Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Today is the first day in quite a few that I've felt a bit like a human. I did some Mom Duty last week, picking up my poor sick kid and being in a car for several hours going back and forth was like being in a germ incubator. Fortunately, by the time I got sick, she was well, so she waited on me, and that was nice.
For the first time in several days I'M DRINKING COFFEE. Can you imagine? Days on end without coffee. It tastes so darn good. And I'm reading more blogs and seeing so many wonderful Christmas decorations. I'm happy our tree is up. Bret put it up and Frankie put all the ornaments on it, wonderful!
We haven't even made it out to look at Christmas lights once this year. That photo is of the old guys house from last year. I love the old guy. It's just not Christmas till you see that dancing Santa in the window. Keep those photos coming.
Ok, gotta go get caught up with stuff around here. You can tell no one vacuumed in in days...
p.s. Thanks for the Scarf Set love... we had so much fun.


Blogger from little acorns said...

Oh Pam!. . . you must have been really really sick if you didn't have any coffee! Poor Baby! I'm so glad that you are up & around. . . (& that Frankie decorated the tree for you!) I told Dad the other day that I wanted him to come out with me for a drive to see the lights. . . (although there seems to be a lot less this year!) I love the drive - looking at the lights - takes me back to my childhood!
You take care!!! xoxo, Bren

12:26 PM  
Blogger Lorraine said...

what no coffee! you must have been ill...glad you are on the mend .....take care......and nice that you were looked after while you were ill...makes all the difference..! Hope you get out to see the lights soon! There aren't many lights around this area (holiday lights Imean)....doesn't seem to be something people do in this neck of the woods....

12:42 PM  
Anonymous amy said...

Sorry you were sick but glad you're on the mend. You had to have been at death's door because a person must be REALLY sick to go without coffee. That's like two layers of sickness--the actual illness and then the symptoms of going without coffee on top of that. Poor thing! Anymore I just drink the coffee while sick because I don't want the extra layer of headache. TAKE GOOD CARE now!!! Don't want to be sick for Santa!

1:03 PM  
Blogger Auntie Pami said...

Love the scarf sets. Had to run to Target. Now, I just have to decide which one to keep and which one to give.

5:39 PM  
Anonymous happy zombie said...

TBJ you're drinkin' coffee again - now I know you're on the mend. MISS YOU! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox-m

5:43 PM  
Anonymous Cherry Tree Lane said...

I can't imagine one day without caffeine. How did you survive?!?

10:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better Pam!

Definately go outside to enjoy your lights.:) We put one measly strand of icicle lights on the house *our last strand by the way* and then the half of the lights decided to burn out.

9:25 AM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Glad you are feeling better! But I'll tell you what a terrific way to get others to do work around the house for you. Go enjoy another cup of coffee!

10:33 AM  
Blogger Candace said...

Dr. Squash says take one cup of coffee in the morning, followed by the rest of the pot during the day - prefereably while sitting in the sunshine watching someone else do the vacuuming! Glad you're on the mend, Pam!

11:16 AM  
Blogger Red Geranium Cottage said...

I hope your feeling better today Pam. It sucks to be sick at this time of year. Get well!!

5:30 PM  
Blogger CuteStuffInside said...

Maybe this will make you feel a little better - you've won the Peppermint Twist giveaway. Congratulations! You just need to tell me where I should send it. I'd like to send it out on Friday, so the sooner the better with the info.


9:25 PM  
Blogger jen duncan said...

Sorry for the setbacks. I know how hard it is to play catch-up. Well, whether we're ready or not; Christmas is a week from today! Try to have some fun in the next few days. :-)

7:59 AM  
Anonymous Tracy said...

Hey Pam...sorry to hear things have been grinchy! Is "the old guy's house" in Manteca by chance?

8:27 AM  

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