Friday, July 29, 2022

Treat Yo Self

 Hi friends!  How is the summer/winter  going? Can you believe we're at the tail end of July already?  As usual time seems to be zooming by lately.   No disrespect to those of you that love summer and it's  hot weather, I am not a fan. 

                                             LDH Sewing Shears

Anyway about treating myself.  Do you follower Minki Kim, @zeriano, on Instagram?  She makes a lot of really wonderful projects and is a fabric designer as well.  I'm sure you already follow her.  Anyway I watch a lot of her sewing videos over on her you-tube channel.  I find them so peaceful to watch, I keep the sound off, but even the music in the background is calming. Sometimes I sit in the morning with coffee and watch her stitch away.  But back to treating myself....

Minki often uses some beautiful black sewing shears and the way that they cut through fabric is mesmerizing to me.  In all the years I have sewn, I've always used inexpensive 'over-the-counter' fabric shears.  They work for a while and then they are doomed to become paper shears or worse, relegated to the garage!   I've treated myself to a lot of smaller fancy scissors but never a pain of long shears. 

ldh sewing shears

One day earlier this year I was cutting with some scissors that were reaching retirement age and I decided to research what scissors Minki uses and ordered myself a pair.  I was watching this video where she slices through a quilt-as-you-go panel and I knew I HAD TO HAVE THEM.   

LDH Sewing Shears

So they're LDH Midnight Edition Fabric Shears, 9 inch length.  Worth every penny, they glide through fabric, it's really amazing.  I'm so happy I ordered them. They have a nice weight, heavier than your basic scissors, but they feel good.  I'm being very careful not to knock them off my ironing board or sewing table with my irresponsible behavior.   But I love them.  I'm not sponsored by them or anything just a big fan.  

I think about how I used to just blog away about nothing in particular,  like scissors or Trader Joe tamales for lunch, of about coffee.  I miss it.  I have been thinking about the scissors and thought it might be fun to write about it.  Its easy to post a picture on instagram and say look at my new scissors but then I couldn't tell you how much I like Minki's you tube videos and all her pretty pictures, maybe you'd like them too.   In the mean time I do love seeing everyone's photos on IG, so I'm sure I'll see you there, and maybe post a picture of my scissors.  But we'll both know the real story.  Treat yourself friends, to a walk outside, a breath of fresh air, a cup of coffee  and some sewing or some pretty scissors.  You're worth it. xop

Monday, July 18, 2022

Sloan Zone

Good morning! I'm up with  my first cup of coffee enjoying the cool air before it really warms up here.    These hot summer  temps are normal for us but I know a lot of  you are in hotter than normal weather and I'm hoping you stay cool and hydrated.  


I hope you had a chance to visit all the participants of the Bird Song fabric tour.  There were a lot of great projects shared, and I enjoyed seeing them all.  The tour winner here at PamKittyVille is Lisa McCool who said "♥️♥️I love seeing the fabrics manipulated and set into designs by all the designers!! Love Blue!!♥️♥️ Thank you for your post and tips!!"

Time for me to get to get ready for work.  Monday's are my day at the office.  Can't wait to see what's new.  Keep cool friends !!! Thanks for visiting my stop on the tour! xop

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Bird Song Fabric Tour

Good morning friends! Today is my day on Pat Sloan's Bird Song Fabric tour!  Bird Song is Pat's new collection for Benartex Fabrics.  

I really love this collection, it's two colorways, pink and blue, and both are so cute.  I love pink and I made my fabric selections and then of course thought OMG should I have chosen blue???  Luckily Bird Song will soon be in stores so we can get all we want!

Birdsong FAbric Benartex Pat Sloan

I decided that it would be fun to make another project from Pat's Tantilizing Tabletoppers book and I chose the Breakfast Club topper for a nice summery topper.  I think this Bird Song Breakfast Club mini quilt makes for a cute table display.  


Of course it's a perfect opportunity to bust out my cool vintage concrete garden bird!



I love all the little details in the Wildflower Field and Sing a Song prints.  Of course also the Bird Watching print on the back.  And the Happy Flower for the border, super cute.  It's very reminiscent of the 70s to me, fun and funky! 



Be sure and check out the Bird Song look book!   There are some great projects shown and closeups of all the pretty fabrics in this collection.  

Now for the fun part, leave a comment and you might win a 10 inch charm pack of Pat's fabric!


The drawing is open to international  friends as well, and if chosen you'll win this cute Perfect Little Box of Colors of Aurifil thread!


Here's a list of everyone participating in the tour along with their links.  you can also catch people on Instagram by following the #patsloansbirdsong hashtag. You have a chance to win with every participant so I hope you check them all out! Pat will have updates daily so you can check out her Instagram here. 

That's it for me today!!  I should be back here soon because I can't wait to talk about my fun current quilt in the making.  You've maybe seen it on Instagram here...   It's so much easier to share photos on IG but it really takes a blog post to fill in all the details, you know? Hope you're having a good summer or make that winter for all my southern hemisphere friends! 

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