Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Perfect 10 Week 5

Good morning friends!  It's another sweet treat for us this week on our Perfect 10 Quilts book blocks!  Yum!  First up is Dutch Chocolate! I love this block so much.  First off love that the half square triangles are  to be trimmed to the perfect size.  Triangles are often a challenge to me, especially now that my sewing room has transformed into the sewing dungeon with the seasonal change in light.  I feel like I need one of those old fashioned miners helmets. (sure I know, dramatic!) 

Might as well confess, I did face little challenge in one of the corners.  I don't know why  really, it's pretty straight forward, but first I thought it was one triangle then when I got that one out it was another and then pretty soon a quarter of the block was apart.  My brain just couldn't seem to get those all going in the right direction.  And there's nothing like picking out seams of blocks that went together  perfectly.  THE WORST.

French vanilla was a breeze after that.  This is a fun block, actually you make 4 for the sampler, all out of 4 prints.  Perfect block for a baby quilt or a quick make as a gift.  Or a gift for yourself.  I know how these things work! You can see the quilts made with these blocks here, lots of cute ideas! 
Ok, hope you're having a good week! xop


Blogger Helen Philipps said...

Looking lovely Pam! And having to unpick a perfect block...I agree just the WORST!! XOX

3:55 AM  
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