Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fresh From the Oven

Be careful, don't burn yourself.. our Moda Bake Shop entry is up! I think the Summer Swing Skirt is a great project for any line of fabric, but we chose a wonderful line by Lila Tueller, for Moda. Like most projects, we get totally caught up in the drama of it. Come September Santorini will be available so you can too, but why wait, there are wondeful jelly rolls and layer cakes in the shops just waiting to be cut up!
Speaking of drama, this is what I found yesterday when I went over to see Elizabeth. I thought we might celebrate our post with a little lunch out, but it looks like she already had plans.

Sometimes you just have to live in the moment! Maybe another day.

Hop on over to the Bake Shop and let me know what you think about our project! Hope you like it!

And Peeps, thanks so much for all your kind comments yesterday. As usual, you guys made my day.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Pie Me

After last weeks pie eating over at Elizabeth's, that pie has been on my mind. A lot. So I figured with my portion problems, I could easily make the pie in tiny little shells, get my pie fix and farm out the rest of the mini-pies on my neighbors. Well that recipe makes a lot more filling than the 6 mini-pie shells I got. Now my question is, can I freeze that filling?
I hope the neighbors enjoy their pie. It was yummy. I used pink lemonade in my pie and then a drop or three of red food coloring. Very pretty. Pink. Yummy.

Famous Deb Silva has tagged me for 10 things people don't know about me.. man are there 10 things left worth sharing? I don't know. I've posted almost 650 times.. that's a lot of info.

So people, why don't I tag you to comment something you know about me? That sounds a little scary because you never know what people will say. So be kind.

And tomorrow, finally, the Moda Bake Shop Post. Really.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Under the Influence

So yeah, we're all reading the same books it seems like. I've had these all on my footstool pile for months now.. periodically reading, looking at the pictures, forgetting, remembering, needing another look. I kept meaning to post the pictures of them but every time I'd think about it, someone else is talking about them. That Material Obsession Two is straight from Sarah by the way, hand carried by Alex. I know that both Amy and Nanette (and others) recommended the Sugar Sack Quilts and Fool Proof Machine Quilting.

Nanette also recommended the "Pink Book" as I call it. I had it on my ebay watch list for ages, because the cover is so divine, but didn't want to spend the money till I'd seen some inside pages. Nanette showed some here. We need to remember to ask where she gets her Japanese books. I know she's told us, but I'm too lazy to look. I already had the other book when she showed off her copy. I get a lot of mine from my ebay, although I picked up this one at Kinokuniya.

Sometimes Nanette and I are reading or thinking about the same things at the same time. Its a little spooky. JenDuncan showed a lot of wonderful photos of the "Pink Book" today, she's on our same wave length when it comes to most everything. Well I like to think I'm on the wave length, lets face it, I'm trying to catch that wave, they're so clever.

These are all from the not-pink-book, which is lovely. I can hardly narrow down my purchases and still always spend around $100 at Kinokuniya each time. (who am I kidding, $120-$140, its nuts! Thank goodness it's not in the neighborhood!)

I always fall for the pretty vignettes. Like that chair and that.. lets assume skirt. Who doesn't want to see something like that at their house. I would.

And all that cutting and stitching.. I love it. And the lace. It reminds me of the quilt that our friend Anne the Pixie Girl did on a quilt in the Lecien booth. Lovely.

And this gem is on my nightstand. I love a nice cozy English mystery and the Fethering Mysteries fill the bill. Like most books, its part of a series, and I love series don't you? I get all caught up in the lives of my literary friends. I just finished this book and while I'm still mad at the author for killing off a favorite character in a previous book, I'm glad that my series will continue.

So Bret worked late again last night and I had time to read and imagine. I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Next week... Moda Bake Shop.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Morning

Yesterday morning I went outside with my coffee to enjoy some cool summer morning air. You can't beat living in the valley area here for that, nice cool coastal influences. I had my camera with me hoping to catch a glimpse of the juvenile Mockingbird. The Mockingbird family has been around a lot this week. Unfortunately, my camera was set to the wrong setting for an outdoor shot, but it didn't prevent me from getting a little movie of a surprise garden guest, a small woodpecker. We have them once or twice a year and it's always a treat. This one has a little purple house finch as a traveling companion, although you can't see it in the video, I think you can hear it in the background. The birds have been enjoying the bounty of apricots my poor half dead tree has produced this year. This woodpecker is no exception. He spent about 15 minutes eating away. I loved every minute of it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Grumbling with a side of pie

I'm not going to lie to you, the internet hasn't been my friend lately. Well lets rephrase that, my internet connection. Yesterday we were fighting a lot, and I still can't get to my Yahoo mail and believe me, its not because Yahoo isn't available, I'm sure. My Sidekick can get to it, but you really can't get heavily into email on a Sidekick, especially when sku's are involved. And I am so not blogging from my Sidekick.
So in other words.. whine whine whine.

Since I didn't have a pie connection, I was left to my own devices. I can't go around eating pie all the time, but after a frustrating day, I deserved a treat right? To go with my Lean Cuisine? (no dinner to cook when Bret works even later!) This is a yummy treat and I highly recommend it. I think they used to have Key Lime Pie in a funny disc shape, but this new improved recipe is delightful. Ok sure, not as good as that creamy goodness Elizabeth served up, but still mighty tasty.

As for accomplishments, I got my part of the sewing done, and even most of the instructions written, photographs edited and resized.. so its just a matter of time before we finish the last little bit and get it ready for the bake shop.

So go forth and have a fine day peoples. I hope its full of as much internet as you desire. xo

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I spent the majority of yesterday bossing Elizabeth around. It was a super fun day.
With pie.

Monday, June 22, 2009

New Kid on the Block

Boring, that' s what I am today. I'm featuring my new neighbor, a juvenile mockingbird. He and his folks have been hanging out in the backyard for a few days, learning the mockingbird life ropes I guess. They live in a neighbors palm tree and swoop in for trips to our bird bath.
First rain lily of the season. I love these and am hoping for many more.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I couldn't have asked for better weather here. Today I'm going to get going and head over to Elizabeth's... we're working on a new bake shop item. Jelly roll and a layer cake just in case you're wondering! The rest is a surprise!
Ok, happy Monday peeps. xo

Friday, June 19, 2009

Copy Catting

So peeps the weekend is upon us. The week seemed to alternately drag and fly by, what's with that? And now that it has been 90 and the a/c has come on, I feel like its the onset of actual summer, and so I say... let the complaining begin. I know I don't have it as bad as the peoples I know in Arizona or Nevada, but still. Whine I must. Sorry you have to to hear it. ( I know there are more people, I'm to hot to think of them right now. )

I super loved Jen Duncan's Moda Bake Shop project this week. Like SUPER.LOVED.IT. ( And in my mind when I refer to Jen Duncan I always say JenDuncan like its all one word.) So here I am working away on mine. I didn't have any fusible, so I had to rely on pins. Not as good. And I had to cut my own strips. Will it never end?? But it will make a nice poofy pillow for Bret. I'd get him something 'electronical' as Frankie would say, but I don't make the electronical decisions around here. He enjoys the home made gift so he will be pleased to get this. (or else. I TOLD YOU ITS HOT. I'm not myself.)

So whatever your plans this weekend, I hope you have an awesome time peoples. I'll be complaining back here again on Monday.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


How many days has it been? Yeah, right, too many. I just spend too much time over thinking things. Instead of doing. Of course this is my bathroom photo studio, but this towel will eventually land in my kitchen. Where no hands should ever touch it.
I think you know what I mean.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mail Call

Yesterday's mail brought a nice package from my friend Sarah. You know Sarah, she's famous! In fact, Down Under Quilts says Get Inspired with Sarah Fielke! I say, who wouldn't want to get inspired with Sarah????
Of course all I had hoped for was a copy of Frankie magazine, for who else, but Frankie. But I got a lot of goodies to go with that, including candy! and a koala pencil. I don't know how she could have known that I have a little bit of a love affair with little koalas like that.
Well, and with candy.

See, happy happy!

Thanks Sarah. I'll be getting inspired with you later today!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Food Day

Well really it was Sew Day but seriously, Food Day would have been a better name for it. Deb, Debbie and Deanna and I had a great sewing day at Debbie's house again. The day began and ended with yummy sweet things. As you faithful readers know, my snacks all come with the 100 Calorie label so when unleashed among items like tiny bear claws... I'm out of control.
Debbie had a bit of a frustrating day, lots of machine issues, and you know how that can be. But she powered through it and will get it worked out. She got her pear towel done and it looked good.

Deanna spent the day cutting and prepping her blocks from The Quilt Show Block of the Month. She has hers all organized in a binder. I'd like to be like that. Organized.

Debbie getting ready to document her completed towel. She made the best taco salad I've eaten in ages as well, it was yummy.

My problem was lack of projects laying around to work on, so I used the cute nosegay block from Elizabeth's pattern and worked on my own towel. Now I just want to make a whole quilt with these darling blocks.

But I 'll finish up the towel first. I have the ruffle made so all I need to do is sew it all together. Photos later. Like later this week I hope.

In my last Fabritopia order Jona had included some of the Oh Cherry Oh panel so I decided to work on a couple of pot holders. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. Just need to add binding now.

Deanna was in charge of dessert. Holy. Cow. Recipe here, if you dare. I didn't have any first hand knowledge of the butter content till after eating... I'll be treadmilling extra time this week.

But it will be totally worth it. TOTALLY.

Ok, that was sew day in a nutshell. Hope you guys are having a good week. Thanks for all the Moda Bake Shop love! I appreciate your support!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Moda Bake Shop

Today's my day over at the MBS.. so hop on over and check out my project, Sweet Secret Stars!

Its a good sized lap quilt just perfect for those cool mornings on the swing out back, before the day gets scorching!

Hope you all had a good weekend! Happy Monday!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sew Saturday

Man it has been a week and a half people! Crammed in just one week it seems like. I had a great time with Frankie but didn't get a chance to tell you all about it because NO INTERNET AT ALL YESTERDAY. I know, I can't freaking believe it either. And today I don't have time because its SEW SATURDAY with my 3 D's, Deb, Debbie and Deanna. I'm putting together a little tutorial for machine blanket stitching using Elizabeth's Tea Towel tutorial. Did you see that yet, because really, you need to see how cute that turns out. She has a handy dandy pdf you can download.

I finished up my Moda Bake Shop quilt, and that's set for Monday I believe. I'll remind you, believe me. I still can't believe how lucky I am to be a part of that whole thing!
Ok, better get busy. I only have one small project I threw together for myself, a tea towel using Elizabeth's cute nosegay pattern. I wish I had time to get more stuff ready, I wanted to shrink down this pattern and make a little piece to put in a frame. How cute would that be? I thought in an old vintage frame or even a fake vintage frame it would be wonderful. Maybe not even shrunk if I had a big frame!
So seriously, I need to get cracking. I can't go in my pj's. OR CAN I??? (The answer is no, I can't.)Happy weekend sweet peoples. xo

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm out of here early today, but just had to show you this picture of Binnie. She has a love of cardboard, and I have a love of coffee.. you can see we are a match made in heaven.
Have a good day peeps! I'm off to see Frankie for the day, so stay out of trouble till I get back! xo

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Yes, it's true, I have spent some time out back on the swing. I love it out there. The days have been so pleasant, not too warm, not too cool. But I've also been busy sewing. I finally finished my Moda Bake Shop quilt, so today I will start getting the instructions ready. And the photos.
I have a lot of photos to weed through and then edit to the correct size. Which until this morning would have been a problem since along with my lack of consistent internet connection, my photoshop program has been refusing to come up. AHHH!!! The frustration. But last night at least photoshop is cured thanks to Bret. Hopefully today I'll get it all done before my now regular afternoon outage. I am not a happy camper about that my friends.
Thursday I'm out for the day, off to spend Frankie's day off with her. Sounds like fun, right? I thought so too. This weekend I have a Sewing Saturday which is also a little bit freaking me out, I have nothing ready to work on. Man I'm a mess aren't I???
Ok, so if I'm absent around here you know I have a good excuse right? Do I need a note? Lots of fun things on the horizon though, Elizabeth and I have a plan for a fun bake shop entry, just need to plan a day to work on it. And for those of you who emailed about purse kits, Elizabeth is putting some together, so you can email her about those.
Ok, that's it for me today! Hope you kiddos all have a wonderful Wednesday. xo

Monday, June 08, 2009


Hi Peeps, how was the weekend? Ours was busy filled with trips to the garden center and the hardware store, but it was good. Bret really got a lot of stuff done. The weather was so nice and pleasant, good to get yard stuff out of the way before the heat starts up.
Ok, ok, I know, enough with the jibber jabber, time for drawing. Poor Binnie cracked under the pressure when I told her that there were OVER TWO HUNDRED ENTRIES.
I can't believe it!!! But it is a cute little prize isn't it?
Ok ok, I'll stop beating around the bush, the winner is...RHONDA!! from Quilting with Pugs. So Rhonda email me your snail mail address and I will pop this in the mail to you!

Now Peeps, start looking around at all the places you signed up.. there were tons of new blogs, did you find some? I sure did! And according to Sarah's blog, the new Sewn site is live tomorrow!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Back porch mornings

The last couple of mornings I've spent some time out back on the swing with coffee and a magazine. We've had cooler weather with clouds rolling by, some puffy white, some black and full of rain. Early June always seems to have mixed weather, just to add a touch of drama to the outdoor graduation party planning. Starting early I can hear the public address system from the middle school at the end of the street, remember, you will cherish your yearbook for years to come, so write only kind friendly entries for your friends to read. In other words, don't be a jerk. Frankie went to that school and she has a big white sticker over someones 'creative' entry. Ahh middle school years... I don't miss you at all. My internet connection has been anything but :COMCASTIC: so I will post while I still can. Have a good weekend peeps!
edited to add..

Have you seen all the new entries on the SEWN give away list? WOW.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

A day out!

Sandy and I had a super time out and about. Lot of coffee and catching up. Well coffee for me anyway. And running around and going places and doing stuff. You can catch the details of the day on her blog. Only took my camera out once.... Sandy doesn't like to miss out on any of the action!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Good morning peeps! How goes it? Today I'm off to meet up with Sandy, she and I haven't gotten together in MONTHS, all my fault I might add, so we're rectifying that today. Yesterday was her birthday, so while I have her out of the house, sneak over to her place and wish her a happy birthday ok? I'd appreciate it!
Last week, or was it the week before??? Elizabeth and I went over to Alden Lane Nursery. That place is great and if you ever have the chance you should go. I picked up this amazing hydrangea. It's a new cultivar, Black Stemmed Hydrangea, and is it ever lovely.

There's talk of rain, AND I LOVE IT. Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Fresh from the mail box!

Today Elizabeth and I went up to The Quilter's Inn. It was so packed you practically had to take a number to get in! HOLY COW! But always good to see your local store jammed with people so you know you'll still have a local store! It was a quick trip really, we needed some basic supplies and Elizabeth is working on a project she'll be blogging about. So plan on heading over to check it out. And did you check out her SEWN give away? Good gravy.
So as Lizzy herself might say, here's my sweet action mail today, a bundle of Red Letter Day fabrics!! And the whales. I love the whales.
Pardon me, I'm still at the gazing phase. I have to enjoy the fabric goodness in its bundle form for a while, before I set it free.

Seriously, some days I can't get over how lucky I am to find such goodness coming to me in the mail. Thanks Lizzy!!! Ok peeps, now you have a sweet action day. xo

Monday, June 01, 2009

Weekend Recap

Hey peeps how did the weekend go? I was pretty sluggish but Bret got a ton of yard work done! Looks like we won't need a yard work intervention after all. Glad the weather cooperated, it was very pleasant and cool. Nice end of May weather. FYI though, its going to get hot and I'm going to be complaining. Just so you know.
Someone mentioned that I haven't been keeping you up-to-date on the latest 100 calorie snack finds, can't remember who, maybe Brenda? Definitely someone at quilt market. Anyway, thanks to Elizabeth, I have this little number to show you.

Pop them in the freezer and pull them out when you need a snack. Eat them sitting down, they're just that good.
Ok, that's it so far. I have all the blocks for my next Moda Bake Shop quilt made, I need to get busy and start putting it all together. There are a lot of blocks and my attention span is pretty bad. It might take a while.
Tell me what you did this weekend Peeps.

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