Friday, April 15, 2016


Ahh, another week has gone by, how did it go.  Have to say it had it's ups and downs.  But before we get started, did you work on your Splendid Sampler block?  I can' t believe we're on the 18th block already!  This week's block, Lina's Gift is by Pat Sloan, and you can find it here.  It's a straightforward block to make and I've really enjoyed seeing them pop up on Facebook and Instagram. 

Splendid Sampler
This block looks pretty bold, but it helps some of my other bolder blocks fit in with the softer colors.  Balance is hard for me on these kinds of projects.  I get in little ruts with color and fabric and then suddenly I have a bunch of soft looking blocks and a handful of STANDOUTS.  You can see a ton of great Splendid Sampler blocks on Instagram here.
I'm working on my sewing table.. I tend to just pile stuff up till I'm sewing on a little tiny portion of my table.  So I started at the top of the pile and worked my way down.  First up on my pile were all my flower box blocks.  I posted about being hung up on them way back last November here.  As soon as I picked them up I realized what had derailed me.  The last few blocks weren't done because I had run out of combinations where the text would all go one direction.  I pondered it for a while and then I just threw caution to the wind and sewed the remaining blocks.  Now they're in a tidy pile for a time when I can lay them all out. 
The next thing on the pile was my Scallop Quilt.  The quilt was the prototype for Holly's Two by Two quilt , and like the flower box blocks, I started it last year at my March retreat. I had the blocks all made and was at the assembly part of the project when I made some silly piecing errors, sewing some things going the wrong direction.  I picked it all up again and after a lot of the same kind of ridiculous errors I have the center pieced together.  All that's left is the borders.  I don't know about you but one of my least favorite things is cutting those long borders.   So that's folded up and OFF the table for right now, waiting. 
You might also remember these giant petunia blocks.  Why did I think I had a ton of those done?  I moved those off the table for now and I'll think about it later.  Now there's a lot more room on the table, but it's by no means done.  I still feel pretty good about it.  In the shuffling I saw another couple of things that just need borders.. hmm. Sounds like a problem for FuturePam.
That's a lot of reading to go along with one picture.  Hope you all have a happy weekend. xop


Blogger mascanlon said...

Well it always feels a bit freeing to sort through the pile and at least know the next step. No sewing for me this week but I did manage to find some fun new fabric when I checked out Angela Walter's new shop in Liberty Mo. and I found some great 108in wide backing for a couple of those tops hanging in the closet.

6:55 AM  
Blogger Dan Kelly said...

"I tend to just pile stuff up till I'm sewing on a little tiny portion of my table."

I tend to stuff things in drawers in my sewing room until I completely lose track. :)

7:52 AM  
Blogger Helen Philipps said...

This post made me smile....I pile up my work tables till I only have a tiny portion to work on ALL the time....maybe I will do some sorting out this weekend. I love your new block, it is a really cheery one!
Happy weekend Pam.
Helen xox

11:32 AM  

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