Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Fall Sewing

Hi there! How are you on this fall day?  It's warm here, kind of weirdly cloudy and humid, in the low 70s.  I even have the windows open.  After seeing snow pictures on Instagram I sometimes feel like I live in another world!

Celebrate the Seasons Pat Sloan
I finally got around to adding borders to my Autumn Stars Tablerunner. It's from Pat Sloan's Celebrate the Seasons book.  Pat and I are friends and she sent me her new Bonnie Lane fabric to play around with earlier this year.  It's a fun make, I had most of it done on my trip to see Nanette in September.  I really am bad when it comes to taking those last tiny steps to finish up a project!!  But I love how it turned out and it's perfect with the vintage tablecloth currently on my table. 

There's lots of fun projects in this book, big and small.  I like the options of smaller projects so I can finish myself.  I'm not an inspired machine quilter so I'll think on this, and examine the quilting of Pat's project a bit more before I get started. 
Isn't that pumpkin cute?  I was picked in a drawing for some pretty vintage sheets over on Alana's Instagram.  I was so lucky!  I have a small collection of vintage sheets that someday I will make into a quilt.  The fabrics are so soft and nice and I've seen so many lovely projects make with them.
I don't remember if I mentioned here that Frankie has moved back close by!  It's so nice to just say hey lets get together and not have to plan anything, we can just jump in the car and meet up in 15 minutes (or so)  door to door.  Fun!
Hope you're all doing well. xop

Thursday, November 07, 2019

Finally Finished

Wow I started to get this post ready some time ago, based on the appearance of those Marshmallow Peep Ghosts.   Those friends are long gone.  I had such good intentions of blogging about my progress...

...I don't even know when I took the picture of the ghost blocks on the design tablecloth, they've been a fixture there in the hallway for so long. I'm a procrastinator, and the time had come to cut sashing....
...and the dreaded long borders... they always seem like such a pain.  Maybe it's the thought of getting it wrong.  But it worked out.  Thank goodness.
I need to grab some backing and get it quilted. Something swirly.  I'll have to look and see what other people have done. There are so many great Boo! quilts out there. 
Anyway I'm happy to be back to sewing.  Frankie is all moved in to her new place and  it's nice to have her close by!  I have sewing room extension back, and can get into her old room to cut fabric whenever I want. 
Now that the ghosts are done, I can get to work on other half finished projects.   Also I have my vacation fabrics just waiting for me to cut into them. I have a few ideas, but haven't settled on any one thing.  Plus did you see that Kellie from Sew Mimi K is having a sew along for her little tea cup coasters?  I am going to make some, they look so cute, and paired with some coffee, tea or cocoa they'd make a cute  gift don't you think?  And they just look fun.  Kellie has a post from 2016 where she made a bunch of striped  cups that are so cute and you can see them here.  I'd like to make them for a cute banner for my kitchen window.  Dreams people. Dreams.  I'm happy just thinking about it and if  I get some made even better!
Ok enough of my rambling.  What's new with you?

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