Monday, October 10, 2016


Good Monday morning!  I finished that tote believe it or not, and already have dropped it off at Alex's for her to ship to RJR. It's a simple tote to show off the pretty focus fabric of the Mirage grouping.  Boxy, big, stands up on it's own courtesy of Pellon fusible fleece and buckram.  My new Reliable iron is a total game changer when it comes to fusing.. I've always hated that it wouldn't completely fuse and be a pain to stitch because it wasn't adhered to the edges or the center and would just be a floppy pain in the rear. And since it was fused perfectly, the spray basting I used to hold the buckram in place did it's job.. the whole thing, easy. 


I went to my stash of Inazuma handles and found these cute green ones with the little flower ends that mimic that flower in the center of the repeat. 

Mirage Tote

First time ever I made a matching key fob. I have had the hardware for years.. why procrastinate? Why not?

Mirage Tote

Standard PamKitty pockets in there.. divided extending across the width of the bag. There are three sections but so easy to customize to your cell phone size.  

Mirage Tote
It was super fun to be able to make something for Alex.  Her new line Mirage  will be out in the spring, just in time for some fun colorful sewing! 
Ok, have a great week! xo


Blogger mascanlon said...

That is super cute! And I really love Alex's new fabric line.

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