Friday, February 12, 2016


So another week comes to a close.  How was it? I didn't make one move forward with those bunnies but I got a couple more Splendid Sampler blocks done.  The very first block reveal is Valentine's Day, can't wait! 
I think my favorite part will be seeing everyone blocks unfold.. so many pretty combinations.  So far I'm totally crushing on Charise's blocks, but I have been a fan for a long time.  Check out her blog, so many wonderful projects.  I love her color sense,  fabric selections, photo styling. Well you should go and see for yourself. 
Ok, time to get busy.  Kitchen work starts next week, so I need to finish getting ready.   My sewing room closet is the access point to the crawl space and attic so that hot mess needs addressing.  Its this kind of situation that really makes me miss Frankie even more. She is a good helper and would have that done in no time.  Me, I like to complain and put stuff off.  But I guess after this many years you guys already know this! 
Happy weekending everyone!  Tell me all about your plans! xo 


Blogger mascanlon said...

This made me laugh, yep I can so relate to putting off til there is no wiggle room left! Can't wait to hear more about the kitchen. Still deciding on the Sampler...I am just so far behind on most everything!

8:55 PM  

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