Friday, March 26, 2021

Spring and all that.

Good morning friends!  Hope you're well. The coffee is on, and it's the season.  Did you see that Peeps and Pepsi have gotten together to "usher in the joyous, relaxing vibes of springtime". What could a Pepsi/Peep combo beverage even taste like?   You can read about it here on the Pepsi website.  Wow right?  Anyway my friend (read that as a fun guy I follow on Instagram who I don't really know) Shay Spence  wrote about it for People Magazine and you can read about it here.  Marshmallow Cola.  Wow.    


Anyway I hadn't had Peeps in ages, but my cousin Linda texted me her coffee cup with a giant Peep next to it and what else was I supposed to do? 


Spring has sprung around PamKittyVille, and although the days aren't all sunshine and blue skies it's been pretty nice.  Some really windy days, nor the rain, could ruin my pretty crabapple tree.  It looks so pink and fluffy right now I can't even stand it.

Lately Frankie has helped me with going through a bunch of stuff. Found this little charmer that I love.  I made it ages ago with a package of tiny hand cut scottie dogs that I bought from one of my favorite Pacific International Quilt Festival vendors, Quilting Cousins of Pismo Beach.  The sold them in little packets and I bought a couple (and I know that I have another one somewhere.  Hopefully not with the tailors ham I still can't find.)

old friend\

It's a small quilt, with simple borders and I used it a lot on a side table.  It was fun to see it again. I enjoyed seeing a lot of old projects.   Same with going through a lot of my old books.  Wow, the past sure has influenced the present, that's for sure!!!  

That's what's up with me.  What's up with you?  Doing anything fun?  Tell me all about it Happy Weekend!!! 


Blogger scottylover said...

Ooh! I have some Scotties like that too! I bought them at a quilt show ages ago with the intent to applique them to white squares. Got one done and hate my blanket stitch. May have to pull these out again and figure out what to do!

Thanks for the inspiration!

5:54 AM  
Blogger Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

You put on a smile on my face, Pam!
I love your small, scottie quilt, and your cheery, spring mood.

7:31 PM  
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