Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Today Elizabeth is in Scotland at the home of the Loch Ness Monster. Lets hope she sees Nessie! I took a picture of this sign in Long Lake Minnesota as a shout out to her and her love of Nessie. I don't know what the heck this sign is about, we couldn't find any info, like is this a joke or what? Notice the tiny little Nessie sticker in the lower right corner.
Long Lake is the home of the Junk Ladies. My cousin Linda and I drove out to see their shop. Unfortunately they're only open a handful of days a year! What a dissapointment. We had cupcakes and coffee at the Country Cake Cupboard but it was small consulation when you want to see some Junk!!! I always have a wonderful time with Linda though, so my vacation was till great, even sans junk.
Anyway, another day at work for me. Today Alex Anderson is teaching two hand quilting classes at the shop, so it will be a jumpin day around there. Alex is a great teacher and just a fun person to be around.
I'm feeling good about getting so much stuff done the last couple of days, the two quilts are bound, and my banner is up. I can stop obsessing about it now. Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, looks like Alex's website has been updated as well. Have a fun day at the quilt shop.


9:36 AM  
Blogger Rosa said...

Grrrr. I HATE when that happens. When we visit the hub's parents in up-state NY in the winter, a lot of the stores are closed down for the WINTER! Hello!! I get so frustrated as there's really NOTHING to do but drive around and look for junk to get out of the house cause there's NOTHING to do their either! Grrrrr. I feel your pain. But, cupcakes come in second to junk!

6:38 PM  
Blogger Daisy Lupin said...

I think, maybe someone is trying to suggest that there is a reation of Nessies, living in Long Lake, I think there is some American equivalent to the Loch Ness Monster. Sound like a great time was had by all at the shop.

3:51 AM  
Blogger Apron Thrift Girl said...

Alex Anderson's quilting show was one of my first ever shows I discovered on HGTV when I moved back to the states. I love her energy and personality. How neat to have her in your shop. I love your new banner! It is so beautiful.

7:46 AM  

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