Thursday, March 28, 2019


Hello Hello!!  How are you friends?  I'm on a bit of a sewing spree. Not sewing fast and accomplishing, but just having fun with this and that, trying new things, remembering how to do old things.  
You might remember back in September I wrote a little bit about Quirky Little Quilts by Temecula Quilt Company.  It's really a fun book.  The other day I saw that they were starting a sew along for the cover quilt.  I was totally drawn in by this Instagram photo... you should click over, I'll wait.  It's worth it.

Anyway I made 4 blocks right away.  I loved it.  I used to always make tiny blocks and it's been a while.  I took my time and I think they turned out so nicely, right on the money when it comes to size.   Lets face it though, the real proof of how good they are will be when I go to sew them together, we'll see how those points do then.  But right now on their own they look great. (My triangle not-so-secret is the Clearly Perfect Slotted Trimmers by New Leaf Stitches. ) I may or may not have sewn ahead to next weeks blocks, don't tell anyone.


This week I was lucky enough to get a pair of the new Tim Holtz  Haberdashery Scissors by Tonic Studios.  I received a pair of the 6inch and the 5inch. Of course it's Tim Holtz so the packaging is  wonderful.  They come packed in little tin boxes lined with foam, which makes a perfect storage case for them.  The handles are cushioned  and have generous size finger holes.  And sharp... oh my ! 


Look how cute that box is.  I love nice scissors and these will be perfect, I'm putting the smaller pair in my travel sewing kit, the box will keep them protected from accidents, like spilling out on to the ground.  Ugh, not good for the tips of scissors.  Thanks to Paula from Tim Holtz for sending them to me to try!  I LOVE THEM.  


I'm closing with these pictures of my beautiful crabapple tree.  Everytime I look out my kitchen window and see it in it's pink and white glory I'm filled with the joy of spring.  It's really my favorite season.  Today it's on and off again rain  but the bits of sunshine make life so much better. Grateful for rain and sunshine. Also grateful for our friendship!!! Hope all is well with you friends! xop


Blogger Annelies said...

I had that book in my hands today.....guess I should have bought it 🙄. Have fun. My sewing spree is kaput.....all thoughts on our Europe trip that is happening fast 😳. My mind can. It process anything else.

3:37 PM  
Blogger Little Quiltsong said...

Your crabapple tree blooms are so full and lovely! Does the heart good to see it. Your blocks turned out beautifully - and I love your scissors. I'm still looking for a pair to replace my old ones. I have boughten some, but they just don't 'fit' the hand like my old one does :)! (Can you tell I don't like change) lol!

3:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you're back to a bit of blogging. I enjoy your posts.

8:16 AM  
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