Friday, September 22, 2006

PamKitty Hangover

Here are my leftover photos from yesterday's post. I could not let blogger get the best of me, so I tried on and off all evening to get these to load. Ahhh free blogger with all your quirks. Why do you toy with me?
The photo of the sign is pretty poor. I love to drive and take photos out the window. Except right now my windows are so spotted from the sprinklers I have to roll them down and sometimes I don't notice things in time to get a good photo. My garage is home to many things, sadly, not my car. I just looked up and saw the strawberry and thought ohmygosh even the signage is darling. This is the same center with the Japanese market and bookstore. There were other businesses as well, but those two were the standouts.

My magazines are lovely, as you can see from the their front and back photos. I really love the colorful backs. I would love to have more Lecien fabrics. Maybe at quilt market they'll have some more bundles of Miss March at sample spree. I should make a note. Because I love Lecien but don't love the higher cost.

What will I do today. I should do more piecing on that red and white project. Apparently saying that I'm going to do it and doing it are two different things. Well who could blame me for wanting to have a PamKittyDay? Really WHO COULD??? What I should do today is have a peaceful calm day, because Saturday is the quilt show and I know it will be a super busy day. Will I see you there?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You found Japanese craft magazines??? Do tell!

12:11 PM  
Anonymous latebloomer said...

I'm so glad you now know how to get there! Bet you know what the answer's gonna be the next time you say "where do you want to go?"

12:56 PM  
Blogger norththreads said...

Drooling again.....I cant stop admireing your banner on this blog! Did you make it?

1:39 PM  
Anonymous laurie said...

Oh, fun!! I've been on the hunt for 1 particular Japanese craft book and wish I had a local place to go. You lucky girl!!

8:07 PM  

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