Friday, July 18, 2014


Happy Friday!   How did the week go for you?  I hope it was a good one!   Nice and busy here, although now that it's Friday I don't even remember what I did earlier this week!   I  finally got busy on my Sew Sweet Bee block. This month it's Missy's turn, and she requested at 12 inch basket block.  Donna provided us with a nice tutorial on making it.  

I don't know why this block is so challenging to me.  I think it looks wonky because of the camera angle but I'll be getting out the ruler again.  This is the third time I've made it and I'm pretty sure it's as close to right as its going to get.  Being a triangle on point means there's a lot of give so any slight discrepancy will work it's self out when Missy puts it into a quilt.   I may try again later to see if cutting the upper triangle the exact size instead of oversized makes a difference for me. Next month is Nanette's turn! I can't wait to see what she has in store for us!  Then come September it's me!  I'm still pondering my choices. 
Have you participated in any sewing bees? I know there are a lot of fun bee's out there, I see blocks all the time on Instagram and Facebook.  It's my first time in one of these fun bees. It's intimidating though!!!
Do you have big plans this weekend? I'm having a sew day with my friends the Debbies and I can't wait to see them.  I suspect I'll be doing a lot more visiting than sewing but I'll still pack up things to work on.  Hope you all have a super fun weekend! xop


Blogger jan said...

I love your basket! I think it is very pretty. I host a bee ( lucy boston Blocks) but I am also participating in a Scrap Bee for the first time. It is intimidating sometimes. I have remade several blocks several times. I am sure your Bee Mate will love it! Have fun! xo jan

9:21 AM  
Blogger greg @ grey dogwood studio said...

I think it's perfectly cute! I don't see any wonkiness. I just finished two more Fig Tree blocks, and I think that I have a lazy, sew-y weekend ahead!

5:46 PM  

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