Wednesday, December 08, 2010


So you probably thought I'd never finish that gnoma project right? I can't even remember where I left off. Anyway. I filled up my sandwich bags with beans. Normally I'd use those little poly pellets that you can get at a craft store, but I couldn't find any locally. I like using them because if there is ever any dampness, they don't sprout and grow. Hence the beans are in zipper sandwich bags. I suppose you could use anything here, kitty litter, sand, rice. This project just needs a little 'junk in the trunk' as Monica might say. (see step 9)

Monica's photos of sewing around a gnoma are so much better, so I'd suggest you look at those in this post. Except on my project you don't need any batting. But you do need to make a little mark 4 inches from the bottom of your gnoma and then pin a 10 inch piece of ribbon at the line. On the first gnoma, you need just one ribbon on YOUR right, and on the last you need just one ribbon on YOUR left. Your three middle gnomas each need ribbons on both sides.

You probably need to eat a lot of delicious candy during your project. Seasonal candy preferred. Stitch all around and then turn your little fellows right side out and stuff.. the last thing you stuff in is a bag of beans, so the bottom is nice and heavy and your gnoma stands up on his own. The biggest two gnomas need a little more than a cup of beans, the smaller gnomas need less.. tiny gnoma needs about half a cup.

Then when they're all stitched up and complete you tie them together. I've shown them here on my bed, standing like little soldiers, but my intention is that they make a cute little draft catcher under a door. But you know, that's not as cute in a picture. At least at my house.

Now these little fellows need more embellishment, I have some bells and pom poms.. but for pete's sake, it's December 8th.. at the rate I'm going ... well you know. I'll trim up the ribbon later.. just so excited to have this almost done!
There's so many wonderful Christmasy crafts out there right now... have you see this or anything here? And seriously, go here, start scrolling, the crafting goodness on this blog will make you weep. Oh well, maybe that was just me. And while I'm at it, check out this guest room. Dreamy. And if sweet is your thing.. look no further.
Ok, that's it for me today. I need to get some pompoms and bells out and get busy. And trim up those ribbons... that looks too messy to me....


Blogger eileensideways said...

those little fellas are so flippin cute. love love love

1:19 PM  
Blogger Joanna said...

Those are so cute! Totally love it!

1:28 PM  
Blogger i.ikeda said...

Oh they are wonderful! I love how it came out even without the "bells and whistles."

1:47 PM  
Blogger Sherri said...

Not only are your gnomes the cutest ever...but I just had to subscribe to 2 more blogs because of this post! Thanks for sharing so much cuteness in one post!

3:39 PM  
Blogger Nedra said...

ha ha ha, "junk in the trunk".
They look so cute all lined up on the bed.

3:57 PM  
Blogger jenny allsorts said...

Awesome!!! That's exactly what I want to do with my gnomas, I just need a few spare minutes...

Oh, and thanks for the links, now I have some more awesome blogs to follow!

4:28 PM  
Blogger aztel2000 said...

Wow...I am suffering from cute overload...but it feels so good! Thanks for all the fun links. Karen in Breezy Point

5:19 PM  
Blogger Kate D. Spain said...

talk about being too cute!! YOU ARE! and so are those gnomes! xo

6:18 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hey these gnomes are gonna be way too hip! I love, love, love those pillows! And I also love your new red coffee cup.

11:18 PM  
Blogger pam said...

How cute are those. They are even cute just as pillows.

6:05 AM  
Blogger Nanette Merrill said...

Super cute and what a great idea. I have to make some things for a few ladies I work with. This would be great, even just single. I want to see them when you embellish them up because that is the funnest part.

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

So, so cute. Ridiculous. Must make now.

9:54 AM  
Anonymous blop said...

Don't know which of you (Monica or you) have the corner on the cute market....kind of a tie on this dang project...simply marvelous!!!!!!

5:26 PM  
Blogger Linzee said...

So cute you just want to chuck them under their chins (if they had 'em) and tickle their tummies...And those blog links!!! How am I supposed to get anything done when you lead us into that kind of temptation?

7:57 PM  
Blogger Red Geranium Cottage said...

OHMYGOODNESS!! I still have a little bit of those left on the bolt. Now I know what I'm doing. You are so clever. CUTE!

4:28 PM  
Anonymous renae said...

They look fantastic! I have had the fabric here to whip some up since October but I fear I'm running out of time! Next year perhaps.

2:59 PM  
Blogger Leah said...

i love the swirly ddesigns that make up the beard part. lovely

4:59 PM  

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