Friday, March 22, 2019

Pin Pals

Hi there friends!  I just hopped on and saw that I hadn't shared my wealth of winnings from Carrie's give away on Instagram.  SO MANY wonderful items in my package.  Today I was on Instagram and saw that Fat Quarter Shop had a video with Carrie talking about embellishments and also about machine quilting the pin cushions.  Because I didn't pay close enough attention in the book, I was glad to see the information about 80 wt thread, and  those spools of thread make a lot more sense. 


This is one of my favorite photos of the book, Pin Pals, is this one with the jar of pin cushions. I love great staging and photography and this book has it all, you know like all Martingale books.  

I have some fabrics set aside to work on a new pincushion.  We've had some sunny days the past week or so and I feel so good.  I've enjoyed the rain and I know we need it, but that sunshine!  But I am NOT complaining about rain at all. Anyway my good mood has me back in the sewing room.  I've made some quilt backs and prepared some long time completed quilt backs for quilting.  FINALLY.    And I also  have some new projects in mind. 
Hope all is well with you friends! Happy Spring!


Blogger Peg said...

Thanks for showing your wonderful loot! What a generous gift package :)
Glad your area got some much needed moisture and that your sewing mojo has you gathering projects.
Always great to hear from you (do not do FB, so love seeing your blog posts).
Spring is still weeks away here in AK, but I saw some fuzzy leaf buds today, so that is a good sign :)

9:45 PM  

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