Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christmas Meme!

Mom-o-Matic and Happy Zombie are hilarious. Read their answers to this meme and you will CRACK UP. And then give it a try yourself.
1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Anyone who knows me knows the answer to this. Coffee my friends. Keep it coming.

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? Ahh the age old debate, like Mayo or Miracle Whip. (its Miracle Whip, thanks for asking!) Wrapped. In my childhood, we always opened family and friends gifts the night before. Tree was cleared out then Santa came in the morning to just the kids. Santa does that here too. I've had lots of people ask me if my parents gave presents. Nope, didn't have to, that's what Santa is for. Same here. He has his own paper and we have one kid so no tags. When I was growing up we had regions, one for each of us. No tags. Easter Bunny, same thing, I had the hallway.

3. Colored lights on tree/house or white? White on the house, and I'm afraid I'll get at Ticket from Monica because it's icicles for us.

4. Do you hang mistletoe? No, it's flu season!! Just kidding, but no.
5. When do you put your decorations up? It depends. I think I may have mentioned we're procrastinators.
6. What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)? Don't think I even have one. Marrying into the picky eating family and having diabetics or people with eating issues we don't do much special food.
7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child: Hmm, don't know if I even remember. I mean I remember having a good childhood but nothing comes to mind. Maybe opening my stocking, I loved my stocking.
9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? Well we open everything under the tree Christmas Eve so I guess yes. Frankie is an only child AND and only grandchild on Bret's side she always received tons of stuff, so it was good that we paced it, otherwise she'd tire of opening stuff. (poor thing) So it's my family Christmas Eve, since that was my tradition, and Santa would come in the morning, then we'd pack it up and do Bret's family in the afternoon. Now my mom usually spends the night and we have Christmas Eve, then go look at lights, Santa comes for Frankie during the night and then in the afternoon my mother-in-law and Bret's brother and wife come over, more presents and dinner.
10. How do you decorate your Christmas Tree? Its a pop culture free for all with us. Bubble lights, white lights, colored lights, every ornament we ever received or bought...every Star Trek you can imagine, Hello Kitty, Care Bear, Mary Engelbriet, school ornaments, preschool ornaments, you name it, its very possibly on our tree.
11. Snow! Love it or Dread it? It would be so unlikely that I'd chose secret option 3, be surprised by it!
12. Can you ice skate? HAHAHAHAHAAAAA No. But Bret and Frankie both can.
13. Do you remember your favorite gift? I've received many wonderful gifts over the years.. far too many to choose one.
14. What's the most important thing about the Holidays for you? Family and friends, and just getting through it.
15. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert? Chocolate money from my stocking. Well, it's a childhood favorite, and I haven't had it in years. But that would be it.
17. What tops your tree? A dayglo pre-school popsicle stick Star of David. Its not Christmas till I see that orange and yellow baby go up.
18. Which do you prefer giving or Receiving? definitely giving
19. What is your favorite Christmas Song? I guess this is when you'll stop reading my blog ever again, I hate Christmas music. Probably wouldn't if it wasn't everywhere all the time. EVERYWHERE.
20. Candy Canes! Yuck or Yum? I'm ambivalent towards them. But as a kid we'd suck them till they were weapons.

That's me on the left.


Like so many others, Felicia Sullivan from Collins sent me Craftivity to review on my blog. And being a procrastinator, I've put it off far too long. My apologies Felicia. Hopefully just flashing the photo will remind people of this book and they'll put it on their holiday shopping list!
Craftivity is filled with 40 wonderful projects. While I'm sure I'm not the intended audience for Tsia Carlson's book, I still found several projects to interest me. Her knitting and crocheting instruction is clear and concise, well photographed. I am very interested in making the felt flower and even the skull! Probably not a surprise to any blog readers.
I think one thing that this book has to offer, even if you don't make a single project, is the supply information. I've been revisiting my crafting past, and there are so many new products available now. Like shrink plastic. Last I saw of shrink plastic was Shrinky Dinks from my daughter's childhood. Who knew they had a whole new life in an artists grade product. Or maybe they were there all along and I just found out. Either way, that's the kind of info I want. One thing I always have enjoyed is knowing how something is made, even if I never make it. My parents were makers of things, and maybe its hereditary, but my siblings and our children all love to create. We might not be great artists but making things is in our blood.
You know who is really going to love this book is my daughter. Its got the kind of projects that she'll like, and when she's looking at this book she'll see instructions how to stretch her crocheting skills or maybe even start with some knitting. Or maybe she'll be jonesing for some more Shrinky Dink action! I don't know but I'm sure she'll be inspired to start thinking about crafting, and to me, that's what it's all about.
Inspiration. Craftivity's got it.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The kindness of strangers (and the overuse of the word amazing)

I was very thrilled today to be invited by Sandy to join her in meeting Connie Govea Stuart. Ohmygosh could anyone be so lucky? Connie is lovely and gracious, she came bearing gifts, even for me! I couldn't believe it. You can see many photos over on Sandy's blog, Connie shared a lot of complete works with us.. the whole thing was amazing to me.
The really cool thing about Connie is, she's really open and sharing about what she does and how its done. There are so many possibilites my brain is just bursting with ideas. Sounds corny but I found the whole experience so amazing and overwhelming. There she was just, well, TELLING US STUFF. Like we'd known her forever.
Needless to say I was barely in control of myself. And probably a little embarrassing. Sorry Sandy.

After our meeting went over to Sweet Magnolia in Danville where I found a few small pieces of Connie's work to give as Christmas gifts (or hoard for myself.. no, I'll give them.. maybe.) Sandy and I had a great day out and about, be sure and read her entry all about it. She has some nice photos of Connie's work.

Thanks Sandy! The whole day was amazing!


Blogger was very kind to me this morning and allowed me this picture the very first time I tried to load it. Ahh blogger, don't go soft on me now. Everyone has been enjoying some snowy weather so I wanted to capture the steam rising off my coffee this morning but alas, no luck. We had frost .. not like that's anything to write home about. It didn't even stay on the neighbors roof long, nor did it nip any of my frost tender plants. Needless to say our weather has been colder, but still mild compared to other parts of the country.
But anyway.. its a good cup of coffee, so I'll leave it stand. This morning I'm meeting Sandy and meeting up with a friend. We're going to meet and greet and even do some running around. It will be a fun outing. Then home to do some sewing. I have some fabrics on my ironing board that want to be made into a purse, and yesterday I said I'd make a sample skirt for the shop, so tomorrow I'll pick that up. Melissa agreed to cut it out and I said I'd sew it. Its a cute skirt and I'll give you a peek when it's done.
So that's about it my friends. I am glad for the extra time this morning to peek into blogland and also into my backyard at all the new birds coming through. I need to make time for some binoculars and the field guide. Congratulations to Bethany on her television appearance yesterday. Her segment on Craftlab was poised and confident. And now.. I better finish getting ready. I wish you all a creative day!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Idle Ramblings

The shop's Mystery Quilt is now solved, and here's my version of it. I like it, although had I not been following the instructions to the letter for the sample, I'd have added an inner border of yellow and possibly a different outer border. Something with a little bit of all the colors in it. But still, its cute. Well, cute enough. The people dropping in to pick up clues really seemed to be enjoying the process. I hope to see some of the finished quilts come in. Some were stash users, some bought new fabric.
One thing I really liked about the mystery quilt was the pacing. One clue a week. I would enjoy doing that myself. I tend to burst out of the gate sewing my head off but when it comes to the end, putting the blocks into rows, I often lose momentum and just let the project sit. Its a good thing I had to have this done fast, or this would have fallen by the wayside as well. I would have liked to get it all quilted up, but just ran out of time (and sadly, inclination.) Procrastinator.
Today is another one of those procrastination kind of days, spent wandering the house.Its Rainy and a tad chilly. I needed to mail a little package so we went downtown to the post office. I love the little self serve postage ATM.. just plop your package on the scale and follow the menus. Then some wandering around town. Lots of people are all ready with their outdoor Christmas displays. Is it just me or do they seem a little sad in the harsh light of day?

I did get some things accomplished this week, made a little treat to send off in the mail. Frankie, if you're reading this, be sure and watch for email from the shack to pick up your package! Also made some new little beds for the dogs. Nothing complicated, more like a big flannel pillowcase with a Velcro closure, into which we stuffed a couple of inexpensive bedpillows. We've looked at a bunch of dog beds and nothing seemed to suit us, so we've got these till we find something. The dogs love them. And now they're fresh and clean and easily washed, which beats the ugly beds we had before. Peep's in hers most the afternoon keeping an eye on the backyard. Its warm there at her post. She's probably also contemplating when it will be dry enough to get outside. She doesn't like to get her dainty little paws wet. She, and I , hope you have a dry paw week.

Friday, November 24, 2006

For your eyes

Ok, not anymore!! Coming to a quilt shop in June of 2007, Elizabeth's book!

Elizabeth is not one to brag about her work, and sometimes practically talks people out of her stuff. YOU KNOW YOU DO ELIZABETH. Anyway that's when its good to have a friend like me who's so excited for you, to share your success with everyone who comes along. She's had quilts in Alex Anderson's books, American Patchwork and Quilting- the magazine and the calendar, her own line of patterns and now a book by C&T Publishing. I'm so excited for her.

Not only is she a creative quilter, she's also a generous friend. She asked me to machine quilt the table runners in this book. I am so thrilled because of course now I'm in a book!!! I'M IN A BOOK PEOPLE! Its the greatest thrill for me and I can't tell you how totally exciting it is.

Anyway, I wish her all the success in the world. I couldn't be more excited or proud of her. I know what I'll be reading this summer.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Good morning! Its a cool damp morning here and I'm up early giving the turkey the spa treatment. Thank goodness I woke up pre-crack of dawn so I could submerge the bird in his bath of cool water. I guess we have our fridge set on the "Ice Age" setting, I could barely find a soft spot on that dude. No surprise really, that always happens. In spite of my flippant ways when it comes to so many things, defrosting meat on the counter is just no longer an option for me. I live in fear of that kind of thing.

Lots of people were sharing stories this week down at the shop. Scary. Food. Stories. My favorite scary food story is one my girl friend told me about 5 years ago. Her grandmother would stuff the bird the night before and cook it, maybe 2 hours, maybe less, THEN LEAVE IT ON TOP OF THE STOVE TILL THE NEXT DAY WHEN SHE FINISHED COOKING IT. I'm telling you to this day, that story still scares the crap out of me. And she'd done it for years. YEARS. And was still doing up to her death a couple of years ago. (shockingly not from tainted food)

Anyhoo, I've enjoyed reading all the lovely pre-Thanksgiving posts. I have it pretty easy, with picky eaters there is just not that much stuff to cook. In the old days I'd be up chopping and sauteing, me and Martha. But now that the number of family members has dwindled, its not worth making all the stuff. Many of you young women will scoff at that idea, I know I did when my mother-in-law said she just got tired of cooking food no one ate. I scoffed. But its true, you just tire of it. I remember the big Christmas eve dinner I made one year. I found wonderful expensive Christmas Crackers. It was before you could find them practically on the side of the road like you can now, and I was quite pleased with my find. The people LAUGHED at me. Made fun of my Christmas Crackers. Those rats. *

So now days its the all white dinner. Turkey, mashed potatoes and rolls. Not those lovely yeast rolls I used to make, but those little square rolls that come in that waxed chipboard box. You've seen them. Sometimes just to have a laugh to myself, I make cauliflower. Its like my little private joke. And nothing says Thanksgiving to me like that can of jellied cranberry sauce, making a CSI style statement on the plate with the all white food.

But of course it's not really about the food (although I love my turkey shot full of chemicals HEY, that's how we roll), its about family, about the people who are important to you. I'm grateful for all my blessings.
Hope the day finds you enjoying yourself.
*Disclaimer: For those of you who know my very kind sweet husband, no he did not make fun of my Christmas Crackers. Those rats.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lets Kick it.

Clearly this is the best birthday present ever. And the really cool think is, WE BOTH GOT ONE. Seriously, I'm totally kick'n it with the best of them. I have mine all customized, special sounds for incoming text messages, ringtones for each caller.. you name it. I. LOVE. IT. Love it. have nothing on me.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Wishful Thinking!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Frankie

In just a few minutes, my beautiful, funny, smart daughter will be 19. I can hardly believe that this grown woman could be my child. That I would be so lucky, that things could turn out so well.

Happy Birthday Frankie. You've made me so proud to be your mom.
Kick some birthday ass my dear!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Things always work out.

Thanks for all the fun comments yesterday. It would appear that I am not alone in my inability to keep things tidy around here. And here's a pony, just for those of you who read Frankie's comment as well. She's pretty funny. A pony. OH Frankie. You're so silly.

I guess I must have been a bit down in the dumps because in the afternoon she called and said not only will she be home for her birthday, she'll be able to come home for Thanksgiving as well! I just felt so darn happy. I just have to keep in mind that things always work out. Sometimes I'm not patient enough. I was already caught up in the what if's of the moment, what if we go there, what if we can't get The Moms to come, what if we can't find a place for the dogs. Now we don't have to worry about what ifs at all. Phew. Load off. Again, so happy.

And to top it off there was this beautiful little rose out back, just one. And it smells so wonderful it's like a gift. I hope all your what ifs work out my friends.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Confessions of a Messy Housekeeper

It will come as no surprise to those that know me that I am the crappiest housekeeper ever. EVER. So when it comes to "Corners of my Home" photos, they're more than likely to be pretty messy. On days like this I feel like I have nothing important to say, but yet can't just flash that photo of some tidy little spot because there just aren't that many.
I have too much stuff.

I've also not been too motivated lately. I don' t know what's up with that. I did finish one sewing project, but can't reveal that because its the store mystery quilt. Next week I think, that's when the last clue goes out. I love how mine turned out.
In the meantime, I made a list and actually did some stuff on it yesterday. Not to get carried away, it was only 1 1/2 things but still, it was something. Today's a work day, so I'll be gone and unable to make progress on that list till later. I'll need to kick it into high gear though, Frankie's birthday is Sunday and The Mom's are coming for dinner.
My child will be 19 on Sunday. Wow. I can hardly believe it.
So my little chickadees, I guess I should go get ready for work. How sad is it that I'm so lazy I worry that I can't be to my job on time, at 10am?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Display Magic!

Since I have nothing much to say today I'll leave you with this picture of a little store display.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Right on Target

I've had a love affair with Target for many years. Its been my place of refuge, a place to seek peace, to wander aimlessly .. just me and my cart.

At first Target was far away, there wasn't enough time to get there during school. Target wasn't available till 10am. Kindergarten was over at 11:45. It didn't take long though, and Target came to town. I could meet up with Target pretty much morning, noon and night. And I did, my friends, I did.

As the years went by, Target and I began to drift apart a bit. My constant need to meet up for a quiet moment diminished, and then there was the facelift.. Target, how could you? don't you know I love you no matter what?
And then...

I saw this, and this, and even this. At first it was the cool garland. I have no idea what I'll do with it, but I own it. Then I saw the post with all the lovely aqua and I went back, I'd seen most of that stuff, but still, I had to see it again. I'm in that kind of mood, obsessed. Restless.

Here's what I did find as well as the fabric purchases of this week. The earrings will be something else, I love the look, and they'll find their way into something, a zipper pull, a little pin for a jacket. Maybe they'll get added to the bracelet. Which again, Target, you amaze me with the lengths you'll go to please me. The crystal ornament (and its companions) will be set aside for a denim project. I have seen somewhere in my travels with Frankie, some jeans that had some kind of cool crystal and crap filled trim hanging off a belt loop. I want to work on that idea. And at $.99, Target has the answer. Wouldn't they be cute as a zipper pull on a fancy purse? Made from this?

Oh Target...

I wish a lovely treasure filled week for you my blog loving friends.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

All Grown Up

I saw this on my way home from Target last night, for the first time. My little town is growing up. Don't get too fancy with your update and your wine country ways Livermore.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Some days find me questioning my artistic inspiration.

Going to the dogs.

I've fallen out of my routine lately, I guess it was my whirlwind trip that helped me slip into this big of a mess. I can't seem to get myself back to the job at hand, pretending to run a household and not spending all day in my pj's. And since I spent the whole morning reading blogs, I'm not doing much to help myself. In my own defense, I did make a list on Tuesday and actually yes ACTUALLY did one and one half of another items. Vacuuming should be one of the big things on my list today, the dogs are getting nervous about the piles of dog fur in the corners.. with hardwood floors neglect is totally obvious.

But my friends, who wants to read about housework? The only housework I want to read about is how people are avoiding it so I can feel justified in not doing it more often.

This week I had a dentist appointment back in my home town. Its an hour ride there, but I've been with my dentist since I got out of college and he started his practice and I just can't see changing. I'm not afraid of the dentist or anything, I just really like him. They were my parents next door neighbors so my sister and I babysat when the kids were babies, and I'm horrified at my own old age because his kids have kids now and I'm shocked. Its all part of life where you realize suddenly that you're now just like you remember your mother. Just consider this a warning.

So not having to be home at three like the olden days when my own child was school age, I wandered around the old neighborhood. I was waxing nostalgic after some emails with Monica from Happy Zombie, we found we had a ton of stuff in common, particularly having lived nearby each other for a few brief years. This was the second home my parents bought. My sister was born in 1960 and they bought this house new. We each had our own bedroom, mine being the last one on the left. I can remember looking out my bedroom window during the summer having had to go to bed while its still light and watch the other kids play in the street. YES IN THE STREET. You know seriously, I wonder just who those kids are, since so many people have that same memory.

The house looks wonderful, although I have to question those little bushes under the window. We had some mock-orange bushes (that's what my mom called them but I have no idea what they really were) and they bloomed tiny white flowers and it smelled like heaven when you had the windows open. We lived in this house till I was in college, and it was the last house we all lived in together as a family. The next house was big but by the time I graduated my brother had moved and we both camped on the sofa a couple times between apartments but never again were we all housed under one roof. It sounds sad but it really wasn't. I was always happy to know that I had a place to land should circumstances need me to, but after that initial stay after college I was never there for more than a month or two. I think Frankie will be the same, she loves living away from home, which doesn't mean she doesn't love us.

Anyway, yesterday work was busy and displays are changing and it was rather a stressful day. Over the weekend I had purchased this wonderful apple fabric so I picked up some companion pieces, bought myself some happiness. I think I'll make something for my cousin who lives in Minnesota. I often visit her in the spring and I like to make things to bring to her. She'll like the apples. I just loved the green with brown dots and may use it on the back. Its not perfect for the top, but the back will be fine.

And lastly, my blog loving friends, a bit of whimsy about town. Have a lovely day.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Friends Rule

Another work day for me, so I'll leave you with a photo of my prize quilt.. Not the best photo ever, but I call it "50 Blocks from 50 Friends". Elizabeth and the girls from In Between Stitches managed to totally surprise me with this signature quilt blocks for my 50th birthday. I assembled the quilt and CJ Behling quilted it for me.

Quilt from Darlene Zimmerman's book Granny Quilt Decor.

**updated to say, this was for my birthday 2 years ago!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

This and That

Yesterday for Bret's birthday we went into Pacific Grove for the day. We love it there. We have lunch at Toasties and then go to the cemetery to see the deer, and this time we headed to the Monarch Butterfly Preserve to see the migrating Monarchs. Pacific Grove is famous for this. It is amazing. My photos don't do it justice at all. In the first picture you get a hint of color, the butterflies are there by the hundreds, hanging off the eucalyptus trees. In the second picture, you see a lot of what looks like brown leaves, all butterflies my friends. Amazing. I recommend this little trip a lot.

Even if your family members make fun of you for being so excited about it.

To catch up with the regular doings, this is the package that came from Dustpan Alley. Angelina has a blog and that's how I came across Dustpan Alley. I ordered the little polka dot bag from her online shop and got a wonderful little package of goodies from her. The darling hand made card has a picture of her mother on it. Check out her shop, she's got a lot of fun things in it! Another blog that I read is Laurie's Old School Acres. This nice little package also showed up when I was on my excursion. Laurie sent it a long to me as a thanks for commenting on her blog.

Here's Frankie with her blingy Texas Handbag. I love it.

This is how my beautiful sunflower looked when I came home from Texas.

This was the next morning.

The squirrels broke it off and tried to take it up the palm tree. Having no luck with that, they just sat and ate it on the fence and left the chewed up remains so I'd know what happened to it. Good thing I like them.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Bret

Best Husband and Father ever.

Friday, November 03, 2006

What did I buy?

First off thanks to everyone who's plowed through all my wacky stuff. I appreciate that you stop by and read the blog and comment. I also want to give a shout out to the local girls who were at market, all who are wonderful designers, Jackie and Joanna, Fig Tree Quilts, Ann Sutton and her crew from Bunny Hill Designs, Verna Mosquera of Vintage Spool and another favorite from the shop and our around the block neighbor Brenda Riddle from Acorn Quilts, she's awesome. It was great seeing you all at market. I admire the work that all of you do. And lastly, thanks to Elizabeth for letting me be a part of your success.
I really didn't buy that much stuff. Most of the quilts I make are for shop samples, so I need to use fabric from the shop available for customers. We kit them or use them to feature a line of fabric. Consequently, don't need to buy much fabric. That being said I bought a tower of 30's fabric from RJR. I can't help it, I love that stuff.

At the Painted Pony I bought some.. what else.. 30's fabrics, there were some wonderful greens there. I also bought 2 yards of a yellow with red dots. I'm saving that for something special, but don't know what. I just love red and yellow together.

In Spring I bought some Texas handkerchief fabric. I have no clue what I'll do with that. Impulse buy for sure. I could make some pillows or something, who knows. I could fold it nicely and store it with the yards and yards of stuff in my stash. That seems the most likely.

You can see I have a pile of rulers, the three rulers that are colorful, plus the little packaged one are from Darlene Zimmerman. She rocks. Have I said that? I bought some gifts, can't show those here of course. Frankie said she'd model her over-the-top Texas Bling Bag this weekend, she wants more pictures on my blog. Funny girl. Also as a give away, Clover was demonstrating their new yo-yo tools, so I went to that and got my free yo-yo makers. Coincidentally, I'd just seen those in the Japanese craft magazines I'd brought along, so I was dying over them.
Lastly I bought an Oxford Punch Needle Tool for rugmaking. I have been hooking rugs with wool strips for years, but have been dying to try it with yarn. Now's my chance. I'm waiting for my favorite rug hooking lady to get her stuff online so I can order up yarn and pattern. Barbara Kemp from Hooked on Rugs had a darling selection of rugs and punchneedle.

What did I love about Quilt Market? Probably spending several days immersed in quilting. Looking at what's available, looking at innovation, comparing the old schoolers to the new wave of quilters. Wondering if all the new styles of casual piecing and construction will take over and the more precise traditional methods will fall to the wayside. In some ways I see the dumbing down to appeal to the next generation of quilters. I'm a staunch believer in sewing to your level of happiness, if my quest for the perfect point stops being fun, then I stop worrying as much about it.. but does that mean I don't care about points? Or making quilts with triangles? Or y-seams? I think back on all the clothes I made since elementary school and how I didn't want them to look "homemade", is that still my goal?

There is so much to think about after a show like Quilt Market. But in the meantime, back to the sewing table. Making things makes me whole.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hey There Neighbor!

One of the great things that happened this past week at market was meeting all the cool people. People you've heard about or bought their patterns or seen their books. Maybe you saw them on Simply Quilts. People I consider "Celebrities".. not because they're on Entertainment Tonight but because they're walking the Red Carpet of the Quilting World.

Tammy Tadd is one of those people. She's got a gazillion books out there, has been on Simply Quilts, and is pretty well known out in Quilt World. And we were lucky enough to have her as a neighbor on row 1000.

This is Tammy's crew, Sherry, Joy and Velda her mom. Tammy on the right.

They had a big booth. Thursday afternoon was setup and we were working away. Friday morning came and still no Tammy and Co. I was getting worried that wow, how is she going to get her big booth up and ready in time for the show. Off we went for some shopping and dinner and when we arrived back for sample spree the booth was set up and they were already gone. They're champions I tell you. Amazing.

They're also hilarious. We had a total blast being across from them. As experienced exhibitors, they really know the ropes. They have this wonderful cushioned floor. We were pea green my friends, after a day of standing out front on the cement floor passing out brochures. Sunday morning and there in our booth was a little chunk of their floor for us. Don't kid yourselves, we were fighting over it. Seriously.

To thank them we left them a big heart of pink and green Starburst candy. And not just any Starburst, (baja) California flavored Starburst. Because we're Cali Girls. Ok, so maybe to you viewers at home it's not that hilarious but we all had a big laugh over it.

Lots of people know Tammy. They swarm the booth. One of their friends, Cindee Ferris, was in the booth on and off. She was working the Boulder Creek Designs booth and also working her extremely funny Molly Shannon Routine. She and Sherry were killing me with their antics.


We had a blast with these girls. Thank goodness for you I don't have pictures of our Dance Party. I don't know what I was thinking, probably not thinking at all because TOO MUCH CANDY PAM???? Anyway those pictures could be on Australian Patchwork and Quilting's site at some point. That woman thought we were pretty funny.

Thanks again, Tammy, Sherry, Joy and Velda for making last week very memorable for me.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fun things about our visit.

You cannot take photos around quilt market for the most part so I have some random things that I thought were pretty funny. I hope you enjoy them as well. Over all I wasn' t totally thrilled by the photos, even though I took a million of them. But, better than a poke in the eye I guess.

Gina Halladay from Quilter's Buzz. She is totally a crack up. Totally. Check her out! She's doing a market review as well. Very interesting.

Here's Mark Lipinski from Quilter's Home Magazine. He's hilarious and inappropriate, which is of course why we really liked him. We had tracked him down to come by and finally on the last day he came!

This Pfaff truck pulled into the convention center. I could not believe how totally amazing this driver was. I watched him park this beautiful shiney clean truck and was awed by his skill. Inside was a Pfaff display.

The Hyatt welcomed us.. I wish they could have gotten their fire alarm situation taken care of, that would have been more of a welcome. Seriously.

This is the Mr. Coffee "Coffee Concepts" coffeemaker. Their "concept" of coffee is way different than mine. Thank goodness for the Starbucks downstairs.

One of the days we were out and about we went to Historic Springs, what a great little town. There is a quilt shop there that is CRAMMED with fabric. It looked small and not so quiltshoppy at the door but once you get past the first room I could not believe how much fabric there was. The next three photos are from the Shabby Rose.. OHMYGOSH, what an amazing store. I was tempted to buy a truck and start hauling stuff home. Julie tells us that you practically find this cool stuff laying on the side of the road. Seriously, no wonder there are so many cool houses from Texas featured in all the magazines.

The whole time I was thinking about the blog and how I'd take photos of this and that and how I'd post and blah blah blah. Then blogger and its road block filled ways nixed the whole thing. I took a million photographs of the Houston downtown skyline, but what I really love is all the stuff in front. Like Houston, way to give me a shout out with Target and Mahatma rice? And who doesn't love a Party Boy? I hope Party Boy isn't an "Adult" store, because let me tell you, that place is CRAMMED with them. Seriously, there are other hobbies Houston.

This place cracked me up. I was glad to have a chance to drive by it again and get a photo. Sorry to all of you who were hoping for fun quilt show photos. I was amazed by this cactus store. With a giant cactus in the middle, made out of galvanized pipe it looks like. My backseat photos aren't good but you get the idea.

Now look at this billboard. Does this not crack you up?

And Houston loves Veronica Mars. I love Veronica Mars. While we were waiting for the show there were tons of commercials about Casanova Nurse. I was thinking gee, you know, that must be some kind of show our local CW doesn't carry. Wonder what its all about..

Does this not crack you up? Because wow, this is pretty much one of my favorite things about Houston.

Julie tooks us to Guadalupe's for lunch the day we arrived and again on Friday. It was like the best lunch ever. And huge, I could not even eat it all. I'd like some of this right now.

Of course my big all time favorite was from Jax's. I'm hoping that's how you spelled it. I am still dreaming about the chicken salad there. Because it was that good, so if you're in the neighborhood, go and get some chickeny goodness. Its just a fun casual eating spot within a few miles of the downtown. Elizabeth had chicken fried chicken and that's the biggest chicken breast I ever saw so yeah, I guess it's true that everything is bigger in Texas.

This is Julie's chicken fried steak. I'd have tried that had I not had to have my chicken salad again.

Did I say BEST CHICKEN SALAD EVER? Because it was. I'd (almost) move to Texas to have this all the time.

But still Casanova Nurse is just about my favorite thing in Texas. Wow.

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