Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Last of Christmas..

This quilt is the last of the Christmas decorations to go. Its not the best picture of the quilt, I just can't get a nice closeup that shows the quilt in it's wonderfully quilted glory. (quilted by CJ Behling on a longarm) I made this a few years ago as a sample. Its from a line of fabric by RJR, and as soon as it was printed, it was discontinued leaving a bad taste in the mouth of shop owners and customers everywhere. By the time it was done we couldn't kit up many, we couldn't get enough of the companion pieces, and we substituted where we could, but there just wasn't enough to go around. I don't know why fabric companies are doing that now, creating this demand with their glossy printed quilt patterns and fabrics and then dashing our hopes for reorders.

It seems like customers come into the shop months before a line is due, and start asking about it. I appreciate that magazines are available before their actual date, but some companies advertise an arbitrary availability date, and then don't deliver. This leaves customers irritated with shop owners, like somehow we're lying to them about the fabric. We're hoarding it secretly in a backroom gloating over our cleverness. Not so my friends, not so.
Well enough of my pet peeves.
Back to work for me tomorrow. Its been three weeks now since I've been to the shop. Can't wait to get back to my normal schedule. Hope you all have a good week!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that quilt!

6:47 PM  
Blogger Claire said...

That is one of the coolest quilts I have ever seen and I think I'd be utterly unable to put that away until next year. I think it would have to live in my home all year round.

8:20 PM  
Blogger Bitterbetty said...

Seems like that could stay up through say... Valentine's Day?? With the red???

:) Happy New Year Pam!!

8:20 PM  
Anonymous Jackie said...

Great quilt! Love red and white! I completely hear you about the fabric fiascos - people want the exact fabrics they see and substitutions are not always warmly welcomed. It makes it tough working at the shops since you don't always get enough of some of the fabrics.Have fun back at work!

9:20 PM  
Blogger capello said...

that's a pretty piece.

and i totally don't understand why companies do that. totally not cool.

7:50 AM  
Blogger Angelina said...

I think that's such a lovely quilt!

That's a pet peeve for me too- I order wholesale from all those companies too and it is almost impossible to put a line of aprons and pot holders together that work well together because of all the suddenly discontinued patterns. Coordinating is a nightmare. About half of the fabrics I ordered from the fabric show were discontinued.

So annoying.


12:27 PM  
Blogger Happy Zombie said...

What a pretty, pretty quilt! That's a year rounder for sure!

I know what REALLY goes on in the back rooms of quilt shops. Out on the floor customers are searching for THAT bolt, and in the back the staff is drinking champagne, eating cake and having pony rides on saddles draped from THAT fabric. There's also a super secret staff person who sneaks kits into the back and puts in replacement fabrics just for the fun of it (moo ahhh haaa haa).

UGH! I hate how fabric is so limited! I don't get it. But sigh... I'm addicted. They have me hook, line and sinker. Good thing "my shop" is closed, or my next born would be named "Moda".

5:09 PM  
Anonymous Morgan said...

The quilt turned out awesome!!

11:22 PM  
Anonymous autum said...

Beautiful quilt, too pretty to put away.

2:00 PM  

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