Friday, September 22, 2006

It was a day.

It was no PamKitty Day but it was ok. One of those days that just has a mind of its own and you gotta roll with it. So I did. Got some this and that kind of stuff done, you know, stuff that needs doing and is boring. (Laundry people, boring laundry.) The relentless in and out of the dogs. They sense weakness and they know when you're vulnerable. Bark bark bark.. they're out. Bark, one is in via the kitchen slider, bark the other calls from the bedroom slider. Bark we're lonely please come in here and watch TV. Bark I think we hear some children coming down the street. Bark there's the woman with the ugly dog. Bark.

You all know how it is. I drank a lot of coffee then a lot of iced tea. Both of which have their own agenda. Lets face it, I just walked around the house most of the day.

In between everything I made a Mary Jane's Farm bake-over. I ordered some of her mix and finally got around to using it. Mmm peaches.

It was tasty, inspite of the fact it looked like something that they showed on CSI during the marathon all day on A&E. Which I enjoyed a lot, because helps me settle into do some sewing and TV watching all in one...

I love it when there are marathons. But I didn't get that much done. Lots of pinning and unsewing and in general I'm not that excited about these blocks. I love the look and I know it will be cute when done but the blocks aren't that well constructed. Off here and there by bits that I know I could fix but somehow I just don't want to. That ruins it a tiny bit for me. In general people won't notice but I notice. Do you ever feel like that? Like you said "oh well" one too many times?

I decided that I had to finish this last set of units before I went to bed. I have one part left to assemble and add, but I'm so much farther and that will be so fast. Because yahoo, no pinning. I love no pinning. So here's the proof, I really did get more done on these blocks. And all that's left is to sew rectangles onto those little geese units you see and get them on the block. Well all that's left of the blocks anyway. But still, progress my friends. You can't deny it! This might actually become something other than little bits of fabric that keep getting moved all over.

But don't hold your breath.


Blogger Angelina said...

I have lots of days like that too. Wait, we were both having one of those yesterday! That peach bake-over looks so good it's making my stomach grumble.

For what it's worth: I really like that red and white quilt you're working on, but I know how unsatisfying it can be to work on a project you're not that excited about.

I hope today is PamKittyMorning!

7:59 AM  
Blogger capello said...

Mmmmm... peaches.

And look at those geese blocks. That's lots of tiny little stiches right there.

(I love laundry. Please don't hate me. It's the best chore evah.)

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't mind laundry as much as I used to cause now mom (91)likes to fold it for me. Yeah MOM!

1:46 PM  

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