Friday, February 29, 2008

Where does the time go?

Wow I totally haven't been paying attention and let a lot of time slip by without working on my block of the month, Flight of Fancy! The cone is next, I love the cone.

Here are my fabrics for this block. We're headed up to The Quilter's Inn this morning to drop off some patterns and check out their version of the Flight of Fancy based on some of the fabrics I selected. My friend Carol said it's lovely and I can't wait to see it.

In the mean time, I'm blanket stitching away on the cutest blocks for Elizabeth. She's using Anne's new line and it couldn't be any cuter. I love blanket stitching.

It was a lovely day yesterday, I did get to put the top down for the ride home from Clayton and it was wonderful. The hills are green and there's livestock and flowers and fresh air all around you and you can hear Meadowlarks. I love the sound of their call. Takes me back to when I was a kid and we lived next to a big open field. The Meadowlarks would line the fences and talk away.

Well I guess I don't need to talk away.. I need to get cracking. Have a wonderful weekend my pretty spring Meadowlarks! xo

P.S... the video Ricky Tims took of Alex and I is over at the Quilt need to be a member to see it on the daily blog.. sign up for the free membership which will allow you to see the blog. It's the 2/25 entry. Get a load of that still shot? Good Gravy.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Everything looks better on the new counter...

Morning coffee
Trader Joe's (creepy looking) tamales for lunch


Even some Swell sewing!!!

Have a nice day my spring blossoms. I'm off to the dentist this morning. I love my dentist so I travel a bit to see him. It's already shaping up to be a sunny day and I'm taking Bret's little car so maybe there will be some top down weather this afternoon. See you later!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Busy weekend

Last week I mentioned I was working on a project in the sewing room and here it is. We had this counter top from a would-be home improvement project gone bad. I figured it would be cool on top of my two Estate brand hobby room cabinets.

It took a lot more time than I thought it would. With the lip on the counter Bret had to put something under the top to raise it up so I could open the drawer and doors. We also discovered just how wrong this top was for our previous project, it was 6 inches deeper than we had thought, so it had to be supported on the wall as well. I'm an impatient person so it was hard to have a project seem never ever ending but I'm so happy with the result.

Behind the curtain there are a couple of rolling carts .. something has to corral all that miscellaneous stuff that previously was just in bags and jammed on top of my table. Bit by bit I'm moving stuff back in, organizing, tossing, whatever it takes. But I'm so happy here. The counter is the perfect height for cutting. I have my tv on the end you can't see. My sewing table is on the opposite wall, and the ironing board can be moved around for convenience. Anyone working in a bedroom in a 60's house knows it's a limited space.

Those of you reading for a while you'll be shocked to know I cleared off my sewing table. A while back Nicole had a little messiest table contest and I think I came in second. Not something to be proud of that's for sure.

Ok, guess I should get to work. Just a few more things to get in that room. I'm off to Elizabeth's this morning to grab some blocks for blanket stitching. Hope you all have a happy day my sewing room sweethearts.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mail Call

I was very lucky recently to win a drawing over at Vickie's. She'd made up a bunch of cute little pincushions out of her new Mary Engelbreit fabric.
I can't believe how sweet it is, with it's little buttons. And all sewn on with appropriate matching thread. That's maturity. I don't think I'd be that mature. There are a lot of little buttons.

It seemed to work perfectly no matter where I sat it, and then I couldn't stop taking pictures of it. Kind of silly I suspect.
But they all make me happy, I couldn't decide which one I liked best, so I left them all in.
Thanks Vickie, its completely cute, no matter where I put it!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

You're it!

Hello my sweet spring raindrops. How goes the weekend? Over this away we're working on a project in my sewing room. It's slow going but maybe, someday it will be done.

A couple of weeks ago Jackie tagged me for that 7 things about me meme. Since then Anne and Cyndi have tagged me too! That does not mean though, that I'm going to do 21 things about myself. I'm not that interesting!!

The rules of the meme are:
1. When tagged, place the name of the person and URL on your blog
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Write 7 things about yourself
4. Name 7 of your favourite weblogs
5. Send an e-mail letting those bloggers know they have been tagged

Lets see...

1. I can tap dance. I took tap at the Art Linkletter Tots & Teens Dance School in Concord, CA when I was in elementary school. A little van would pick me up and drop me off. As an adult, I took tap again here in Livermore through the recreation department. I love it. When I'm dancing I think about channeling my inner Gregory Hines.

2. I talk to myself.. but mostly in my own head.

3. I am currently having a love affair with Kozy Shack tapioca. Don't even ask.

4. I have a BBQ indoors in my family room.

Told you.

5. Shouldn't that BBQ count for 2?

6. I compulsively recycle all kinds of paper, right down to tearing apart packaging to remove plastics or those little windowy things. I have paper recycling bags in a lot of rooms to collect the random scraps of paper. It drives my family nuts.

7. I'm alternately thrilled and extremely embarrassed by too much attention. Hard to imagine huh?

So who am I going to tag.. Chris because she tagged me for the Spreader of Love award which pleased me no end. I'm always surprised that people even read my blog!!! I'm going to tag Mary as well, we don't hear enough from Mary. I want to tag Sandy first, before she can tag me. Of course can't leave out Jen or Laurie! Ok, who else, how about Tracy. She's already frantically getting ready for market... she has time for this, right???What about Nanette? She's a lot of fun. And I think lastly, I'll tag Linda. She's a local girl and I haven't seen her in ages.

Ok, chat with you later!

Friday, February 22, 2008

You could be swinging on a star!

Last week Quilts Inc announced their Silver Star Award Winner for 2008, and it's my fav quilting celebrity Alex Anderson. It's a huge award in the quilting world..HUGE. You quilters might know her from her many books or the show Simply Quilts that ran for 10 years. Some of you might have checked out The Quilt Show, which is her latest endeavor.
I met Alex when I first started working at Going to Pieces, a quilt shop in Pleasanton, probably 13 years ago. Now I can hardly believe that I have had the opportunity to help her with projects, and even participate in a book! Not to mention most importantly, having her for a friend.
Alex and her daughter Adair goofing around in Alex's studio
If you feel so inclined, please go here and leave a congratulatory message for Alex and tell her I sent you!!
And now, to make this about me, I'm stunt sewing for a Silver Star Award Winner!! Talk about next level my friends!
Ok, happy weekend !!!! It's going to be a rainy one here, so I can stay inside and maybe even sew!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chasing the Moon

I was on the way to the market when I saw the eclipse.. I'd forgotten about it. What a dork. It was lovely, I kept driving to find a good place to sit and watch. Dinner can wait. I watch our local KRON4 news here and they used to have this really great science and weather man, Brian Hackney. He'd keep us on top of all the interesting things. I miss Brian.

And speaking of missing people, anyone who knows the UPS guy Jeremy who delivers to the shop, tell him HI for me. I miss him and his jokey ways. Today I had some emails and a call from some of 'my people' from the shop. It was nice to catch up. I do miss my peoples.
Ok, enough blab blab blab... stunt sewing tomorrow..happy Thursday moonbeams!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Riddle Me This

Ok, I admit it, this has nothing to do with the Joker and it has no riddle. It just popped into my head when my cursor was at the title line and I typed it. Make of that what you will.

These are my new official PKM shoes. Seriously are they the cutest? And on chenille, well, everything should be pictured on chenille, I mean really. Jackie posted about some shoes which sent me scurrying to Kohl's the other day. You know, on sale shoes. Which set me back about $200... well I mean the shoes were $25 then there was another pair of shoes and then some stuff for Frankie... well, you know how it goes. One thing leads to another...

And speaking of one thing and another, have you signed up for Cyndi's newsletter? I just printed off my free pattern, and its the most adorable pdf! Scoot on over and get signed up. I can't wait for Cyndi's new book to be out, I want my own personal autographed copy. Did you see that cherry quilt???? Splendid!

Ok, my sweet little cherry blossoms, I'm off for a day with my girlie. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Monday, February 18, 2008

This and That

Good Monday morning my fine feathered friends, how are you all? Long weekend for many of you I'm sure, normal week for us here. Bret's getting ready for work and I'm getting ready to head over to Diana's to pick up a quilt she quilted for Alex. It's the red and white quilt I was working on a couple of weeks ago.
Last week some of you didn't get what I was talking about in this post. I thought my picture told the whole story, so I apologize for the confusion. I had the whole quilt finished and then discovered I had reversed positions of the blocks. Nothing cool about taking blocks out of the center of a finished quilt and repositioning them. But I sure learned my lesson about working on black at night.
We went on a field trip last week to The Quilter's Inn for some dots. Jane has a great shop there and it was crammed with fabric and people we love!!
Look at these sweet hearts and strawberries made by Kathy. Love how they look all piled up here in the little tub.
Here's my haul. I've been looking for dots on white or cream, and Jane has some coming, so I'll head back then. I still long for my yellow dot on white.. I know I'm not alone.
Ok, I better go finish up getting ready and hit the road. Happy happy my peeps!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Around the house

Some things that smell good.

Some things that don't.

Happy Sunday my sweet little spring blossoms.

Friday, February 15, 2008

When a stunt goes bad..

It can ruin your whole darn day.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Say you'll be mine sweet peoples!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For your own protection

Some of you probably recognize this as an Old School Acres Owl. Is he ever so cute? He's still in his bag because he's white, and he need protection from the dusty side of life over here at the PKM headquarters. I can't bear to take him out. He's so amazing, with his colorful feathers. And his feet, look at those feet! He stands up so nicely. Laurie has really perfected her bird feet.
The really really really cool thing about this owl... he sings. This sweet owl sings "Let Me Call You Sweetheart", if you give him a gentle squeeze. I love love love him so much.
Thank you thank you Laurie!!! xo

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yummy Good

What's up all my fun peoples? I've been sewing, as per usual. Got permission to actually show some blocks later! You never know with stunt quilting, what's for show and what's for secret.
What's no secret is, this is the cutest bracelet ever. I have been loving Jen Duncan's blog for a long time. She makes a lot of wonderful things, quilty things, sewing things, papery things and of course darling jewerly things. I went wild over the bracelet on her etsy site, and she made one, custom for me!
I love the dog in the little house, and the kissing couple. And cherries. You know I love cherries. And the horseshoe and the boot, so Livermore. And dice so I'll be lucky. I already am lucky, getting a Jen Duncan bracelet.
Ok peeps. I'm off to pick up Elizabeth, we're headed up to Quilter's Inn. I hear they have a load of Moda's essential dots and I need them, they're essential to the project I have perking in my brain.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Sorry I've been UA the past few days. UA. Come on you know. Unauthorized Absence. Oh, that's right, it's just us who are OBSESSED with NCIS. For days. I maybe have mentioned it. Probably what I didn't mention was that Frankie came home and now we're on season 3. What day is it? Back to our trip.. we stopped here in Pismo on our little adventure. I picked up some goodies there, a nice tidy little pile of fabrics, not sure I can even find those in the chaos that is my sewing room right now. Quilting Cousins has one of my favorite booths at PIQF. Lots of yummy thirties fabrics.

Love this shot of the pier. No time for play, we have places to go, people to see.

Apple Farm photos.. I have about forty million of the flowers, I'll just share one with you. I love the coast, it's got perfect weather for pretty pots of flowers.

Speaking of thirties, I won a drawing over at Jackie's blog. You can see Jackie tailored my lovely gift, it's all my favorite colors right there. There were some chocolate covered pretzels along with this, but I couldn't wait till this morning to get a photos, Tony's life hung in the balance.. Oh, I mean, well, nevermind.

Got some Swell fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop. This is destined to be a new bag for Late Bloomer Quilts. Did I mention that I know the Urban Chiks?

Now back to work. Happy Sunday my Special Agents.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Crazy Me

This is where you're going to find me for a while. Sewing. And more sewing. Cool Sign.. I wonder if I couldn't just somehow acquire it? This is from the trip.Cambria. I love that town. I find great delight with things like this. Who wouldn't want an old dragon head in the back yard?
Lina G's trim shop. Oh. My! I can only hope Elizabeth's photos turnout better.

Morro Rock. We used to camp in Morro Bay when I was a kid. Looking back it seems idyllic. I'm sure it was far from that. We had a small camping trailer. Now I think OMG trapped in a little can with my family... AHHHHH.
Coming soon, more nonsense and poorly spelled posts. Darn it blogger, fix the spellchecker.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

Hi hi hi... I know its been a while. I've been busy sewing for the past 4 days, practically nonstop! My Celebrity Stunt Sewing has kicked into high gear. Project one is now done, and tomorrow I'll start in on project two! Today I brought it over to show Alex, and what a surprise, Ricky Tims was there! He shot a short video of Alex and I with the quilt for the video blog on The Quilt Show website. I don't know when it will air. Don't worry, you'll know me- I've got my denim dress on. I swear, I hardly even wear it anymore.. so it was just my good luck today. (insert heavy eye roll here) I have no explanation of what's going on with my hair though, so your guess is as good as mine. Alex looks great as usual.
The weather here is lovely, I walked down to my polling place and cast my ballot. I'm thinking back to 1972, the year I turned 18, and first presidential election after the passage of the 26th Amendment. All I can say is.. We've come a long way baby! It's about time.
On to more frivalous notes, Elizabeth is blogging about our trip so you can check in for more photos with her. We did have a great time.

I can't help it, what an awesome name for a shop. Dirty Laundry is the (slightly) naughty half of the The Laundry Company.

This is our host Kirk (I hope I have that right) and he was a lot of fun. There is so much to look at there, and Elizabeth and I both came away with bags-o-goodies. There were some favorites of mine there, like Mr. Bacon vs Monsieur Tofu and Unicorn vs. Narwal. Hilarious.

Just down the street a tad we saw something interesting in the window of another shop. Thank goodness we had stopped!

Birds of a Feather was a beautiful store chock full of glittery goodness. I found a few things but look at that bag Elizabeth is carrying!

Their website has a lot of great photos on it.

Ok, enough for today my friends. I'm tired. Bret and I have been on the lookout for different shows since all our regular shows are now on reruns. We've started watching NCIS, and it turns out that we're like TV junkies at night. We belly up to the TV bar and just keep asking for one more now that we have season one on DVD.

Maybe that explains the hair.

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