Monday, April 20, 2020

Hidden in Plain Sight: A PamKittyMorning Story

Hi there friends, how are you?  Hangin in there?  We're still sheltering in place here in PamKittyVille, how about where you are?  I hope you're finding what you need at the store and some how getting through it all. We are doing ok, saw Frankie across her garage the other day, dropping stuff off and picking up stuff.  

When I first started this post LAST WEEK, I was about to begin searching for something in my house.  What a clever title.  I typed it in and I was feeling smug, thinking I would find it right off. I knew I had it,and double checked my blog posts to find a picture to make sure, and I was  convinced I knew right where it was. But like all smug prideful thoughts, I COULD NOT FIND IT.  I'm not going to go into the measures I went thru to find it either, as it took a while week for me to just give up (for now).  (temporarily)DEFEATED. 

But also I did manage to get some stuff done.  I made myself sit down and put these blocks together.  I really love the quilt, and while the contrast between lights and darks isn't great, I love how it turned out, even the big contrast red blocks.  I need to find a big chunk of batting around here and get it quilted.  I think I will do it myself, in a simple grid pattern.  The design lends itself to that that. No need to mark it.  


Another thing I did for fun last week was stitch up this cute teapot.  It's from Ayumi Mills Pink Penguin blog, you can find it here.  Here blog post shows how to make it with freezer paper piecing, and I tried kind of a hybrid version of that and paper piecing.  I should have taken the time to just use the freezer paper method as it would have been much easier.  I'm not getting any smarter with age I'm afraid.  I really love it though, it's quite a jaunty little block.  I was inspired by The Sunny Day Supply little tea cup cozy, you can see that on instagram here. Everything Ayumi and the SunnyDay girls make is so charming and inspiring.  I could look at their photos all day. Pretty photos really make me happy.  

Pink Penguin TeaPot

While browsing around on Instagram's explore feature, I a saw the cutest cross stitch by NeedleWork Press.  You can find it on Facebook, it's a free pattern. Probably like a lot of you, I cross stitched A LOT before I got into quilting.  I loved it.  

Needlework Press

Dug through all my old cross stitch supplies and found all the floss and and a piece of aida and started stitching today.  UGH.  MY EYES.  They just don't see like they used to.  That's how far I got before I just had to say uncle.  Even with my glasses it was a challenge and that's 14 count aida! Still it's such a charming little project, not to big, and I hope you take a peek at it over on their Facebook page or on Instagram

That's what I've been up to.  What about you? Hope you have some sunny weather to perk up the days.  I'm enjoying the backyard before it gets scorched by the sun.  We put the umbrellas out and cushion on the swing and it's delightful.  I'm headed out there to work on some binding.  Hope you're well.  xop

Monday, April 06, 2020


Morning friends, how are you? I think by now almost everyone is on a shelter in place protocol now right?  Are you doing ok?  I hope you have everything you need to get through it. I have lots of fabric and plenty of thread so I should be fine.  I hope you are too.  

I've managed the tiniest bit of sewing, I admire how much people are getting done.  I just don't have the attention span for it.  I finished my binding from last weeks post, just waiting for a nice day to find a place to grab a photo. 

Here are the blocks I have completed since we last met here over coffee.  Well coffee for me anyway! They're all cute blocks, trying to decide which ones to make is hard. 

Garden tools/ Ellis and Higgs pattern

ellis and higgs block

ellis and higgs block

One left, here's the layout of what I have made.  I love it all so far, and I'm thinking of something pink for the bottom corner.  Can't decide what, I have a wheelbarrow left, but I'm not sure if I want that to be pink.  There will be plenty of green once the 'lawn' strips go between the rows.  Oh well plenty of time to think about it.  I could move it all around and put the mole in the center!  I DON'T KNOW! Mostly I should chose something simple, because my brain and attention span aren't working at full power.  

ellis and higgs blocks

Any plans for this week? Are you sewing a lot? Reading? Working in your yard?  We had some nice weather and I was able to go out and enjoy some sun.  I refilled my bird feeders, but I'm running  low on  seed , hoping to make it till the time I can shop again.  

All you people who are out there creating and decorating and gardening, I appreciate your Instagram photos so much.  They're so cheery.  

Stay safe friends.  I hope you are well.  xop

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