall is beginning to show itself a bit around here. Yesterday was lovely, breezy, cool. The change in light was apparent. I just loved it. These aren't glamorous pictures of the backyard, but you can see the leaves collecting. We have a liquid amber tree and its leaves are so pretty. The tree is still totally covered in green leaves but a few are sneaking off. Its the season of sweeping, there is something so introspective about sweeping. And this year something aerobic, as the broom my husband recently bought weighs a ton!

The bird feeders were empty, so I went out and filled them up. I'll have happy birds and squirrels again. I even put out a dish of grapes past their prime, the squirrels love those and don't care that they are a little mushy. There was time for one cup of coffee out back on the swing .

But now it's time for sewing. And more coffee. I managed to finish that runner in record time so I picked out more fabric for another runner.. this one will be a little more time consuming but still easy. I'll have photos later. I also picked up another quilt from Elizabeth, it needs binding and when its done she gave me permission to give a sneak peek at a bit of it! So maybe tomorrow I'll have those photos.

Have a wonderful day my friends! Keep busy, be happy!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pammie - Click on Elizabeth's link : )

Can't wait to see her new quilt! Can't wait to see your new tablerunner!

3:02 PM  

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