Friday, May 30, 2008

The last of the Quilt Market 2008 photos!

It's the end of the people posts friends! I hope you enjoy!

This picture originally had Mary and Elizabeth.. however Elizabeth has begged to be 'shopped out. This is the best I can do!

I think we were talking about our phones, I showed off my Sidekick and Mary showed off the coffin phone. She needs the scary ringtone that Camille has to go with the phone! SPOOKY.

This is Denise's booth. I kept going by before market to connect up with her, and would miss her. I don't know how I managed to not get a photo of her.. but here's her lovely booth. I've seen her work up close, she's a local girl!

This is not the best shot ever of the Lakehouse booth. I know Holly will have more photos later.

Here's Camille and Bonnie, her mother. They have a new line of fabric named Cotton Blossoms, which is completely lovely. What fun it must have been for this mother-daughter team.

I can't believe I only got one clear not blurred photo of Joanna's booth. Can that girl rock a spool of string? Check her blog for good photos!

Here's a blog reader, Kathy from The Teacher's Pet. She's not only a pattern designer..

she has her own line of fabric from Troy. Seriously Kathy, you're the famous one!

Check out this adorable little pincushion she gave me! It's in a spot of honor in my sewing room.

Kathy introduced me to her friend Debbie. I think everyone will recognize her.. she's the Granola Girl. It was nice of Kathy to introduce me to her Troy pals!

So that's the end of the people posts friends! I leave you with this view of the Made in Oregon sign we'd pass each day at the end of the Burnside Bridge. Monica, get busy on the little stitchery involving this design, ok?

More of the trip.. coming soon!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

People People People at Quilt Market

I'm closing in on the people posts.. still lots to come though. Here are creative cousins and fabric designers Lizzy and Julie. Lizzy is just finishing up her degree and will be graduating soon. What a great year for her!
This is Lynette of Beach Garden Quilts. I really loved the quilts and booth and walked by it many times.

Of course no market post would be complete without our friend Brenda. This time she brought Janet, which I always want to call Amber after Amber Atkins in Drop Dead Gorgeous. She kills me. Janet, I expect my citation in the mail. Soon. They were neighbors with Jere'e which somehow I didn't get a picture of. She had the cutest offerings this market. But back to Brenda, she had the cutest new book chock full of pretty things and has a new line of fabric, coming soon. Check out her blog to read all about it.

More Darlene, here she is getting miked up for her presentation. She's trying to be cool but she's seen me and wants to RUN FOR COVER.

And here's Elizabeth with some of our fun blog readers Cindy and Rene from Raspberry Patch Quilts. They were seriously a crack up.

Cyndi signing a heartfelt signature on my copy of her book. Her book rocks. As does Cyndi. And her mom.

Sandi Henderson, also known as the Portabello Pixie. I made sure to get this photo for my friend Kim. Miss you Kim, kiss Emma for me!

No market post is complete without a little Tammy and Sherry! Gosh could I love those girls anymore?

Here's my friend Roseann (center) with Elizabeth and fabric designer Linda Lum DeBono.

Ok. More to come.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Again with the people

Tanya in her booth. I can't get over all the lovely things she has.. and of course lovelier because the fabric is just SO. STINKEN. PRETTY.

Elizabeth and Kathy, my old neighbor! Kathy lives in Washington now and owns a quilt shop. It was great to see her after so long!

Anna Maria just after winning the booth award!

Me and Katherine of Katherines Quilte Stue. We were like crazy women when we realized who she was. Ok, honestly, I was like a crazy woman. Monica had sent me a link to the Ravenhill blog that had some pictures of an amazing quiltshop in Norway that had a model of the small purse pattern. Holy cow people, my little purse design is in Norway!!! Anyway Katherine was a lot of fun and I super enjoyed meeting her. I wish I could shop at her store on a regular basis.

Sandy Klop at her American Jane Booth! I love her stuff, so cheerful. And Sandy is just so nice.

Our old neighbor Janet of Botanical Art Quilts. Janet started blogging after market last time so I am going to head over and catch up with what she's up to.

Ok not people but here's the quilt that I pieced for Alex's new fabric. Holy cow I picked up the flyers and my name is there on the inside along with Diana's as the machine quilter. You can download the free pattern here!

Ok, seriously, its not the best picture of Tammy Gilley but I had to include it anyway because uh, TAMMY GILLEY. She's very fun and I was thrilled to meet her. Elizabeth was looking at a magazine that evening at the room and found some of Tammy's art in it.

Hey lookie who's also here! Our old friend Gerri! No booth this time so we didn't catch her with any furniture.

Ok, that's it for today. Phew. Those links take time friends, but there's still MORE TO COME.

Oh and Elizabeth has a photo of the latest bags we did for this market. She makes my designs look great with her fabric selections.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I love people

Here is the first of a couple of people installments.. you know how I love meeting and greeting the peoples! Here's Kris and Mary Anne from Cozy Cottage Fabrics. You'll see a lot of Late Bloomer in her shop!!

More Jennifer with her quilts! I love her and her fabrics!

Our friend Tamara couldn't be there with her sister Jackie Clark, so we took a picture of the darling bag she made.

Here's Jodi who stopped by to say Hi. Super sweet, she's got a lot of market recap on her blog as well, so check it out!

Of course it's not a market post without my Moda Girls. Here's Holly and Whitney. Are they so cute? Alison is getting married soon and couldn't join them this time.

Here's Jenny from Tula Pink, she designs for Moda. I totally LOVE her, she's funny and charming and I'll totally be telling everyone I know Tula Pink as well as the Urban Chiks.

Here she is with Triskit. That little girl gets around!

Whitney flashes her engagement ring.. woo hoo!

This is 1974, the new line from Urban Chiks. Did I mention I know those girls? I'd love to do some of my stunt sewing for those two Celebrities!

Here's a shot of Mary's booth. More on Mary later. I love that quilt on the back wall. She does nice work, that girl!

Here's my pals Elizabeth, Cyndi and Monica! They're the greatest!

Ahh, and my friend Darlene Zimmerman. We stalked I mean saw her a lot this trip. I just love her. I was at her book signing in the Krause booth, and got a signed copy of her latest book, Quilts from Lavender Hill Farm.

Elizabeth, Jennifer and Tanya Whelan. Tanya's booth was amazing and will show up later.

Ok, that's enough photos and links for one day. But don't worry, way more to come!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sample Spree

Monica has some crazy pictures about sample spree over at her blog, so you should check it out. Ignore those rumors about me. Seriously, I'm the picture of decorum.

I have no idea what's in this box but let me tell you, there's a lot of stuff that gets moved up into that Sample Spree Ballroom. As usual we had safe legal passage into the room, thanks to Brenda.

Brenda hand dyes some beautiful wool. This is my only clear picture, all others are slightly blurry and you can't see just how lovely it all is. The colors are so pretty. I could eat them. But I won't.

Here is Kathy and one of her crew, Sandra. I'll be talking more about Kathy in another post.

Here are our old neighbors Sherri and Paul from This and That. Super nice. Their beautiful Minnesota home was featured in a recent American Patchwork and Quilting issue. Wow is all I can say. (And let me add they beat us out the door again!)

Here's Vicki Bellino from Bloom Creek. Her quilts are so pretty. She also treated us to a little bloggy shophopping lately, so check it out!

I'm dying over the darling outfits the girls from the Threaded Pear were wearing. The dress version is super cute and way more me.. being denim and all.

Everyone had done some cute work on the front as well. I cropped this because the picture wasn't flattering (and you can trust me to not show an unflattering picture) , but I had to show the darling design. Each of them had a little something different. I apologize for the lack of names here.. no badges to read!

One of these bags of fabric goodness is mine! We fell in love with the new line Cottage Romance by WillowBerry Lane with Maywood Studios. We weren't the only one believe me.. this seems to be what a lot of designers were buying. Even people who design their own fabric lined up with us. Everyone was going NUTS over the scallop stripe but I was CRAZY for the Sprigs.. you know my love a printed background.

Last but surely not least are the girls from Mary's Cottage Quilts. Mary was all over the place and we didn't see her during Sample spree. She's got some great people with her!

It was a great time. More of my stuff later..

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