Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Pat Sloan's Teach Me to Appliqué

This morning I'm going to share a little about my friend  Pat Sloan's Teach me to Applique book.  Published by Martingale, it's filled with beautifully styled photos and expert instruction.   I'm lucky that Martingale provide this  e-book for me for review. 

Teach me to Applique by Pat Sloan

Often people ask me about  fusible appliqué, because they know I love the blanket stitch and would happily sit for hours with tv and my sewing machine.  Finally  I have a reference to suggest to them.  Of course machine applique starts with the application of fusible web and Pat  shows how to create beautiful soft applique with her method.  There's also in-depth instruction about stitching, including inside and outside corners, alternatives to the blanket stitch and ohmygosh a huge section about threads! I tend to go with matching thread these days, back when I got started I used black like so many people did.  I love all the looks and Pat shows you a lot of options.  As any great instructor would do, Pat breaks it all down for  us, including a section on stitching sequence.  So many things that I picked up over years of machine applique are all written down here in this book.  Plus a ton and a half things that I didn't think about!

Teach me to Applique by Pat Sloan
There are a lot of fun projects in this book.  Right off I loved Sweet Bea's Bouquet.  Pat shares her inspiration for the project and I always enjoy reading those stories that include tidbits about family members, in this case Pat's great-Aunt.

Teach me to Applique by Pat Sloan
I traced the shapes and had them fused post haste.  I like to get projects ready to pick up at a moment's notice, so this block will be ready when I am looking for something fun and mindless to work on.  I think it would make a cute pillow, so that's how I will probably finish it! 

Do you follow Pat?    You can catch her on her Creative Talk Network radio show, on her blog, on Facebook, on you tube, and in her forum. I know there's a ton of other places too, but you get the idea, Pat Sloan is everywhere! And a lot of times she's traveling to teach, you can catch her schedule here. You can buy an autographed copy of her book here.
In other words, Pat is everywhere!  
Ok everybody, hope your week is going well!  Can you believe it's April!!! I can't ! 
I do receive Martingale e-books for free, but I only review and recommend books that I like and I think would make a good addition to your quilt library!   Pat's book is definitely one of those books!
Book Photos courtesy of Martingale Publishing
Photos by Brent Kane


Blogger mascanlon said...

Its April 1st! and the the first day of my retirement...and no joke there! I think I will celebrate with this book, I have never done much fusing so it sounds like this is a great primer.

8:02 AM  
Blogger PatSloan said...

You thank you for the wonderful review and for making up my Sweet Bea block!! Yours is ADORABLE.. BIG HUGS my friend!

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Elaine said...

Now we know what your Saturday night stitching via Instagram has become! It's super cute! As always, your fabric looks so happy and just makes me smile. :)

12:44 PM  
Blogger Kathy said...

Thanks for the head's up on Pat's book - it looks like a great addition to my quilt "library"!

6:08 AM  

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