Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Sew Day

Season's Greetings friends!!!  How are you faring this holiday season?   Ready or not it's soon upon us! 

I've been lucky to be invited to sewing group last week and again today!  I took the opportunity to make some apple coasters from Sharon's Apple Season free pattern. You might remember that I made one a while back.    I used the same technique I did earlier for the leaves, fusing two pieces of fabric wrong sides together and cutting the shape with my pinking shears.  I think it's a whimsical way of making a dimensional leaf.

It's so fun picking fabric combinations for these apples.



I just couldn't stop.  And I love my Dutch Label Company labels, they look so cute on the apples.  I stitched them on by machine but it would be cute to hand stitch them as well. 

I popped the apples into a cellophane bag with some chocolates and a couple of caramels and tied if off with the Dutch Label paper tags. 

No poison apples here... just cute little coasters. Wouldn't they be cute with a mug and some apple cider mix? Or just fun to make for the making.  I like that too.
Oh, before forget did you see Charise's Orchard Hot Pads and Apple Zipper Pouch???  Sew cute.   If you aren't familiar with Charise you can find her blog here and her IG account here
Ok friends, tell me what you're up to if you have time! xop


Blogger Little Quiltsong said...

Your apple coasters are super sweet, and perfect little gifts, alone - or paired with other little goodies. I'm still busy binding a few quilts, but otherwise getting ready to prepare the different dishes for Christmas!

3:30 AM  
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