Monday, August 22, 2016


Good morning! How's your beverage of choice this morning?  My coffee is delicious especially when I take it out on the porch.  The weather was cooler this weekend, but I know there's plenty of warm days ahead.  The leaves are falling like crazy already.  It will be a long season of raking and sweeping for me.

Today's Splendid Sampler block is Dedication Rose by Lisa Bongean.  We're over the halfway mark, can you believe it? I find these small blocks fun to do, and I'm looking forward to putting my quilt together.  The Facebook group already has some finished quilt tops.. you should check it out!

Splendid Sampler
Today I'm off to the dentist.  Hope everyone has a great week ahead! xo

Monday, August 15, 2016

You still can't touch this.

I remember a long time ago when Frankie was in elementary school and a friend I were talking about getting kids to clean up their rooms.  She told me, with great insight, that kids just are overwhelmed and can't figure out how attack it, they just see a room full of stuff and the can't even process it. 

cry uncle
I distinctly remember this feeling when I was maybe 5 or so, my dad had made me a bookshelf and I had pulled all the books off of it and they were piled up on the floor.  My mom probably wanted me to organize them and not just have them jammed willy nilly and not in an orderly fashion, like a library.  I was sitting on the floor with the book volcano all around me and was paralyzed. 
OMG PEOPLE I FEEL LIKE THAT RIGHT NOW.  Every where there is stuff and decisions waiting to be made. Keep it - throw it - donate it???? And the keep it stuff.  Seriously I have only scratched the surface of millinery flowers I have.   And doilies. I've cornered the market.  And pictures!!!  Does anyone even remember PRINTING PICTURES from websites that inspired us??? 
I'm having a laugh because I went back in time and looked at pictures here, where Nicole challenged us to show our sewing tables. One of the things on the table is a covered button kit.. JUST LIKE THE ONE THERE NOW!!!  Honestly, it's not the same one, Elizabeth and I went through a ton of those, I happened to find that one somewhere else and just set it there today, but still... OMG. 
You can see some pretty pictures of my studio here on Pat's website for my Aurifil block of the month.  And here back in 2008 when Bret put my counter up.  Right now it probably still looks like that, just under a bunch of other stuff piled on top!  Except for the mushroom lights, those have been moved.    
Anyway.. I'm still plugging away.  I had hoped to show off a picture of a table with just the normal sewing necessities on it, but so far I'm not there yet.  My greatest problem is where to put things. 
But the week ahead is a busy one, so no time to work on it right now.  I'll see you back here with a progress report next week. Or possibly a surrender flag... not sure how I'll feel by then. Happy week people!

Friday, August 12, 2016

It's a Splendid Day

Good morning!  I was a little worried that I'd have nothing to show for my week today, but thankfully there's a Splendid Sampler block that I've made, so phew.  I love Pat's coneflower, it was one of the first blocks I made just because I love coneflowers and never have had any luck growing them. 

Splendid Sampler
But inside my sewing room I can have all the pretty coneflowers I want.  In all the colors!  This one looks pretty with all the blocks I've made so far.  I have 24 done, and I'm planning on a 5 x 5 layout so I just need one more block.  But the deciding, oh the deciding of which should be the last one.  Maybe I'll have to go another row. 
I'm still working on my clean up and out projects,  which really looks like me moving from room to room doing one thing and getting distracted and then doing something else.  Yesterday I spent time at my sewing table going through things.  I have stuff but what to do with it?  And all these little treasures, if I put them away will I remember I have them?   And why do I have so many lengths of ruffled fabric?  #allthemysteries
Ok, any big plans for the weekend?  Be safe people! xo

Monday, August 08, 2016

Time Traveling

Good morning!  Did you have a fun and productive weekend?  I tackled  my magazine problem.. well part of it.  Remember back in the olden days when magazines where how you found out anything that was going on in the quilting world.. well it was for me anyway.   I went through tons of them looking to see if I could figure out why I had saved them.  Lots of projects look very similar  to projects of today, just new fabrics and colors. 

Time Travel
Saw some friendly faces and places.  And remember how wonderful Countryside magazine was?  I found quite of few of those that I had saved just because they were so pretty.

Time Travel
Different times.  But still lots of the same faces we know and love now. 

Time Travel
I'm curious how we'll remember the things we love now and are pinning on Pinterest or saving on  hard drives.. will we still have those ideas like we have the magazines? And will we care?  Maybe that's old lady talk.  Still, it was a lot of fun going through them.  Happy week people! 

Thursday, August 04, 2016

She put some mushrooms in a jar and you won't believe what happened next.

I have totally fallen for teasers like that over on Facebook, what about you?  Usually it's something ridiculous... JUST LIKE THIS. 

Sadly these mushrooms are years old.  I bought them the first time I went to Paper Source.  The only other place you'll find this is at someone else's house hoarded for something special just like me.   They'll find that photo on flickr and loose their minds over wishing they had my 4.   If that's you, sorry.
I can't believe it's Thursday already.  Kind of  a boring week around here.  I was busy, but there's nothing to show for it.  Well except a jar with mushrooms that is.  And that's better than some weeks.  Hope you're doing well.  I'll wish you a happy weekend today!!!  xo

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