Monday, April 25, 2016


Good morning! Did you have a nice weekend? It was Splendid Sampler time again, and finally we're back to one of the blocks that I've made, Sweet Candy.  I'm sticking with what's comfortable for me, and that's the great thing about this, you get to do as many or as few blocks as you'd like. 

Splendid Sampler
This block is Sweet Candy by Kris Thurgood. Kris owns My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe and it's a charming store in Logan Utah.  I had the chance to visit there last year when I was visiting Nanette. Its a cheerful store and I recommend going it you have the chance.
I had a productive weekend.  I've organized more things so I'm ready with a list of what projects need to be completed.  Lots of things need borders.  Obviously something that's not my favorite.  I determined what to use on those quilts and have those ready.  I stitched all my Easy Addition blocks into rows, so that's another project that is so close to being done. All I need is some good TV and I'm set there. There are some projects I'd like to start soon, but I'm trying to clear up a few things first.  My sewing table isn't totally cleaned off because well, we're talking about me. But it's so much better.  I am trying to set reasonable goals that I can actually accomplish.
Hope you have a good week ahead of you!  See you later aligators! xo 


Blogger mascanlon said...

Ha! Reasonable goals, what's that? Today I have a sew day with friends and I am taking along my Easy Addition blocks to work on. It's my next project goal too. But you are way ahead of me on organizing. Have a great week Pam.

6:28 AM  
Blogger greg @ grey dogwood studio said...

I'm with you on that finishing up and organizing project! I am DETERMINED to get bindings stitched and borders sewn before I start another project. I have a sewcation/get-caught-up-ication coming soon!

10:25 AM  
Blogger Catsngrams said...

I am also reorganizing my sewing corner. It seems so nice to know what you have. Then in a week I will have forgotten all that I have and have to start over. Oh well.

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Algenseti said...

Hi Pam, really love your blog, its very creative. :D

5:33 PM  
Blogger Carla said...

Love your blog and your blocks you make. I like this simple little block. I may have to make this one.
I've got two quilts out of the way this month and working on my third one. There's more in my future. LOL. I still need to finish organize the rest of my sewing room and close but I got 50% of the stuff up off the floor. I'd stay that's progress.
Happy Hump Day.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Mediamaya said...


Good information, thanks for sharing..

6:49 PM  
Anonymous Riuhimaji said...

Thanks for sharing! :D

6:11 PM  

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