Friday, February 16, 2007

Some Fun, Some Frustration.

Lets start with the fun. After my dentist appointment I figured I'd head over to the new Thimblecreek and see if my friends Chickie and Sandra where there. Having grown up in Clayton and Concord, and lived there I guess half my life, I figured I could make from point A, downtown Clayton, to point B, Concord by the airport, without any problems.

Well while it's true I had no problems, I did take a rather interesting route. I thought I could toodle down Clayton Road till I passed a road that would take me towards my destination but I just let all those possibilities roll by till I noticed I was on Port Chicago Hiway and somewhere... well else. When I did get on 242 and work my way back, I really don't know what town I was in. I think maybe some new part of Martinez? I should get a map out. Because believe me, I don't remember Port Chicago Hiway looking at all like that. BART tracks for one thing. I guess when you DON'T live somewhere for 26 or so years you just don't really know the way from point A to B on your own. I don't mind though, it was interesting. I think back about how Concord used to be, sometimes I dream about it. Well, way different now. And huge.

On the way I ran an errand. Monica, over at Happy Zombie has told that story, you can read it there. That's the frustrating part of the day. Grrr.

But as luck would have it, I am pretty good at finding things, you know in that idiot savant way. I had the general idea where I was. And I was in the mood for adventure. As you can see, I made it to my destination.

This was my first time at the new location,so it was fun discovering all the nooks and crannies. This cranny is my favorite, it's chock full of thirties fabrics. I'm sorry now I didn't get a better picture of those cute Prairie Dresses by Favorite Things . There was a childs dress as well, super super cute.

Here's Sandra working on some kits. There's my big pile in front of her. She's trying to concentrate and I can't stop talking.

Quilt Soup is a darling pattern company. And check out those cute crocheted cupcakes.

Here's Chickie, so sweet, cutting my fabric. I wish I had nice really good pictures of Chickie and Sandra but I just have these and two of them where they look like they're really really trying to ignore me, and probably wishing they'd said no Pam, it's not appropriate to bring your camera in here.

In the end it was a very nice day, save that tiny bit of frustration. It was so sunny and nice you can really believe spring is just around the corner. In fact, I understand it will be almost 70 degrees Friday and Saturday. Ahh, spring. Its like living in paradise.

Happy Weekend my Peoples!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

TC looks nice & bigger than the old place. Of course the original TC was big & so jammed with fun gifts & trunk shows. Now I know who Sandra is. I'd seen her many times but didn't know her name. Chickie I've seen many times before as well. I'll have to get myself over to see it for myself.

5:36 PM  
Blogger Angelina said...

That sounds a lot like the time my mom and I had in Portland yesterday.

I'd be willing to bet that Chickie and Sandra were happy to chat with you while they worked.

You can come in my store anytime and sit in my salon chair and chat the day away!

How about today?

8:58 AM  
Blogger Happy Zombie said...

You may be frustrated... but I'm overjoyed! I think you're the best ever!

11:29 AM  
Blogger The Chicken Lady said...

That looks like a great shop. I like the quilt on the table under the cupcakes and patterns. Very cute. Glad you had fun exploring. What better place to explore than a quilt shop??!! :)

6:17 AM  

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