Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Catch Up

Hi there! I'm back, seems like forever since I've been here! How are you? What are you up to?  I'm catching up slowly but surely. I had great intentions of just kicking butt yesterday but turns out I mostly had my butt kicked from so much vacation fun.

Bret and I kicked off our weekend in SoCal by heading out early so we could check out the antique stores in The City of Orange. We went to quite a few good sized antique malls and it was great fun. Lots of things we don't see around here so that's always a treat.  I really enjoyed the gardens in the back of the Country Roads Antiques and Gardens, I love gardens that look like they've evolved over time with all kinds of rusty pails and broken down furniture. They remind me of places we'd go when I was a kid, grandma gardens as I like to think of them. 

Country Roads Antiques and Gardens City of Orange
We stayed at The Grand Californian again, sad that we were missing the meet up with Roseann and Bob since we were sick during CHA and our usual rendezvous. We made the best of it though, visiting Disneyland and California Adventure two days in a row. 

World of Color-California Adventure

Cars Land, California Adventure

Party lights-California Adventure
I have to say that I really love both Disneyland and California Adventure at night. We went both days to the evening World of Color show, which is lovely, but I really like walking around looking at the lights. It's very dramatic and colorful. Of course I love A Bugs Land, so many cute little gardeny kinds of things like Flik's Flyers, which kills me. Of course Instagram got the in the moment photos. You can see them here.  There's a lot of nonsense there, including what I thought looked like a chunky  IronMan suit that immediately made me think of IronPam™. (sorry it seems funnier to me with that trademark symbol.. I'm weird.) I would have had a picture standing next to it if I hadn't been for a misadventure on the Grizzly River Run that brought the words "drowned rat" to mind. 
The highlight of the trip was as stop we made on Wednesday morning on our way back home. 

The places we go-Paramount

Fantastic Parade Mobile=Paramount
Dana made our visit special, our own private parade around the studio. 

Happy Ride-Paramount
We saw some dark alley ways.

dark alley-Paramount
Ran into some brick walls.

Misc brick wall-Paramount
Saw a street that looked like it could be anywhere in the world.
Streets of the World-Paramount

Took some pictures. 


Saw some celebrities then sat in their chairs.

The big man's chair.
Talked about absent friends.

absent friends remembered

Had a coffee then it was time to go.
Coffee with friends
I'm not going to lie, Bret and I agreed it was probably the most exiting and best day we'd had in quite a while! Thanks Dana for having us.

So now you're caught up! I've missed you! Have a great weekend! xo

Monday, January 27, 2014


Good morning!  How was the weekend? I'm off on a bit of a vacation with Bret for a few days! Because we all were sick, we  missed our trip to meet up with Roseann at CHA, so we're using our hotel  reservations this week for a quick trip to Disneyland. I'll probably be on instagram, so you can catch me there if we see anything exciting.

In the mean time, I have a few things in the works! I'm hoping this little project will be fast and fun, and if it turns out cute I'll post a little tutorial.  Can you believe it's almost February? Holy cow!  Have a good week people! I'll be back soon! xop

Friday, January 24, 2014


Hi there, Happy Friday! Seems hard to believe the week has just flown by.. but I think I say that every week.  I've had my Annie Pouch from K Cotton Studio finished a couple of days ago but didn't get around to getting a picture. I love how this little purse is totally finished inside and out.. it's really nicely designed.

Annie Pouch

annie pouch
The pattern has instruction for adding an optional  handle which would be super cute.  I just want to make a million of them, they're so sweet. I really like the decorative sew in magnet as well.  I'm a little fussy, so I'm wishing I'd paid just a tad more attention when cutting out the rectangle so my diagonal quilting would have been centered.  I definitely would do that next time. Also I think I'd make a big covered button, but then take the shank off so it could lay flush with the flap, and I could fabric glue it down.  My little floral cabochons didn't look cute with this fabric, so I'll use them on something else.  
So that was fun. I've just finished up a cute little project that will be showing up soon on the blog, and I'm working on a larger project for later in February!  Exciting times here in Pamkittyville!  Hope you guys have an awesome weekend! xo

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Hi there Wednesday!  How did you sneak up on me so fast?  Must have been that fun Monday I took off and went over to Holly's to see the strike offs and have lunch.  So what about the view? It's unbelievable weather for January is all  I can say. I can almost see where Bret works.  He's got a spectacular view on his side of the bay  as well. 

studio view
The Sausalito Cottage strike offs are in, and they really look good.  I thought I'd share a few pictures with you.  It was towards the end of the day, so the lighting isn't perfect but I think you can see how lovely they've turned out. Holly and I kept rearranging the piles of fabric I couldn't stop looking at those text prints.

Sausalito Cottage strikeoffs

Sausalito Cottage strikeoffs

Sausalito Cottage strikeoffs

Sausalito Cottage strikeoffs

Sausalito Cottage strikeoffs

It's hard to see but there is a pearl on the background of these hydrangea prints.  I can't believe how nice it turned out. There's pearl on other prints as well, like the tea cups.. it's subtle and adds such  nice detail without overwhelming the design.

Sausalito Cottage strikeoffs

Sausalito Cottage strikeoffs

Sausalito Cottage strikeoffs

Sausalito Cottage strikeoffs
I love how there are so many great looks here, the hydrangeas, the tea cups, the wonderful roses, the texts and then all the supporting pieces you need.  It's such a versatile grouping I think.  There's something for everyone here.
So there's a nice healthy peek at them!  Hope your week is going well! xo

Monday, January 20, 2014


Good morning! How was your weekend?  Low key here as usual.  I'm kicking my sewing slump to the curb making this little bag.  I've saved up the handwork of sewing down the binding for later during TV time.   

K Cotton Stuido Annie bag
The weather here was so nice this weekend I spent some time out back.  I had planted a big pot of bulbs, and just soaked up some vitamin D.  I've still got a cough that won't quit, we sound like barking seals around here.  Nice, right? 
What's on your agenda this week?  Hope it's a fun one! xo

Friday, January 17, 2014


HAPPY FRIDAY!  My little deer are ready for borders, as soon as I decide what those might be! Probably light pink I'm thinking!! Then I'll drop it off over at Diana's for some of her quilt magic.


Any plans for the weekend?  It's been a low energy week here and I don't know that we have anything big planned. All the nice weather has me tricked into thinking its spring and I just want to plant flowers.  Many more frosty mornings are hopefully in our future so it's a little soon for that.  Guess I'll just work on the weeds! Have a great one peoples! xo

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Good morning!  how's the week treating you?  The coffee has been free flowing around here and I'm getting things done.  Finally got those deer quilt blocks put in the right order, and I just need to cut some posts today and get the rest of the sashing done.

I've also been working on a very fast and fun super secret project, can't wait till that can be revealed!  Treated myself to some Vitamin Sunshine and that was great.  I love the winter sun, but we really really need the rain!
P.S. Love Love Love my new mug.. New Country Roses Union Jack mug by Royal Albert.  I picked mine up at Amazon after seeing it on the Joss and Main newsletter. I think it was around $11 and I had free shipping with my qualifying order.  I saw it for as low as $9 and as high as $27. It's china, hope it can stand up the abuse it's bound to get around here!  Just google "royal albert new  country roses" and you'll find everything you need!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Aside from a picture of  my slipcovers on my chair, I really don't have much to show for yesterday.  Believe me the slipcovers took it out of me, but that was no more exhausting that looking for stuff I'd 'cleaned up' before Christmas.  And by "looking for" I mean compulsively  scouring the house till I found it.  PUT. AWAY.  You know, WHERE IT BELONGS.  Honestly people, it's amazing that I get anything done at all.

So all I can do it treat you to a photo of things recently acquired.  When I was at Prairie Queens in December I picked up that little Annie Pouch pattern because it was simply adorable.  I think that the little bag Laura had at the class I took was made using this pattern.  Keiko uses sew in magnets in the pattern, so I had to score some of those.  That's those little brass bits down there.  Keiko uses the bow to cover up the stitching, but I remembered the adorable little glasses case that Elizabeth made for me, and she glued one of the cabochons so I thought I'd do that too. And the fancy bias tape.. I've seen it all over those adorable children's dresses on Instagram and on Facebook.  Now I have a small selection that I can play around with.  Or more likely put away and NEVER FIND AGAIN. 
Well that's my today true confession. Hopefully I'll be getting more done.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Recovery Ward

Good morning! It's a fresh new germ free week here.  Last week I had a lovely start to the week meeting Monica for lunch and pie.  Bret started to feel a little sick Monday late afternoon and by Wednesday Frankie and I had also succumbed to whatever Bret had. I'm much better today and Bret is almost well, but poor Frankie is still pretty sick.

This is my first coffee since Wednesday morning, and it's tasting pretty good.  I need to get back in the game here, if for no other reason than we're out of clean dishes! Hope you're doing well, what's new? What are you up to?  Tell me what I've missed, seems like I've been out of touch for WEEKS. xo

Monday, January 06, 2014


Hi there, how was your weekend?  We had a super fun weekend!!!  Bret, Frankie and I, headed into San Francisco Saturday.  It was my first time across the new span.  I think the light posts are kind of weird and very sci-fi looking, but it's interesting and modern. I felt  like I was driving into an episode of Fringe when we were on the approach. That center bit is so tall you can barely see that there's an American Flag up there.  I didn't notice it driving over it, and can just barely see it in the picture. 
SF Bay Bridge

SF Bay Bridge
This view is always going to be 'the view' when it comes to the bridge, there's just something about the way it looks as you drive out of the tunnel. 

bay bridge
Anyway. Moving on.  The reason we were in the city was to meet up with online friend Catherine and her family, Jim, her husband and Annabel and Millie her daughters.  Really they couldn't be nicer. They're here  on a nice long vacation  from Australia.  We had a long lunch on Fisherman's Wharf and it was a super fun afternoon. 

Frankie, Catherine and I
 The weather was perfect and I felt guilty enjoying it with so many people under blankets of snow.  Don't worry, you'll get me back when we're roasting here at 110 degrees.  If you want to follow along with Catherine you can find her here on instagram. She's always making fun things, and you can see she loves color when you visit here etsy shop and website.
Sunday I tried my hand at sewing the rows of my deer quilt together. What a disaster. I finally had to just stop and set it aside.. I had the order all messed up and had to unsew everything.  Better luck next time I guess. This week will be a busy one, so I'm not sure when I'll get back to it.
Hope you have a great week planned.  Tell me what you're up to! xo

Friday, January 03, 2014


Hi there Friday!  It's the last of the mixed up weeks for a while, right? No more mid-week holidays to get us off our game.  What day is it? When do the trash cans go out? I DON'T KNOW!  Thank goodness my phone does so I can tell where and when I am!

appliquing handles
Yesterday I resisted the urge to join any of the quilt alongs going, like the APQ Tone it Down quilt along.  There are some amazing blocks  and FINISHED QUILTS out there.  And just the past few days I've seen some really lovely economy blocks showing up in Rita's quilt along.  And of course we're knee deep in the Quilty Fun sew along.. I have the bigger blocks done, those pesky small ones are my nemesis right now, my lack of organization is cramping my style.  Instead, I pulled out my basket project from OCTOBER and got back to work.  I managed to get the majority of my handles appliqued on. I'm using invisible machine applique which I love. Alex and Laura prepped all my handles so it's smooth sailing.  I still have work to do but it felt good to get back into the sewing room with something that I just had to sit down and sew on. Sometimes I just don't want to think about it, I just want to sew!
Any big plans for the weekend?  We're meeting Catherine ( from Cat and Vee fame) and her family on Saturday in San Francisco! Can't wait.  Between Bret, Frankie and I we should be able to get at least one good picture don't you think?  Hope you have a great weekend!!! xop

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy 2014

Good morning and Happy New Year!  Did you have a big evening?  As usual I hit the sack long before the ball dropped. Our neighborhood was full of fire crackers or crazy lunatics with guns, or possibly both,  so there was no really good sleeping till after midnight.  Lucky for us Peep doesn't care about neighborhood shenanigans anymore and she didn't bark her way through the evening. 


Today's coffee is brought to you courtesy of Nanette, who sent me this adorable vintage mug and an equally adorable Christmas tree coaster. That just couldn't be cuter, to me anyway. She totally gets me for sure. One last use of that cute coaster before it gets put away with the last of Christmas.

The year of not hoarding
I'm trying out some new things this year.  Like using stuff.  Yes, you heard me, this 'saving it for later' thing has got to end. I bought this iron last year LAST YEAR PEOPLE at CHA and have had it in the box it came shipped in since then.  Completely ridiculous.   I kept thinking that my old iron was still working, but honestly it leaks like a sieve. And then I was thinking well, I have a lot of fusing to do and I don't want to mess up the new ironing board cover or the iron with fusible gone wrong.  IT'S NUTS!  So today I'm clearing off the ironing board and putting on a nice new heavy duty cover and breaking out this new pretty iron.  I dare me to do it. I'm almost there, it's out of the box right?
Hope that 2014 is working out ok so far.  I'm looking forward to a fresh start! HAPPY NEW YEAR! xop 

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