Monday, March 07, 2016

Busy Days

Good morning!  How was your weekend?  Kind of busy on this end.  It's the last week of the kitchen update, so Saturday Eric came by to do a little work in preparation  for appliance installation.  I'm excited to have my kitchen back, and I don't plan on taking running water in my kitchen  and cooking appliances for granted again.  Well not for a while anyway! (Gotta keep it real you know?)

Block Lotto
Anyway I had some last minute prep to do for the retreat.  Not like I still don't have several days before I leave, but no point waiting till the night before.  Our group has a block lotto, and this time we're making scrappy bow tie blocks from Alex's book Scrap Quilting with Alex Anderson.  You can make one or more, and the more you put in, the better your chances are of winning the lot.  I made four, so far anyway.  Bow ties are a favorite, and I can just go through my scrap basket and find pieces just right. 

Retreat prep

We also play Left, Right Center, so I have my fabrics for that.  Last year you brought three batik fat quarters, this year we're picking one color and bringing a light, medium and dark.  We might play more than once, so I have enough for two games.  It was pretty exciting last time, I had never played before. 
Yesterday was Splendid Sampler day!  Amy designed a cute block she named Snug as a Bug. You can read about it on her blog, and download the pattern over at The Splendid Sampler!  I can't wait to see your blocks!
Ok, I best get ready and face the day! xo


Blogger mascanlon said...

i love left right and center and my friendship group plays every month. We haven't tried the light, medium dark routine so I think I will suggest that next time it's my turn to call it. Hope you love your kitchen, you'll have to show us photos! Have a great week Pam.

6:03 AM  

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