Saturday, March 19, 2016


Good morning!  Are you up and at the sewing machine?  It's the perfect day to spend in front of your sewing machine... it's practically your obligation right? It's International Quilting Day! 

You know my pal Alex has a huge give away going on over at The Quilt Show! Here's a short video about  what's going on..

And just click here to head over to The Quilt Show to enter! 
And remember you can binge  watch shows from Season 1 to 17 this weekend!  What could be better!  Just click here. There's something for everyone!
Ok happy weekend! xo


Blogger Helen Philipps said...

Happy International Quilting Day, Pam! I will be piecing my latest quilt today to celebrate!
Helen xox

3:33 AM  

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