Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bon Voyage Elizabeth

Ok, its not the greatest photo of an airplane I admit. Its not for lack of trying. The pressure to be clever is great and I don't want to let my people down!
But the fact remains, my friend Elizabeth is off on a vacation to Europe. She'll be cruising for a couple of weeks on a well deserved vacation with her father. From Amsterdam to Portugal, wait staff will be serving her cool beverages and there is all the room service a girl could want. No dinners to fix, no laundry to do. Elizabeth is just finishing her book for C&T Publishing due out next year and it has been a lot of work, so live if up Elizabeth!
I on the other hand, will be slaving away at the shop today. The air conditioning is really not up to the job and with this hot weather its been a challenge. My binding is done and I can bring that quilt to work and be done with it. I'm ready to move on to the rest of my list. Time to drink more coffee and get ready for the day, hope its lovely for all of you!

Seeing Red

I love vintage, like lots of folks out there. I haven't had much luck with the thrifting or the garage sale, but there are a lot of nice antique stores around. I found this little tray at the Blue Door here in town, quite nice. On the same day it arrived, my box of goodies from my Minnesota trip arrived, bringing my red dot Fire King mug and a little cherry glass I found shopping with my cousin Linda. I plopped them all down on my cutting table with my latest fabric purchse, Moda's Picket Fence, and it all looked so nice together, I figured I'd take a little photo.

Inspiration can come from so many places, the colors on the old decal look like a lovely color combination for a quilt. Can't start that right now, so I'll leave the tray there to remind me of what I'd like to do when I'm done with my quilt sample. I have the binding on, just need to get that hand work done. The little quilt is a sample for a kit we're putting together at the shop for the Quilting in the Garden show. When that's done, I have one other project to finish the blocks for.. and oh, that's right, I need to finish machine quilting my sister's quilt. I'm determined to get better about starting things and starting more things and not finishing.. sigh.

But in the meantime, coffee, out back with the birds.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Coffee and Communication

Good morning world! I'm here with my coffee trying to think of something creative to write about but it's not easy. Last week when Sandy and Elizabeth were urging me to get a blog, I had a lot of ideas for delightful musings, but sadly this morning, edit window open before me, I do not.

But the coffee is good.


I've enjoyed reading a lot of blogs over the past couple of weeks. The pictures, the projects, they're all good. Sandy has pointed the way to many, then it's all about following the path of others, like creative little bread crumbs. As my daughter Frankie would say, Myspace for grownups. Its true. I am caught up in the idyllic lives of others. (without the pictures of kids you knew as sweet little children engaged in activities that are suspect and the dissapointment that brings)

My cup is empty and the house is still cool, guess I'll go fire up my sewing machine and get something done. Have a lovely day world.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Good Morning!

Rocket is on the edge of his seat waiting to see just what I do here.

Me too!