Monday, April 01, 2019


Hi there!  The past few days we've had a lot of sunshine and it really perks me up.  I'm feeling excited and energized by the springy weather!  We're back to a cloudy week though  so that dose of sunshine will have to last a while!   But  we always need the rain here so I'm happy about that too.

I've started a new project, you might have seen a little about this over on Instagram.  I'm working on the Flower Basket Table Runner by Rhana Summerlin. The little baskets have appliqued handles, you can use the method of choice, and  I wanted to do invisible machine applique, which to me means a hand applique look done by machine.  
bias bars
I love my sewing machine and didn't have any problem with the stitch and settings, but my bias handle prep technique left something to be desired.  Luckily I remembered making a basket quilt with  appliqued handles from the My Red Sofa  book by Terry Atkinson.  I pulled it out and reviewed her method.  SUCCESS. 

It's a great book, and that basket pattern is adorable.  I made two of the quilts, I loved the technique and the quilt.  In fact I just recently pulled this one out to be quilted.  I have an embarrassing number of quilt tops waiting. You can see the other quilt that needs quilting in this post from back in 2007! Thanks again Terry for showing me how to prepare these handles!


I only have made 3 of the baskets since then. I'm making my runner a little shorter, so I worked on my pink blocks first, next up the white ones.  I have pulled a  mix of Heidi's cute Shortcake line of fabric, some of Elea's  Bluebirds on Roses and of course I'm filling in with PKM. 

Fun times friends!  I'm so happy with these cute little blocks, can't wait to make some more.   What are you sewing on?  Or working on? Thanks for hanging in here with me! xop


Blogger Peg said...

Oh Pam, that tablerunner pattern is definitely droolworthy! I am a basketaholic and that ticks off a couple boxes for sure. Your handles look mighty fine, like riding a bike right :)
Sunshine is melting the last of our snow away up here in AK today, about 45 degrees. "Spring" is about a month early for us right now, but while temps can surely drop down again, the sunshine is enjoyable for sure.
Thanks for the heads up on this tablerunner, will be buying this pattern and watching your progress. Take care

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Martha said...

Good morning Pam! As always, your posts are fun and inspiring. Love the basket runner and the design the blocks create. I just retired and am so looking forward to having more time for quilting and attacking all my unfinished projects. You made a comment about loving your sewing machine. I’m curious to know what kind of machine you use. I’m using my ‘vintage’ (1977) Elna that I bought when I graduated from high school and think that it might be time for a new machine. However, just the thought of buying a new machine is overwhelming to me. Have a great day!

8:50 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

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