Thursday, October 03, 2013

An Unbelievably Good Time

So class was super fun! I got to Alden Lane  early, like everyone else, to set up! Look at our cute place settings. Everyone had their own table, and it was set up so three tables were in a group,  you still got to be close enough to talk to people and still had tons of space to work.

Place settings

I had all my cutting done in advance, so I was ready to go!  Some of these photos are from my phone, I think I'm cool when I'm there, taking a lot of photos on my camera, then I download and it's a dismal handful. 

set up.
Laura Nownes is simply adorable.  She's a great teacher as well and I  really enjoyed  her class.  Super fun time sewing with friends in a great environment not to mention great instructions on applique, cutting and piecing.
Laura Nownes and PKM
Alex came armed with lots of her own line of Superior Masterpiece Thread in case any of us were actually ready to applique our handles.  Which, uh, turns out we were not.

Alex Anderson
This is the quilt we were making.  It's Laura's Going to Market pattern. I love the colors, so cheerful.  I've seen this quilt made up in a ton of different fabrics and they all look good. I really like the option of the mixed backgrounds.. well you already know that about me. 

market basket by laura nownws
Totally a coincidence, Laura had a little bag full of sewing supplies made from Pam Kitty Love.  Her friend makes them, and it's totally cute.  Love the bias trim. I don't know that she even realized it was from my collection just a happy coincidence! I didn't steal it but I wanted to.  

laura's cute bag

Lucky me, I  was totally spoiled at class, Alex prepped and glued down all my handles so I could do  invisible machine applique later.  And the handles she didn't prep, Laura prepped.  I do have to do 2 handles at home because I miss cut 2 background pieces. And get a load of my lower block there, mixed up backgrounds.  I thought I could leave it but I think I'll switch it out.  I really super love the larger yellow dot on white from Holly's Sweet Things collection, so I need to order another yard of that, I've used my supply up with this quilt.

my baskets
Here's my 3 friends (from the left) Deb, Deanna and Debbie.  They, like several others in the class, were kicking off their retreat with Alex with this class. These girls are the  super-friends I often sew with!

Deb, Deanna and Debbie

Debbie is making her quilt using Pam Kitty Love and this was her first completed block. I like how cute the gingham hand looks. 
Debbie's basket
The weather was perfect, and we had a nice alfresco box lunch from Sweet and Savory CafĂ© and Bakery  under the oaks.  It was really a wonderful experience sitting outside and enjoying some fresh air, chatting with friends.  Alden Lane couldn't be a nicer venue for this.  The classroom is spacious and clean, lots of nice natural light plus good lighting inside.  Drinks, petite scones, fresh fruit greeted us, and after lunch there was a candy selection and beverages plus fruit and midway through the afternoon there was a fancy popsicle break. Seriously, wouldn't even just a sew in be fun there?

Hilarity break here, two nursery workers drove the fancy cows over on these carts, I wish I had a photo of them, it was like a lazy cow herding. Well maybe you had to be there. If you're local or within an hour or so drive, Alden Lane is wonderful this time of year. They have a great fall line up of events, click here for information.  You'll fall in love with it. (fall, get it?)

herding cows
Ok, that about wraps up my Tuesday for you.  Wednesday it was back to business around here so the break was nice.  It's market season, so there's plenty to do.  If I'm not back here tomorrow, be sure and have a wonderful weekend.  And thank you all so much for your comments on my post yesterday. You guys are great.   xop


Blogger mascanlon said...

Super jealous, now I know I have to make that quilt. And I will just convince my daughter I have to have a tour of Alden next's by car not plane so that might work!! Love the dots for background so much, maybe a bolt?

6:29 AM  
Blogger Jenny Bonynge said...

Thanks for sharing your good time with us!

7:12 AM  
Blogger K Cotton said...

Oh, I wish I was able to go to that class! Looks like you had a wonderful day and your basket looks so cute! I like Debbie's gingham handle also.
It is such a coinsidence! Laura's little sawing bag looks like my pattern, "Annie Pouch" using your fabric! It makes me so happy:-)
I hope to see you again soon!

7:34 AM  
Blogger Melissa P said...

I can hear the chatter and the laughter between the lines. What a fun day. So glad you had a chance for some time out before diving back into the Market prep.

7:42 AM  
Blogger Thimbleanna said...

I'm with Maryann -- seriously? Another yard of that adorable bolt would do it for you? We need to get bolts!!!

8:18 AM  
Blogger Thimbleanna said...

*adorable DOT* not bolt. Doh!

8:18 AM  
Blogger Nanette Merrill said...

lucky lucky they prepped your handles! good time had by all, jealous, super jealous

11:40 AM  

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