Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Good morning! Today is my last full day in Minnesota.  The weather has cooled way down and is absolutely perfect.  We are headed out to the Minnesota State Fair today, and this cool weather will make the day a lot more fun. Can't wait to see some quilts and animals and best thing ever, my friend Roseann.

Tomorrow I head back home to my sweet little family but I am sad to leave Linda behind. Happily,  I will see her again in May when I am back for Quilt Market.
Hope you are all doing well. You can find ridiculous pictures of my Minnesota vacation on instagam. Mark has been entertaining us with shark adventures, which are cracking me up. We've seen some pretty fun things on this trip. Its been a super fun time.
Ok miss you peeps. Xo

Monday, August 25, 2014

Fat Quarter Style

Hi there! Happy Monday! I thought I'd spice up this week with a giveaway!  I was very lucky to receive a copy of the new Fat Quarter Style by the Fat Quarter Shop!  What a great new book. There's plenty of inspiration in these pages, 12 great quilts from baby to queen size  to make.

The Fat Quarter Shop very generously sent along an extra copy for me to give away on my blog, so if you'd like a chance to win, leave a comment! I'll be home soon and then I will pick a winner.  While you wait, head on over to the Jolly Jabber and look at all the pretty quilts in this book.
Hope things are going well with all of you! xo

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Modern Prairie Sewing Blog Hop!

Good morning! Lets have a  coffee and talk about how cute this Modern Prairie Sewing book is.  You might remember the first time we met Abi, her sisters and her mom Kristie way back in Kansas City for Spring Quilt Market.  Today I'm excited to be sharing Abi's book with you. 

Modern Prairie Sewing  is filled with lots of adorable projects and a lot of great sewing information for  novice and experienced seamstresses.   Little "Sew Clever" tips are sprinkled through for additional fun ideas. 

The photography is lovely through out the book, but how could it not be with so many beautiful young girls  modeling the projects?  I couldn't wait to get working on my project, the Leeway Apron. 

I used  a home decorator weight cotton fabric that I prewashed, and some coordinating PKM blue fabric for the ties, bias tape, and my Recipe for Success for the pocket, because it makes perfect sense here! Of course Frankie isn't a prairie girl having grown up here in California, but she can look the part, ready for a potluck.

I shortened the pattern 3 inches for Frankie as she's petite! I think it's the perfect length for her. 

Here's a list of who else is on the hop, so you can see more fun sewing projects.

Jenny at Sew Pretty Dresses August 20th
Jona at Stop Staring and Start Sewing August 22
Melissa at 100 Billion Stars August 23
Caroline at Sew Caroline August 25
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April at April Rhodes August 27
Abiah at Marie-Madeline Studio August 28

On August 29th hop on over to The Modern Prairie Girl blog for an opportunity to win a signed copy of Modern Prairie Sewing !

Thanks for joining me on this blog hop! xo

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ha! I'm back.. on the blog anyway!

I just had to set this up to post after I left so no shark sitings happened in Minnesota before their time.  Over the weekend Fat Quarter Shop posted an instagram photo of a couple of cute sharks and I just about died when I saw them. 

I knew I had to make one for my cousin Mark.  He indulged in some Sharknado with me on my last trip there and I thought this pouch would be a funny gift.  Ok, I admit it, the zipper was quite a challenge for me, so it looks a little rough around the mouth, and his head is a little crooked, but still, hilarious right? 

Doesn't every man eating shark need a man inside of it?  This fellow started out as a key chain, he's a pop star, but I don't recognize him.  Anyway, he's fish food for now!
Of course as soon as I had no time left, I was wishing I'd made him into a walleye.  Oh well, next time.
You can make you own man eating shark with the tutorial from The Patchwork Posse!! It's super cute and super easy!
Ok, back to my vacation! xo

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

If it's Tuesday it must be Minnesota

Hi there peoples!  This morning I'm off on my vacation to Minnesota.  I'm all packed and the suitcase is at the door, I just wanted to stop by, say HI and tell you that I'll be checking in on and off over the vacation, so you haven't heard the last from me for 10 days!
Now if you want to see something fun, hop on over the Quilt Now! blog and you can get a sneak peek at a project I made for the second issue!! I'm super excited about it.. just CLICK HERE!  

Last but not least I'll be on Instagram for sure.. it's so easy to check in there! Who knows what I'll see in my travels!

Monday, August 18, 2014


Hi there good morning! How was your weekend?  Chaos here, isn't that always the way before a trip? I'm trying to get all the things done and then adding new things as I go along because I'm nuts like that.  Something I worry about when I go on vacation is how I could handle blogging while I'm gone.  I use my phone but lets be honest, it's less than great results. 

galaxy tab s case
Enter my new Galaxy Tab S. I'm the last person in my household to embrace a tablet. "I have my phone" is my normal response when Bret has asked about a tablet.  And then I borrow his i-pad.  Anyway, now I can download my photos from my camera to the tablet. Not sure how much I'll actually do it but hey, the technology is there!
galaxy tab s case
I made the case exactly like I made my camera case.  I used the little foam case it came in as a guide for size.   I had some binding already made that was the perfect fit and the whole thing took less than a hour including hand sewing  the binding.   Not super fancy, I didn't even quilt it,  but it will protect it when it's in my purse traveling.  Now I won't miss a thing!
Hope your week is good! xo

P. S. That cute image is from the very first  LakeHouse Pam Kitty Morning collection sales booklet! Holly designs the cutest  booklets ever.

Friday, August 15, 2014


Well it's the end of another week!  Big plans for the weekend?  Not much going on here for sure.  Yesterday I had some plans fall through, so I  used the time for a leisurely coffee morning followed by some sewing. The mornings have been cool which has been delightful. 

This month was Nanette's turn to request a Sweet Bee Block.  She chose a courthouse steps block with a fussy cut floral center.  I finally printed out the instructions and got my fabrics cut.  I selected a piece of  my favorite floral for the center and carefully cut out a little bouquet of flowers. 

Sweet Bee Block

Once cut the block goes together in just a few minutes.  Like under 10 minutes and that's with some dawdling in between. Now I need to pack up the block and send it away to Nanette.

Nanette's Sweet Bee Block
My turn is next month, and I'm working on my block so I'm ready with instructions! It's hard to choose what to make, but I'm closing in on my decision!  Hope you have a good weekend everyone !!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wednesday you say?

Morning! How are things with you? I've been busy doing something, but who knows what. Not sure I was even in my sewing room yesterday, but have  been photoshop sewing, so that counts, right? 

The week is perking along nicely.  It seems cooler, but it could be my imagination.  My brain could be playing tricks on me because of the signs of early fall showing up in my yard. I have so many leaves already.  The whole patio is covered. 

fall in August
Anything exciting on your end?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Show off Monday

Hi there, how was your weekend!  Mine was pretty great. Didn't end up getting to Holly's till Saturday, but it was well worth the wait! The Pam Kitty Garden strike offs look great! There were just a few corrections that needed to be made, then it's time to print!  For shops, this is the perfect time to see what it looks like on fabric and order if you didn't already! I think this is our best line so far, Holly did such a fantastic job. So, without much more yammering, here you go!

Pam Kitty Garden Strikeoffs

Pam Kitty Garden Strikeoffs

Pam Kitty Garden Strikeoffs

Pam Kitty Garden Strikeoffs

Pam Kitty Garden Strikeoffs

Pam Kitty Garden Strikeoffs

Pam Kitty Garden Strikeoffs

Pam Kitty Garden Strikeoffs

Pam Kitty Garden Strikeoffs
It was a gloomy day in Sausalito, but you can see that even the lack of sun can't stop these fabrics from being bright and cheerful.  I can't wait to get sewing!!! Thanks to all of you for being a great support to me!  xoxo

Friday, August 08, 2014


Hello Friday! I'm happy to see you rolling around again.  Today I'm off to Holly's , my Pam Kitty Garden strike offs will be arriving today!  It's always exciting.  Don't worry I'll take plenty of photos. (like you could stop me!) 

Tell me, do you have any big plans this weekend?  It's back to school time for so many kids, it seems earlier and earlier every year.  I'm not sorry to see that part of my life behind me.  I love all the sweet back to school pictures that are popping up. 
Have a great weekend everyone !!! xo

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Fat Quarter Fizz!

Yay it's Fat Quarter Fizz day here on the blog!  The Fat Quarter Shop crew has a fun new pattern and I'm excited to be blogging about this cute quick quilt!  I chose Lori's Designer Select Bundle for my project. In the blink of an eye my Fat Quarter Shop order was delivered!  I added in 5 fat quarters Lori had given me at our lunch date and I had my 20 fat quarters!

The pattern calls for 10 light and 10 dark fat quarters, so I broke my fabrics into two piles.  I didn't have the high contrast light and dark  that Kimberly has in the Fat Quarter Fizz video, so I snapped a phone picture of my  light pile, so that I could keep track of my choices! Phone pictures look so good on my phone and so crummy here,  so I made it tiny! You get the idea!

Once you cut your pieces you've got a quilt in no time!  I love Lori's cute collection Vintage Happy , so I took it to the vintage style Grove Park in Clayton when I was there recently and snapped some pictures of it.  The sun was sure shining on a 105 degree day, but look how adorable this is!   

I just want to sit down with a lemonade an enjoy the sunshine.

Fat Quarter Fizz is a fast and fun quilt to make, let Kimberly show you how in the Fat Quarter Fizz video!  Be sure and hop right on over to the Jolly Jabber to see who else is blogging about this! 

Tuesday, August 05, 2014


Good morning!  How are you? We didn't really properly catch up yesterday, how was your weekend?  Busy? Fun?  Did you sew at all?  I had a busy and fun weekend, but no sewing, so yesterday I got caught up on my list of things to do and among other things, finished up Linda's tea cozy. 

Tea Cozy
Once you have your block make it's smooth sailing.  I machine quilted this cozy like the last, just following around the triangles.  Super fast and easy.  I love how it looks like a little crown when you pop a teapot under it. 

Tea Cozy
I used my red cherry print on the back and the blue Recipe for Success as lining. Using all my favorites on this project makes me happy!
What's making you happy this week? 

Monday, August 04, 2014

Girlie Girl Time!

When I first saw the new Fat Quarter Shop Nail Polish Quilt Pattern I knew it was perfect for my girlie girl Frankie.  There's nothing she loves more than going for a mani-pedi, unless it's looking at cute manicures on Pinterest! 

One of her favorite colors is "Pinking of You" by O.P.I.. it's a nice PINK PINK!  So when Fat Quarter Shop asked me if I'd like to play along with their  Nail Polish Quilt  Blog Hop I couldn't say YES! fast enough. With the usual great Fat Quarter Shop service, I had my order in no time.
Mail call

You can download the free pattern HERE!!

Frankie and her friend Shannon head out at lunch or after work to get a manicure for some much needed stress relief.



They're two adorable girls to me, but of course I'm biased. What they are at work is two successful hard working young business professionals. 
I'm all set up with my pieces cut!  Time  to break out the Alphabitties! They really help you keep your cut pieces in order. The quilt is a snap to make, and it's size makes it easy to quilt it up yourself in an afternoon.   This is the perfect time to watch the Fat Quarter Shop Nail Polish Video! Kimberly not only shows you how to make this cute little project, she demonstrates her marking technique.

Perfect Pink

Game-Set-It's the perfect match!

Head on over to the Jolly Jabber to find out who else is blogging about this cute quilt!  Then grab your fabric and get busy!

Friday, August 01, 2014

Happy Friday

Happy Friday!  How was your week?  I've had a busy few days, but I managed to get some sewing in!  Remember way back when I made the cute Union Jack tea cozy from Lynn's pattern?  Well cousin Linda asked me if I'd make her one out of my Pam Kitty Morning strawberry fabric. ( a year ago)   I've managed to put it off since my last visit, but this week I made reservations to go back to Minnesota to see Linda and Mark and figured I'd better  get busy. 

I'd forgotten how challenging paper piecing is for me.  My brain doesn't want me to get those triangles right.  Thank goodness you end up cutting it as I've managed to have  two corners where the gingham doesn't go to the edge.   But gosh I love the block.  I suppose you've seen all the wonderful Union Jacks on Instagram, they're having a Jumping Jacks Quilt Along with Joanna's Jumping Jacks pattern. 
This weekend hopefully I'll get it finished. It took the better part of yesterday to get this done.  By the end my brain said walk away so I did!  Not to jinx myself but the rest should be easy enough.  Lynn's instructions are great and any problems are my own for sure! But even though it was at times frustrating I loved putting the block together!  Making something for someone is super fun.
Ok, hope you have a great weekend.. any big plans?  See you next week!

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