Friday, January 22, 2021

Sew Home in the Kitchen

Hi friends!  Just popping in to share my friend Abi's book Sew Home In the Kitchen and all the projects I made out of it.   I had so much fun!!!  This is the perfect book for new sewists, especially the younger set who might just be starting out sewing and looking for useful, pretty things to make for their homes.  Abi's book is filled with simple to make useful projects.  

Abi Butler

The projects use simple techniques, and aren't  bogged down in complicated instructions, which I think is what holds a lot of people back.  There's that perfect mix of information and illustration to get the job done.   Right off I wanted to pull out some Valentine's Day fabric to chase away the winter blahs.  I went right to the Mug Rug, chose my 4 fabrics and had it made in an hour or so.  So cute.  Decided that was so easy I'd make something else, so I went for the Bowl Cozy.  VERY FUN.  The cozy holds a pretty good sized bowl as you can see.  The projects use Insul-Fleece  which is similar to Insul-bright.  I ordered a package but it didn't arrive  in time for my projects, so I used Insul-Bright. I'll let you know how it goes when I try it out.  


Anyway, that went so fast I decided that I'd make a pot holder, so I went right to the Hot Cook Pot Holder Set instructions to whip one out, and that became two.  Super fun, fast.  Perfect with my Valentine's Day fabric.  


I had some squares leftover and so I whipped out a couple of Trivets for Two.  So super cute and fast. Very fast.  Perfect use of little leftover pieces from the Mug Rug. 


They all looks so cute together and I have to say making them really was fun.  Bonus chance to use my cute mug from Frankie.  I love the book, it's fun, and I'm grateful to Abi for her friendship and for sending me a copy of her book.  


If you hop over to Abi's instagram  you can see other projects made by friends.  As for me, I have a cup of coffee and a  Valentine's kitchen towel waiting to be made into a Mama's Hot Rolls Towel. Hope you are well friends!  Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Small projects

Hi there friends! I suppose it's a bit of a surprise to see me back here again.  What's going on with you? 
I've been working on small things waiting for my fancy zipper order to arrive. Fun.  One of the things I've been guilty of over the years is using potholders long past their expiration date.  My current potholders are burned and plain old worn out.  I'm guilty of making cute potholders then never using them because they're too cute to use.  HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT?  I'm trying to kick the 'saving it for a special occasion' mentality but it's hard.  So I found some fabric in my vast collection and made some new potholders.  

This first round one is my PamKittyPotHolder, it's a free pattern you can find along my side bar there.  It's pretty easy and I whipped up two of them in no time. The only thing I do different from the pattern is I put the pockets on at a slight angle so I don't obsess about the rick rack being just so.  I mean who needs that?  


This rectangular one is a free pattern from Amy Sinabaldi's blog Nana and Co,  called the Pretty Little Potholder, and indeed her's are very pretty. This is the second time I've made it, my pocket is one a little crooked and it's KILLING ME and I keep trying to tell myself it's just a potholder... we'll see how it works out.  I went back to the old post where I had made one. I had one that turned out great and one that was well, a failed experiment.  But in looking back for the post, I searched on "potholder" and looks like I turn to potholders when I need something to sew more than I thought. 


 EXCITING NEWS!  My friend Abi  has written another book!  You may remember her from her book Modern Prairie Sewing.  I blogged about it when it came out in 2014. She sent me a copy and I can't wait to dive in.  Now I can sew something besides potholders, although I peeked and there's a nice potholder pattern in there! 

Abi Butler

I'm looking forward to reading about the kinds of things she's making for her home.  I'm so positively thrilled for her.  I was so lucky to meet her and her sisters at quilt market in May of 2012. OMG so long ago.  Time just flies by doesn't it?  Anyway soon I'll be in her book tour so watch for that! 

Ok, that's it for me today. Hope you are all well.  

Friday, January 01, 2021


Happy New Year friends!  2021 started out with some warm sunshine this morning, I went out to check on my sweet peas and couldn't help but grab a coffee photo like the old days.  I'm filled with hope for this year but don't want to discount all the losses this past year.  My heart breaks for the people who have lost loved ones, seen their dreams vanish, lost everything.  It's a bittersweet sunfilled morning.  


 I wanted to  start out the day like I want the year to go. I tried to find the actual quote but no luck... or I didn't stick with it long enough.  Yikes already giving up on something.  Anyway I had a good nights sleep, I've been outside to enjoy some fresh air, I've hit the treadmill.  Nothing I don't normally do, it's symbolic really I guess.  No resolutions or word for the year just one foot in front of the other.  


Years ago my late neighbor Alice-Jane brought me some black eyed peas on the first day of the year.  I had never heard they bring good luck for the coming year.  Since then I've made myself her black eyed pea salad every new years eve and have it first thing in the morning.  This years tasted particularly good, so I hope it's a sign!  

Hope you're well friends.  I'm wishing us all a healthy happy 2021. xop

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