Thursday, March 28, 2019


Hello Hello!!  How are you friends?  I'm on a bit of a sewing spree. Not sewing fast and accomplishing, but just having fun with this and that, trying new things, remembering how to do old things.  
You might remember back in September I wrote a little bit about Quirky Little Quilts by Temecula Quilt Company.  It's really a fun book.  The other day I saw that they were starting a sew along for the cover quilt.  I was totally drawn in by this Instagram photo... you should click over, I'll wait.  It's worth it.

Anyway I made 4 blocks right away.  I loved it.  I used to always make tiny blocks and it's been a while.  I took my time and I think they turned out so nicely, right on the money when it comes to size.   Lets face it though, the real proof of how good they are will be when I go to sew them together, we'll see how those points do then.  But right now on their own they look great. (My triangle not-so-secret is the Clearly Perfect Slotted Trimmers by New Leaf Stitches. ) I may or may not have sewn ahead to next weeks blocks, don't tell anyone.


This week I was lucky enough to get a pair of the new Tim Holtz  Haberdashery Scissors by Tonic Studios.  I received a pair of the 6inch and the 5inch. Of course it's Tim Holtz so the packaging is  wonderful.  They come packed in little tin boxes lined with foam, which makes a perfect storage case for them.  The handles are cushioned  and have generous size finger holes.  And sharp... oh my ! 


Look how cute that box is.  I love nice scissors and these will be perfect, I'm putting the smaller pair in my travel sewing kit, the box will keep them protected from accidents, like spilling out on to the ground.  Ugh, not good for the tips of scissors.  Thanks to Paula from Tim Holtz for sending them to me to try!  I LOVE THEM.  


I'm closing with these pictures of my beautiful crabapple tree.  Everytime I look out my kitchen window and see it in it's pink and white glory I'm filled with the joy of spring.  It's really my favorite season.  Today it's on and off again rain  but the bits of sunshine make life so much better. Grateful for rain and sunshine. Also grateful for our friendship!!! Hope all is well with you friends! xop

Monday, March 25, 2019

Sewing for fun

I know it's crazy, so many posts in so few days, but I couldn't wait to show off this cute lunch bag I made for Nanette.  I had scored the cute Milky Peko Chan fabric for her, we're both fans of the hilarious urban legend about this  little girl character that is the mascot for the Fujiya candy company.  I wanted to make something fun but couldn't decide and just gave her the fabric.   She decided she wanted one of Ayumi's cute lunch bags so she sent me home with fabric from her stash and I've put off working on it since then.

It was so easy! Why did I wait so long?  It's adorable and holds a lot!  I love the covered opening, it makes this a perfect bag for anything, you know, including lunch. If you need a cute gift for someone I highly recommend it!
Have a great week friends! We're due for some rain! Our surrounding hills and fields are so green and lush, its a sight to behold!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Quilters Select Free Fuse

Hi there friends! How are you?  We're having a spring-sunshiney day here in PamKittyVille. I'm making the most of the weather, more rain is coming our way.  I'm grateful for it, but I'm LOVING THE SUNSHINE.  I've been in and out all morning, filling the feeders, checking on my potted plants, as well as all the indoor things,  like emptying the dishwasher which is my least favorite job. It can't be put off any longer though.  NO SILVERWARE.
Some of you might remember that I posted on Instagram about the Quilter's Select Free Fuse I ordered from The Quilt Show. I like to try new things, I normally use the spray fusible (505)  for small quilts and bag making.  No joke people...

I first used it on my table runner and it was great. It was easy to shake on, and maybe the hardest part was seeing the product which is white, on my white batting.  My sewing room isn't bright.  In Alex's video, she mentions you need to determine your own temperature for ironing, depending on your iron, I ended up using it on high with steam, but I think it would have fused without the steam.  This is the video about it.

Since the runner, I've used on the little pouch I made, and just for fun fused a little piece of buckram to see how that would work. It's very nice to work with, no build up on your needle which I did periodically have with the spray fusible.  No fumes or over spray to deal with either. 
I believe this is a quilt shop product, but I found plenty of quilt shops to order it from if you don't have a local shop. 
Hope everything is good on your side of the screen! xop

Friday, March 22, 2019

Pin Pals

Hi there friends!  I just hopped on and saw that I hadn't shared my wealth of winnings from Carrie's give away on Instagram.  SO MANY wonderful items in my package.  Today I was on Instagram and saw that Fat Quarter Shop had a video with Carrie talking about embellishments and also about machine quilting the pin cushions.  Because I didn't pay close enough attention in the book, I was glad to see the information about 80 wt thread, and  those spools of thread make a lot more sense. 


This is one of my favorite photos of the book, Pin Pals, is this one with the jar of pin cushions. I love great staging and photography and this book has it all, you know like all Martingale books.  

I have some fabrics set aside to work on a new pincushion.  We've had some sunny days the past week or so and I feel so good.  I've enjoyed the rain and I know we need it, but that sunshine!  But I am NOT complaining about rain at all. Anyway my good mood has me back in the sewing room.  I've made some quilt backs and prepared some long time completed quilt backs for quilting.  FINALLY.    And I also  have some new projects in mind. 
Hope all is well with you friends! Happy Spring!

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