Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Nerd alert

Ok, am I the only person who didn't know Wil Wheaton had a blog? I happened to be cruising the blog world and came across someone commenting that one of the highpoints of blogging that year was Wil Wheaton stopping by and commenting on her blog.

My husband was a Star Trek fan from the first show, but I didn't come around till after we were married and got to watching The Next Generation. Could I have loved Captain Picard more? I don't think so. Frankie even got to meet #1, Jonathan Frakes, when Bret worked at a company that had the actor in character in to do some promotion. I'd dig out that photo if I had any idea where it was.

So today I commented on Wil Wheaton's blog. Totally smarmy fan freak post, I'd hate myself but OHMYGOD it was Wil Wheaton's blog. And if you can't be a geek there, where can you be one?


Blogger Happy Zombie said...

WOW... something we DON'T have in common! I have no idea who this guy is. I'd call you a weirdo, but that would be the pot calling the kettle black as I'm searching for Donny Osmond's blog (if he has one).

1:15 PM  
Blogger Happy Zombie said...

BTW... I caught your cold. Did you sneeze on the voodoo doll you have of me?

1:17 PM  
Blogger Claire said...

Gasp! You don't know Wil Wheaton?? I am the child of a diehard trekie and married to a man who watches Deep Space Nine while he is at work (it's on in the background, he swears he still works!), and Wil Wheaton was probably the first boy I ever "noticed" as a little girl. Wow. I just geeked out there a bit myself, but don't you know that I am going to his blog right now!

1:26 PM  
Blogger capello said...

zach braff has a blog too. ZACH BRAFF. he's on my laminated list.

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband knows Will Wheaton well!

p.s. I think I forgot to tell you I left your Xmas gift at the shop!! I'm losing it. I got to looking for it today & remembered.

3:40 PM  
Anonymous cityfarmer said...

I must be a bigger nerd...who's Wil Wheaton???????????????

3:56 PM  
Blogger Angelina said...

Nerds RULE!

I actually don't know who Wil Wheaton is and I've seen most a lot of Star Trek.

Zach Braff has a blog? Well, what's it called??!

6:14 PM  
Blogger Raesha D said...

I love your blog!!! I just found it recently through Jackie's blog - my hubby and I and are 5 year old are HUGE trekkies:):) I have had a monster crush on Jonathan Frakes since the beginning of TNG. TNG and Voyager are my favorites....but the original is in the running too: )I one kept a notebook (stil have it somewhere) with all the original episodes listed and I checked them off as I saw them:) Trekkies RULE!!! (and yes, I've even been to a convention:))

7:21 PM  
Anonymous debra said...

wow, I haven't heard that name in a while. I remember him from Stand By Me, one of my favorite books/movies when I was a preteen. Ohhhhh and how I swooned over River Phoenix.... ;-)

7:13 AM  

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