Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Every Picture Tells a Story

Nerd Sunday

Star Trek!
(remember, Family Guy can be inappropriate! view beware)

And this. Seriously I could not laugh harder.

It just doesn't get any nerdier.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Scenes from Friday

Flower Blossoms

Flower Sugar

Hope you had a nice weekend!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Brain Activity

So last Sunday when I dropped Bret off at the airport, I had a big list of stuff in my head that I thought I'd get done. You know since I was home alone for a whole week. Bret leaves in the morning and comes home around 8pm so it's not like my day is crowded up with doing stuff for or with him. But you know what I mean, no dinner to cook. Like the sumptuous meals I'm making take so much time.
One of the things on my list was cleaning out my closet. Ok, I did manage to drag out one of my three denim dresses and put it in the Goodwill pile. I know one thing for sure, Elizabeth will appreciate that. (I can't help it, they are so comfortable and easy to throw on. Don't judge me!)
What else, well I did get the sink and cook top cleaned. That flat surface cook top is a pain in my, well, you know what. It took FOR. EVER. But it's clean. For now. Same goes for the fridge.
I did think I'd scrub out the bathroom or maybe weed the garden. Whatever. I had a lot fun IMing Bret, and chatting with Frankie on the phone. OH! I did go spend the afternoon with Alex, that was fun. I spent one morning having my hair cut and colored. And the sewing, lots of sewing.. a week goes by fast.
Empty the dishwasher, that's what's left. It's early, still time for that. He's taking BART home from SFO and I pick him up at 11. Yeah, I still have time. Right?

Have a good weekend peeps. xo

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Drink up

It's sewing time! Hope you people's have a great day, I've got some stunt sewing to get at. xo

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another day here

I'm only a few days into my new ironing board cover and look, brown ugly scorch marks already. I guess my love of spray starch and sizing has already taken its toll on this cover. Signs of spring the last few days, lots of freesias in among the weeds. The whole backyard smells good, the lilacs are coming into bloom. I have to enjoy them this year, I need to cut back a couple of the old branches and it will diminish the amount of flowers I'll have next year.

My poor old apricot tree. There's only a couple of branches blooming this year. It was old when we moved in, and now, 25 years later, its really old. Ugly and half dead I still love how it looks out there. Glad the squirrels are leaving the blossoms alone, maybe we'll have a couple of apricots.

My little crabapple tree took a beating this winter. The tree isn't very big and the squirrels were all over it stripping off most of the fruit. I'm glad I have a tree left at all.

Here's the last sneaky peek of my Flower Sugar project. Ok, I better get to work. Happy day peoples. xo

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In the Neighborhood

Hi there peeps, how goes it? I had a busy Monday, don't know what all I got done but I know I had a fun time chatting it up with Alex around the corner at her house. Ok, not like backing up to my house or anything and it's across a big road but still, a couple of minutes away. You get the name-dropping-drift. Anyway, check out what she has...

I KNOW!!! It's one of those amazing new Berninas. Look how big it is. She said I could give it a try sometime soon, I can't wait. I think I have to finish some blanket stitching first, that Alex, it's all about work with her! But wow, that machine.. amazing.
This is like when good quilters go bad.. or maybe when good quilts go bad. Reverse sewing. Alex always is cheery though.

She loaned me this book. She read a couple of hilarious passages to me and I can't wait to get started on it. I'm at the end of my current book, so by tonight I hope I'm laughing my head off.

Ok, peeps, happy Tuesday. xo

Monday, March 23, 2009


Monday morning here peeps, how goes it? I'm on a bit of a frenzy around here, doing some much needed cleaning and organizing. Its a bit of a snooze for blogging though. I did work on this, which I think is turning out so nice. More work on that this week, as well as a project for Alex. She's back from working on another season of the Quilt Show!
Ok, better get going. I'm off to a late start today so if I don't get crackin' I'll never catch up!

Friday, March 20, 2009


I could barely untie this, how can I possibly cut it up?

1 1/2 inch strips are my absolute favorites so I can't wait to get crackin' on these. As soon as I stop staring at how Sweet they look on my new ironing board cover.
Hope you peeps have a good weekend!
Oh, and have I mentioned lately, I know the Urban Chiks? Well I do.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Garden Friend.

Wednesday was a good day for me, how about for you peeps? The weather started off all foggy and damp but it eventually burned off. Maybe it always starts off foggy, I'm just not up early enough to see it. I have tried to capture some pictures of my refurbished scottie dog topiary but he's not any easy subject. Especially when you need to crap-crop around him. Photo-editing can be a girls best friend.
He's modeled after a Mary Engelbriet garden flag of the jumping scottie. I don't even remember how Bret got the idea but he had it made for me a couple of years ago.
Anyway, he was looking ratty and his ivy finally died so we stuffed the sparse parts with fresh moss and added a nice new big pot of ivy and he's as good as new. Hopefully in a few months he will really fill in and be all ivy, but until then I think he looks just swell.
Now if only I could work that magic on the rest of the backyard.
Anyhoo.. off to see Diana this morning and drop off a quilt for Alex. Hope you guys have a super day. xo

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Good morning Peeps! I hope you had some springy weather yesterday. I know Tammy and Heidi both were expecting some weather in the 70's this week and yesterday my car told me it was 73 in Livermore! Someone looks a little grumpy, but it's only because I kept talking to him instead of letting him meditate in the sun.
I'm working on a project I talked about with Nireko when we met up. She sent us some of the wonderful new pieces of the Flower Sugar line for Lecien. I have an idea for a little pattern for them to give away. Anyway, I was trying to be clever. Of course I'm not that good of friends with the embroidery machine, we don't hang out all that often. First I had trouble with the layout.... couldn't get things even. Then I switched to the large hoop and got all the way down to the last 'r' and saw this on my screen. HOLY CRAP. That is not good.
I thought about starting all over and then I thought about banging my head on the table, and then I decided that maybe I could try to just add that last 'r' on.. I mean it could work.

Phew, it did. Because I was seriously thinking of giving up even though I was thinking it was a fun idea.

I thought about doing another and then I put the machine away. No point in tempting fate. Hope you had a good day peeps.

p.s. those "Irish" yesterday live in Monterey.. not at my house!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


...Nothing says "Pinch Me"
Like these two "Irish" Gents.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 16, 2009

It's Monday!

So I'm late this morning.. just drinking coffee courtesy of Miss Jean and taking it slow. Thankfully yesterday we went downtown to get some coffee beans at Peets and they had some!! So this morning's coffee is courtesy of a generous gift certificate from Jean!
Livermore is feeling festive this week, check out the new fountain! It was a nice weekend, a little overcast but still very pleasant. I got some yard work done and we spruced up my scottie dog topiary. I'll show him off later in the week, he looks so good.

These are some scenes from last week's sunny days. I went over to Clayton to the dentist and the trip through the hills was wonderful. The pictures are a bit of a blur, even the ones I pulled over to take.

I love seeing the sheep on the hills. I'm always sorry there is no good vista spot here to pull over and get some photos. Little lambs couldn't be any cuter.
Ok peeps, I really gotta get to work. Hope you have a happy day. xo

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Cautionary Tale

One day a lady named Pamkittymorning sent an email to a famous friend giving her some advice. You know, instead of minding her own beeswax. She told her friend that her blog feed on Bloglines only showed up as "My Weblog" and she should change it. (if she knew what was good for her) Then she made her friend work on it like crazy all morning.
What the full-of-herself PKM didn't realize, changing her blogfeed name would in fact render all subscriptions to the old blog feed useless. All the people subscribed would be waiting and waiting for news and nothing would come.
So it turns out that PKM isn't the genius she thought she was.
So peoples, the only advice you should take from me today is to go visit her hopefully-still-friend Sherri and say hi, the now humbled PKM sent you. And if you're subscribed to her blog on Bloglines, please update your subscription.
If you could do that for me today, I'd really appreciate it.
Your friend. PKM


Just up to some bloggy maintenance this morning. I never made the complete switch over to the new Blogger system so my template has all its links hard coded. Which on the one hand is good because I like the way my blog looks, but when it comes to updates, not so good since I'm so lazy. I have tons of blogs on my blogroll in Bloglines so today I finally did an update.
Here's a gratuitous photo of Rocket taken last week after a trip to the groomer. No post should be photo free right?

Ok peeps, enjoy the weekend. xo

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tueday in Monterey

Tuesday afternoon is Farmer's Market time in Monterey. The day was cold and breezy but so sunny you could weep just a little with the joyfulness of it. Frankie goes on Tuesday for fresh veggies and flowers.

The colors and sounds and smells are amazing. Lots of friendly people. One vendor gave us a huge bag of fresh carrot tops for Binnie. A little something for everyone. Including grilled garlic bread for Bret. It was a fun mid-week getaway for all of us.
Ok peeps, off to the dentist for a teeth cleaning! Hope you have a fresh fun day! xo

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Moon over Monterey

Bret and I drove home last night enjoying the beautiful full orange moon over the fields of strawberries and artichokes and thought about the state of Hiway 1.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Weekend Recap

So did you peeps have a good weekend? I ran some errands on Saturday and Sunday we met Frankie in San Jose for lunch. We like Buca di Beppo so we met up for a scrumptious Italian lunch. Buca is at a popular mall location and I was shocked at the empty parking lot. Parking places galore. The whole mall was pretty empty, more like a weekday morning than a Sunday afternoon. It was nice for walking around but sure bad for business. Yikes.

Buca has some crazy decor and I was determined to get some shots of the bathroom because seriously people, its like a flashback to my youth. I wish my picture of the plastic fish would have turned out, shades of our bathroom in the 50's. Frankie hadn't noticed them before and was dying over them. Everything old is new again I guess.

I can remember my mom using that Fanci-Ful hair color back in the day. I just crack up every time I see this little beauty display.

There were lots of 'products' that needed explaining, which always cracks me up. Believe me when I say, we have come a long way baby.

These pink tiles match the pink the in the stalls and the pink on the horrifying wallpaper. Somethings should not be revisited.

I loved this pink shade on a very ugly base. I see these all the time at the antiques shows and wish I had ceiling lights.

This blue one reminded me of a gold lamp that was hanging in our house here. The blue is probably a million times better but still, not that good.

Retro was the theme, saw this car driving home. Seriously I wish that cat would look as good on my car as it does on this red one. I love this stuff.

I find this time change hard, it feels more like hours than hour, thank goodness the daylight we're saving looks like this.

Busy week ahead with appointments etc, so posting may be sparse. I'll miss you peeps, and will be checking bloglines on my Sidekick, because that's how I roll.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Moda Bake Shop Winners

Good morning from a sunny day here in Northern California!!! I love the rain but the sun makes me feel all cheerful and happy. Looks like we'll have a week of sunshine so I'll be trying to get ahead of the weeds out back. Not an easy task my friends.
Speaking of not so easy tasks, look at the mound of papers for Binnie to go through!! I am wowed by all the Bow Tie love out there, thank you so much. I've been pep talking Binnie all week telling her she would be up to the task of picking a winner.
She was a tad reluctant to believe me at first. That was a huge pile of paper. She loves paper so how was she going to choose just one?

She skirted the edges sniffing out a winner.

Then she took a moment to think about it and dove right in. All my picture of her picking are blurry, so you'll have to take my word for it, she snatched out the winner. And then I told her I had another little box of bake shop and she could pick another winner. She was thrilled.

And the winners are, Jackie and Tina. Congrats girls. Send me your info and I'll get those boxes in the mail.

Ok peeps, its Saturday, time to get busy! Hope you guys have a great weekend. Thanks again for all your wonderful encouragement. It means a ton to me!

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