Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Something fun

So hey peeps how are you? Off to the airport this morning, Bret is coming home after a week long business trip, and we'll be happy to see him!!!

I'm getting ready to work on a small project. No, that's not Pam Kitty Fabric, it's just a little kitty I printed off my ink jet printer onto fabric to use on my test. Pulled out some Dolly Dresses fabric to use, it was the best match that I had easily accessible. Hopefully my project will go smoothly and I'll have some cute results.

Thanks you guys for yesterday's nice comments here and on Facebook and Twitter. You guys totally make my day!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Make it today!

Good morning my very special friends!! Today I have a little treat for you.. it's another pretty little project pdf!! Before Quilt Market I was trying to think of fun small projects to make and I was on my pot holder kick at the time so I came up with this! I love old pot holders and this is my version of this old style.

That yellow one is the one Elizabeth made. My very first potholder was nice and round, but all the others are kind of funky circle-like shapes. Functional but a little off.

Hers is so perfectly round, I'm in awe of it really. You know Elizabeth is the pdf genius, and while we were working on just how we were going to illustrate it in PKM fabric I decided to photograph it on black so we could photoshop in the PamKitty fabric. I just love this photo, it's like a museum specimen perfectly mounted. Sorry, it's just my little weird little mind at work.

Elizabeth wrote the instruction and designed this pdf, I think it's adorable. I hope you do to. You can click on the button below and it will magically transport you to the pdf you can download. I hope I see a lot of pot holders in the future. This button will be available on my sidebar after today, so you'll be able to click and print whenever you're ready.

Ok, have a super day people!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Good morning!

Happy Monday friends, how was the weekend? I barely remember what I did, but I'm pretty sure it involved going and getting the latest Cotton Time from Kinokuniya, and some sewing. I had told Bari all about the bookstore and she went and blogged about it here. She has some great photos. Just seeing them had me in the car heading down there early Saturday.

Here's something that isn't too hard to find if you have a Barnes and Noble near by. Mollie Makes is a delightful new magazine. It's a British import so it sports a hefty price tag, but it seemed worth it. The photography is lush and the projects are fun. It's a youthful magazine but seems to embrace a different aesthetic than some of the other hip sewing magazines who's audience is the younger crowd of sewists. The projects seems more sophisticated, even though they might be a bit fanciful, like those apple cozies. I could appreciate those and imagine being that pretentious mom who sends her kid to school with an apple wearing a jacket. For me those days are gone, maybe there's still time for you!

It was a nice read out back with a glass of iced tea. The weather has been so perfect the past few days. Why isn't the whole summer like this?

So what did you guys do?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Good Morning!

Good morning my dears, how are you? I'm off to a bit of a late start today, coordinating my post with Alex..and what are we up to? Head on over to her place and check it out! But here's a hint..

Have a good weekend!!! xo

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

City Slicker

So have you been following all the Farmer's Wife quilt along posts? All the cool kids are doing it. I'm not, because 1. I am not cool and 2. there are templates. And not just for the odd ball things, for all the blocks. Or so I hear.

I'm not immune to the charms of tiny blocks, believe me. I think the FW blocks are 6 inch finished, and I love that size. I'm not immune to the charms of Monica either.. if you know what I mean. Like I've said before, she pours the kool-aid and I drink it up. (its the green flavor, who wouldn't?)
My personal favorite on everyone's blog is the little basket. Its in the first few blocks so I've seen several. Well I'm no stranger to graph paper so I thought I'd try drafting one and making it, just to get it out of my system. It didn't seem hard.

What was hard apparently was getting the correct size. My block is 4 inches. That's a lot to be off. I drafted it from memory and when I look here, I can see that I could have made it a lot easier on myself with construction. And handle placement.. wow, not my area of expertise. I guess it would have been easier to just order the book. If I was going to join in the fun I would!

If you're looking for a fun summer project this looks pretty good. I'll be stalking I mean following along just to see how cute everyone's blocks are. So, are you a Farmer's Wife? If the timing was right.. how could I resist this?

Thanks to everyone who went and voted yesterday!! I'm glad to see some people are anxious for Pam Kitty Morning The Fabric to arrive! I appreciate it!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Catching up

Good morning my lovelies, how are you? Its warm warm warm here in Livermore, so we're locked up in the house with the windows shut tight starting about 9am. I have a little schedule of opening and shutting the windows to take advantage of the ocean breezes that creep into the valley. One false move though and the house heats up and the delicate balance is broken.

Last week sewing at Alex's was super fun. I love getting together with my sewing group, but I'm not an acheiver by any means. Hadn't sewn a stitch on my Vintage Dishes that I started on my sewing retreat with Lori and Nanette. I finished more cups so I'm on my way. Sadly, I'm not even making the whole quilt!!! I'm just making a 4 plates and 8 cups!!! LOSER.

My favorite cup is the one Lori made for me. Not only did she cut it out, and piece it, she did a lovely little bit of embroidery on it. Isn't that bee cute? That of course clinches it, I can't let this piece languish in the to-do pile.. it must be finished.

Lunch was delicious as it always is at these sewing events!! Famous Deb Silva made salmon and Alex whipped up a wonderful pasta salad. It was pretty nice out so we sat outside in Alex's wonderful backyard.

I made dessert, angel food cake, fresh strawberries and a drizzle of lemon curd. Yummy.

Alex and Deb got a lot done. Alex got a quilt on the frame and started quilting. Deb was hand sewing binding. We don't often get a chance to get together with Alex, so it was a special day.

On other fronts, did you hear about this over on the Sew Fabulous Quilt Shop blog? I encourage you to vote for your favorite new line of fabric coming out.. PamKittyMorning is in the line up with some heavy hitters!!!

So that's it for today! Hope you guys are keeping cool. Well except you people having winter.. that would be cruel. xo

Monday, June 20, 2011

Taking care of business.

No time to linger over coffee this morning, its time to take care of some blog business. The business of blog hops. Today is the wrap up of the Strip-Smart Blog hop, so you need to head to Kathy's when we're finished. She just might be a announcing some winners.

I have a winner to announce in the Cotton Floss Blog hop as well!!! Thanks to everyone who left a comment!!! Marsha from Cute Stuff Inside is the Cotton Floss book winner and believe me, I know this book is going to a good home. Marsha and her daughter Frannie are quite clever. So Marsha, please email me you mailing address! Luckily for the rest of us you can find a lot of great books here, including Cotton Floss.

Now I hope everyone had a good weekend. We had a great one here.. but now it's back to business. Tell me what went on where you live. xo

Friday, June 17, 2011

It was great.

So I'm off to a late start here this morning, no excuses for me. I had a wonderful day yesterday, and to top it off I even got some blocks sewn, which is a huge accomplishment for me when I'm having that much fun.

But it was a long day and when I came home I didn't even download the photos.. not cool of me I know. So for now I'm just in suspense. Today is day 8 in the Strip-Smart blog hop, so be sure you check out Vicki's blog for another chance to win! Camille and Debbie are up this weekend, so be sure and check there too.

If you're Cotton Floss blog hopping, and surely you must be, it's Bari's day. She's sweetened the deal so check it out. Saturday is Shari's day, then Sunday is Paige's day.. you've got to go hop over and check it out.

So that' s it around here. Busy weekend for sure, so I hope you all have fun and we'll meet back here? xo

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Coffe Break

Good morning my lovelies! How are you? I'm busy as a little bee.. or in the case of my back yard lately a big fat bee... holy cow where are these things coming from, I saw a bee as big as a fifty cent piece the other day!!!! Jeepers, scary and fascinating. Oh so anyway.... I digress.

Today I'm off and running, but I wanted to remind you to be sure and stop over at Elizabeth's, it's her day for the Strip-Smart Quilts blog hop. You'll want to leave a comment for a chance to win.

And because I am multi-hopping it's a day to stop over at Krista's for the Cotton Floss Book blog hop. More comments more chances!!!

Yes two hops in one. And two really wonderful books to win. So comment it up people!! Now Thursday I'm having a wonderful sewing day over at Alex's, so I need to get my stuff together so I might actually sew! Just in case I don't see you Thursday I'll be back on Friday!! See ya! xo

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cotton Floss and Coffee

Good morning and welcome to my day of the Cotton Floss blog hop!!! You my people are in for a very lovely treat today!

You know I've had the chance to get to know some lovely people since I started this blog. And one of the loveliest is the sweet Natalie from Cinderberries Stitches. I had a chance to meet her in real life last fall at quilt market, but of course I've "known" her for much longer on the internet!

The book is filled with wonderful projects as you can see. The photos are so inviting you want to dive into your own little woodland world of elfin folk and toadstool houses. Natalie's instructions give you all you need to make that happen. Her nice little stitching illustrations can guide even the likes of me down the wooded path.

My toadstool dreams are waiting to come true.

You're in luck today, Natalie has sent me an autographed copy of Cotton Floss to give away to one of you pixie folk! I hope you leave a comment for a chance to win! I will announce the winner on Monday of next week!

While you wait, you can download this free pattern of Natalie's. And if you can't wait to win I happen to know you can order a copy of Cotton Floss here.

Tomorrow which is probably already today for her, stop in to Sarah's for another chance. You should go no matter what day it is, she's always got something good going on.

And if that's not enough, we're still in the middle of the Strip-Smart hop, so check in with Kathy. She'll tell you where to go.. and because I know she's a sweet southern lady of impeccable manners it will probably be to Linda's blog!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Take a Guess.

That's right, take a guess at who's having a PamKittyMorning..


Surprise, it's Alex!

I don't know if you've checked it out, but her website has had a big makeover and she is sharing a wonderful free download for a redwork pattern to celebrate it.

Even her computer is having a PamKittyMorning. I'm sneaky that way. I littered her whole studio with PamKittyPropaganda. Subtle right?
It's no propaganda to say head on over to Joan's to keep up with the Strip-Smart Quilts blog hop. There's still time to get your comments in.

And just because I like to keep busy, I'm in the middle of another blog hop, and I've been remiss in mentioning it until now!! Natalie at Cinderberries is celebrating the publication of her book Cotton Floss with a nice hop, check back here tomorrow for my day, but to catch up start here, then head to Monica's and then to Amanda's. Then meet me here tomorrow.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Notes from my swing

Good morning everybody! I'm out back enjoying a magazine and my coffee, hope your weekend is off to a lovely start as well.

Even though I'm taking it easy others are working to bring you the Strip-Smart Blog hop, so hop on over to Laurie's to see what she's up to. Sunday is Tara's day on the hop, so be sure and visit her as well. Remember to leave comments, there's not only the book and ruler to win but that mysterious grand prize!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Teacher's Pet

Good morning everybody, regulars and newcomers alike!! It's day one of the Strip-Smart Quilts blog hop and I'm glad you're here having a bit of a PamKittyMorning with me!

Strip-Smart Quilt's is a great book. It's not just pretty styled shots of quilts, it's excellent instruction and illustration and of course the designs are wonderful. The ruler is pretty darn cool as well. The whole book is filled with Kathy's southern charm and humor, not to mention her tips on piecing, pressing, pinning and G.R.I.T.S. (but you need to ask her about that!) And of course the most exciting thing for me, I pieced one of the quilts in the book for Kathy!

When she asked me what fabric I'd like to use I picked Bonnie and Camille's Bliss that had just been introduced at quilt market. I'm just showing a snippet here, I'll let Camille show off the whole quilt, it turned out so pretty!

Of course the book is filled with friends, Laurie and Polly's fabric on the cover quilt, and Monica's Holiday Happy here in the Penny Candy quilt.

Kathy made Daydream Believer in her own line of fabric Ella. I can make a little digital block unit from my own PamKittyMorning fabric till can make one out of the real thing!

I know I mentioned prizes and you're in luck! Just leave a comment today and Kathy is going to select a winner to receive not only a copy of Strip-Smart Quilts but also a ruler to go with it! Stick with us on the tour, I hear rumor of a grand prize at the end!!!

Ok everybody, have a great weekend, see you on the hop! xo

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Best Intentions

I had the best of intentions of remaking that flower yesterday, but it's work time in PamKittyVille and work must be done. Luckily it's quilty happy work, and I couldn't have more fun doing it. So no complaints here.

You've probably heard a rumor about a super exciting blog hop.. and those rumors are true. It kicks off here on Friday.

And if you haven't already heard, here's the schedule:

Friday June 10 PamKittyMorning!!!
Saturday June 11 Laurie Simpson
Sunday June 12 Tara Darr
Monday June 13 Joan Ford
Tuesday June 14 Linda Lum De Bono
Wednesday June 15 Elizabeth Scott
Thursday June 16 Lissa Alexander
Friday June 17 Vickie Eapen
Saturday June 18 Camille Roskelley
Sunday June 19 Debbie Field

So you can see it's star studded cast of bloggers and I'm not going to lie, there might be prizes! And I think we all know, prizes are super.

Ok, better get to work. Have a super day peeps. xo

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Pretty Posy Day

So how was yesterday peeps? I had a fun outing with Elizabeth and Bari for some lunch in Danville then came back home to a little sewing project. I have been dying to make Penny's Pleated Posy and my pattern came this weekend. Look how cute all of Penny's new purses look in the Lakehouse Sales Booklet.

Test posy.. pretty cute right?

I chose three of my Annie's Farm Stand prints and tried them light to dark..

But decided that I liked dark to light better..

Then I made my leaf and glued it all together. And then I came in and loaded the photos.

As soon as I even GLANCED at this photo I could see that in my haste to finish the flower I have the leaf upside down. Of course the reason I can tell.. my bobbin thread doesn't match. Word to the wise.. don't take shortcuts. Just because you can't see the back doesn't mean it shouldn't match. Thank goodness that glue will dry fast and I can remedy that with some new top stitching. Matching top stitching. Then that Posy will hitch a ride on my Farmer's Market Bag.

Hope you guys have a super awesome day!!! xo

Monday, June 06, 2011

All About Bari!

Last week I was feeling restless. I was on twitter trying to decide what I should do when Bari mentioned she felt the same way and invited me over. I threw some fabric in a bag and went right over. I told her I was interested in a little demo on her new Slice Fabrique card, and she indulged me!
I pulled out my Annie's Farm Stand for the little cake on a pedestal from Bari's card. Bari got me set up for the first cut, then I was on my own.

It was a fun project, and once I have it all set up, I'll post pictures of that. Right now all the little bits and pieces are in a bag waiting for me to settle down and get busy.

There's lots of inspiration at Bari's, and it's hard to concentrate in her cute studio. She's lucky to have a lot of space and light.

Charming, right? I think this is just adorable.

Everywhere little piles of goodies to be looked at.

Pretty little art pieces here and there..

Love it. Want to scour the internet till I find my own. Everything was lovely and I really had a nice time hanging out with Bari.

Since I've had so much inspiration lately, I really need to get down to the business of actually sewing up something. What are you up to?

Friday, June 03, 2011

Just Desserts

Good morning everybody! Today I'm going to reward your patience with my extended posts on quilt market and my shopping days and my retreat photos and leave you with a fun sweet little treat to make, maybe even this weekend!

Just click here on the lovely strawberry icon below and you'll be whisked away to the pdf that you can download and print!

A huge thank you to Elizabeth for taking my pitiful jottings and turning them into instructions that are not only functional but a beauty to behold!

Now my friends, go forth and have a wonderful weekend!!! See you next week! xo

Thursday, June 02, 2011

What's new?

One of the challenges of having a line of fabric but no fabric to sew is making projects! Luckily I've gained some photoshop skills in the process and I was able to 'sew' a quilt up there. This is my latest quilt pattern, Criss Cross.

I'm not clever enough to 'make' this purse in photoshop. I need to master gathers and ruffles first, and I'm a ways away from that! But thankfully I have a big stack of Annie's Farm Stand to use for projects. Pam Kitty Morning the fabric is a retro look line just like Annie's so they play well together. Of course by now you all know that the really great thing about Lakehouse is that the colors and prints just go with everything.

Elizabeth made one as well. We've had a lot of requests for a bigger Market Bag, so here you go! This pattern comes with instructions for fabric handles and our favorite leather handles. Love the leather handles but can't find them where you shop? Elizabeth carries them on her website here.

Well that's all the news today friends! Hope you have a super day! xo

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