Monday, April 30, 2007


I can see most people can't see the photos.. and I don't know why. I have reloaded them once already. I can see them on all three of our home computers using a variety of internet browsers including IE, Netscape, FireFox, some weird thing my husband has going on his computer.. and they're all there. I'm at a complete loss since I load them the same way, from the same files, and my camera settings are the same..its just super weird. And I have no solution. I know at least one person saw them this morning because they mentioned it at the shop today.

Any suggestions?

Tami hasn't seen anything from the 28th.. I reloaded the photo from the 29th, which for some reason today I suddenly couldn't see, and now I can see it... anyone else?

Flora and Fauna

Today my nicely trimmed blocks became rows. Those raggedly blocks look so nice and crisp in their 7 inch square state.

Blocks arranged and marked. I love these block/row markers. It beats the you-know-what out of my other methods, pins, tape, post-its. And my special super-pins. Clover Patchwork Pins (Fine). Life changing pins. Try them sometime.

Rows.. that's as far as I got here. Impromptu trips to the movies with the family cut into my sewing time. I can't believe I sat through Hot Fuzz again, but I did, and it was even funnier. "I'm not made of eyes!" I intend on saying that whenever possible. Just give me an opening people.

And the fauna. Tiptoeing on the Kangaroo Paws.

Happy Monday my sweet little beetles!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Thelma!

Please join me and Leslie wishing her mom, Thelma, a very Happy Birthday!

Love you Thelma!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Coffee and Sunshine!

This is how we roll here in the nice weather. And its sunshiney and amazing here right now. A little too amazing since the temps went into the 90's yesterday. I really don't appreciate that. Just getting the cushions on the swing this weekend.
I was visiting Frankie yesterday, left the house early and had a great day with her. Remember this post from last year? Well that really was just the tip of the iceberg..and its all gotta get back home here. We brought the first of several loads yesterday. She's quite organized, so we had the cars filled up in minutes and then we went off for a drive, then lunch. The Monterey Bay Area had the most amazing weather yesterday. I really could enjoy getting used to that. I'd love to garden in that kind of weather.
Going to enjoy some more nice weather this morning, but then it's back to the sewing room. I want to really try and get my quilt top finished before I leave, and I haven't even finished trimming blocks yet! I need to get on the ball.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Take a little peek!

It just took an hour of Perry Mason to get this far. I threw them up on the design wall to get an idea of how they'll look, what do you think? I love how nice the blocks look, all cut and even.

Off to work my dears. I hope you all have a wonder filled day. I'll be back later, with more blocks.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It was busy at the shop yesterday, so no block trimming went on. Drat. Well it's nice to be busy seeing people and helping them with their projects.

One thing we discussed was a trip to Tap Plastics for a 7 inch square template for these blocks.

Based on how long it took to cut these two..

I can see there is some wisdom in that suggestion.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Good Morning Monday!

They look a bit like a flower ad don't they? I can't believe how huge this plant is. I love the colors. Last year they were darker, earning their name, Ruby Slippers. Pretty huh?

I had a busy fun weekend. Sewing of course, the blocks are done and ready for trimming. Movies Hot Fuzz.. finally I've now been to our local theater and its very nice. It was just Frankie and I, Bret got a call from work and ended up missing out. Movies at home, dinner at Chevy's.. all good.

Off to work this morning. I'm packing my blocks hoping for some time when I can get my blocks cut out. Right now they're a messy bunch, but so very cheery. I'll keep you posted.

Now I better get busy or I'll be late.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Cutting and then some sewing.

Last night I finished up Elizabeth's bag and all the photoshopping, so time for some cutting and sewing. I'm halfway through cutting all my squares for the Summer in the City quilt. The patterns calls for just 17 prints but how could we choose? The kit includes enough for 2 squares of each fabric in the line, which is more than the amount required, so I'm thinking maybe I'll get an extra row out of it. I usually cut each fabric one at a time, no piling up for me. I enjoy the repetition sometimes.. what about you, piler or single filer?

And here's today's ray of sunshine.. none of that around here today. Have a sunny weekend friends!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Some Things Just Can't Be Helped.

Like this. How could I resist this? Frankie found themes to download and spice up our Sidekicks. How could I deny myself this? Seriously. I promise I waited till after I did all the photoshopping for Elizabeth.

I've been sewing, watching some Jordan's and taking photos. I also received a great treat in the mail this week! Monica and Karen sent me a copy of the new Designers' Quarters featuring Karen's new studio, fabric line and enviable Girl Gang. Not to mention some notes and annotations on the article. They're cracking me up. Go here right now and check out the store tour!

Tomorrow's goal is to finally get those pictures for Elizabeth and then finish her tote bag. I think about 1 1/2 Jordan's should do it. Then finally to my Summer in the City Quilt. I CANNOT WAIT.

And now my pretty pink petals, a gratuitous garden shot.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Summer in the City

Summer in the City is finally here. I've been waiting since Fall Market for it to show up. It's a million times better than I remember. Is that possible? Here are some photos from the shop today. I'm practically weeping over how positively darling this fabric is. So nice and fun and happy.

There are 40 bolts of fabric in this line, we have all of them. All of them!!! My photos don't even capture half I'm sure.

We spent a lot of time cutting kits. The Swatches pattern is limited edition, it contains a set of 2 1/2 inch swatches of each of the fabrics in the line. I've had my pattern and I've been waiting for the fabric. We just ordered another dozen patterns before they sell out. Seriously, I can't believe how stinken cute it is. I've been cutting strips all day and thinking "Gee this would look cute in a bag" and "Gee, I think I could make a cute top out of this" and "Gee, I'm thinking one quilt isn't enough out of this fabric" and then trying to decide just how much to get of extra pieces.

The pattern is so cute. I've got my pile of fabrics and that's my next project. (after Elizabeth's bag) Isn't the packaging darling! Melissa and Leslie had these sweet little baskets that perfectly match. I could just eat the whole thing its so good. Of course my photos don't do it justice so when I get my fabric all laid out you know I'll have to snap another (thousand) photos.

Because did I mention, I love this fabric?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Good Day Sunshine!

I've warned you before about my garden photos. I love this beautiful False Indigo. It completely dies back in winter leaving nothing but dead looking black sticks. Spring comes and it seems like overnight beautiful lush green foliage pops up and spikes of these incredible flowers appear like magic.

Here's my project for the next couple of days. Pretty combo huh? Elizabeth needs a bag for market.

She promises to keep me supplied in these labels for my trouble! Resistance if futile!

Thanks for all the lovely comments this past week! You make my day bloggy friends.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

That's going to leave a mark!

Wow I've been tagged enough times now that my head is outrageously big and it's cracked off my neck and rolled down the hall! You people are too too nice. Anne tagged me, Brenda tagged me and Monica tagged me.. sort of. You're all way too kind. In the sea of inspiring people, believe me, I'm just a little clown fish.

So since I was tagged three times I'm going to take some liberties.. and tag a few more than my allotted 5. Because seriously, there's hardly a page I'm not inspired for something on. I'm tagging Sandy first, she got me going on this whole bloggy business with a trip to Vicki's blog. Sandy has been an inspiration for so long and one of my in-real-life friends. So Sandy, you're it. Along with Vicki!

I'm not going to be the first or last to tag Alicia. I'm hooked on my daily read at Posie Gets Cozy. I love her writing and photography. She makes every day seem beautiful. I could go on , but really I'd just be embarrassing myself.

Of course I'm constantly inspired by Elizabeth, she does amazing things. She's been tagged as well. I warned her, but I don't think she believed me about this blogging business.

Angelina and Laura are another couple of young women who crack me up, make me think, and make me look at things in new ways.

Jenny. Sigh. Laurie, so sweet with her animals, and tales of farm life. Jackie, another sweet friend I know in real life. Monica, my Wonder Twin. Autum, her work inspires me. Vicki, her photography and knitting. Jenny.. who wouldn't love her?

Seriously, that's just the tip of my bloggy iceberg people. There's a long list of people who inspire me on my blogroll. And then bloglines, I finally had to get my peeps on bloglines just because I have so many people I just can't live without!

Of course for all of you who come by and comment or even just read and move along, thank you so much. You've all been so kind and friendly and inspiring. Thank you. Seriously, you make my day.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The PKM Bag for Quilt Market

I think I've had this bag cut out for almost 2 months. What's with me sometimes? I just can't seem to focus. I made the pocket right off. Like you know, I cut it and sewed it like I was just going to make a purse right then and there. But then I didn't.

But as you can see, now I finally did. Isn't the pocket swell? Elizabeth shared some feedsacks with me, and this one went perfectly with my fruity Moda. I had everything on hand except the elastic.

Its from a Need'l Love book, French Market Threads. I'm so thrilled to discover their website. American Patchwork and Quilting magazine did a story on Renee in the current issue. I love her stuff.

With my newly aquired photo shop skills, and believe me, it's a big stretch to call them skills, I managed to come up with a PKMish label that I like. And it goes with the bag.

Because I'm not satisfied with just the Pamkittymorning labels that I ordered! Everyone must know, its a PAMKITTYMORNING bag. SEE IT! KNOW IT! Behold it in its completed glory! Nah, I never say stuff like that. I say things like "Geez Pam, get enough labels on that bag yet?"

I know, I'm ridiculous. I'm not afraid to admit it either. I also had to show off some of my darling little ribbon from Daiso. Seriously I could weep with the cuteness of it.

Loved the pattern for the bag. I did change some stuff, like I only have the tie on one side. The pattern calls for ties front and back. I added a bit of elastic to the tie, so it would have some give when I wanted to jam stuff into it and I wouldn't have to untie it. I just cut it in half and sewed the two ends to a piece of elastic. I lined the bag with prewashed canvas to give it body. I also added an inside pocket. I wanted to use this zipper tutorial, but until just this second I forgot that I bought a zipper for it. Oh well, next time.

So there you have it. Nothing that can't be accomplished with a couple of taped episodes of Crossing Jordan and a bonus Perry Mason!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


It's been a lovely Pamkittymorning around here today. I've been drinking copious amounts of coffee, checking on my blog peeps, watching some birds. This is the first year birds have actually bathed here. Sometimes this makeshift birdbath is chock full of little sparrows all fluttering and splashing. I could watch all day.

But I won't. I'll get those feeders filled up again, get another cup of coffee and then head into my sewing room. Its just a few short weeks till our big market trip and I need to get my bag done. It's all cut out, I don't know what I'm waiting for.

I hope you all have a wonderful spring day!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Have a wonderful day my Little Chicks!

PamKitten Easter Sunday April 1, 1956

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mission Soledad Restoration Project

This semester Frankie has some interesting classes. I wish I was in is her Archeology class. They're working at a dig at the Mission Soledad. She's also working part time as a photographer at the site and in the lab.
A few weeks ago there were some people filming at the site, and today she let me know there's a little 7 minute video about the project currently on You Tube. You can catch a glimpse of her photographing some artifacts about 4.35 minutes into it.
The Missions are a big part of California history and probably most kids doing time in elementary school in CA have done the 'mission report'. My parents were big on history and if we were ever even close to a mission or other historic landmark we were on it. I'm happy Frankie has a chance to experience the rich history of our state in person. And of course, super proud of her for doing so well at school!!
And now my friends, back to my back yard.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Things that are making me happy..

New friends like Kim who have entries like this on their blog and help you find things you need.

Old friends who treat you to something special just because they think you're doing them a favor but it turns out the real favor is them letting you do stuff.

New friends like Annie Smith at Simple Arts who blog about you and include a bit about you in their podcasts. I look forward to seeing Annie at Market. She's going to have the cutest Rocket/Space man quilt there. Its her first market if I remember correctly! She's going to LOVE. IT.

You my little cupcakes, you keep coming back and putting up with my shenanigans.

New books and magazines. Love my two Japanese books, and Kim turned me onto this whole digital scrapbooking thing. I love all the stuff on her blog, go look, seriously, darling images and she's amazing anyway. Go there and find out for yourself. She's shared some groovy tips for photoshop with me.

And speaking of Photoshop, Monica has been such a big help, a new blogging buddy and do I ever Y her.
I even love pollen.

Because of this guy. And I really Y my wonderful husband Bret for getting me a camera that would take a photo of a bee buzzing past me.

I also love the inspiration of people, like today, like this quilt. I totally am in love with this quilt. Go there too.

And people with cool stuff at their stores and they specially ship things for you because they're cool like that.

Losing Crossing Jordan and noon and thinking it was gone forever then finding it at 3pm. Ahh so happy.

And finding out you don't have to go to the 8:30 am jury duty. Fingers crossed for the 11am call in.

And really everyone who comes on by and reads and comments and just well everything. Because life is good isn't it?

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Quilt Show

My friend Alex's new online quilt show with Ricky Tim's goes online today! You can see the first episode free, and I'm looking forward to checking it out this afternoon after work with a cool beverage and a snack.

And now, more spring, because.. well I warned you.

Have a happy day my little rain drops!

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