Monday, August 03, 2015


Good morning people!  Hope you're well! We're in a bit of a cool down, they're promising high 70s tomorrow so I'm starting to perk up a bit.  I know a lot of people have the same problems, I'm grateful it hasn't been worse and super grateful for air conditioning.   
Over the weekend I actually got some sewing done.  I am halfway through the blocks on for my #farmgirlfriday day, which is a relief!  But today I'm pulling out a bag of Sunrise Studio fabrics to work on a magazine quilt for Holly.  Super cute, and it's a fun change to work on  something fresh and new. The prints are so adorable, and the colors so cheerful.  They go perfect with Fog City Kitty and Pam Kitty fabrics in general.    That's on my agenda this week. Fingers crossed I can get it done and get it to the quilter so I can get back to my project. 

Quilt Now
I was having my coffee and I grabbed my latest copy of Quilt Now over the weekend.  I love Katy's magazine, it's a fresh format and I like even the ads. Seriously what's not to love about the UK?

Quilt Now
WHAT THE WHAT??? Much to my surprise I found this Richmond Clutch made from Pam Kitty Garden!  Designed by Katy Cameron, it's adorable!  What a treat, you know corny as it sounds, I always am so excited to see projects in Pam Kitty fabrics. Seriously, it's a total daymaker when I see it, I want to carry the magazine around and point it out to people at the market, who have no idea what I'm talking about.  I hope you'll head over to Katy's blog ( or her instagram here) and check it out.  She's making the Jen Kingwell Small World quilt and it's really wonderful.  Plus other super cool things, duh! Thanks Katy, for liking my fabric and making cool things with it!
Ok, that's it for now.  I'm feeling cheery and want to get a jump on the day.  More coffee!! xo


Blogger Little Quiltsong said...

Especially LOVE the fabric on the bottom of this clutch! I've just ordered some of it. I also have the pink version and was soooo happy to see it in the grey (light and dark) in your new fabric line. Somehow the flowers on the print just add something special. This clutch looks so pretty with this fabric.

7:02 AM  
Blogger Sinta Renee said...

Happy Monday! Cute tote... and that fabric is so sweet. I can't get enough of it!

10:09 AM  
Blogger mascanlon said...

Got plenty of that in my to sew with it! Have a great week Pam. So looking forward to my couple of days sewing next month in Livermore!

5:48 AM  
Blogger greg @ grey dogwood studio said...

That's one of my fave prints and I haven't even used it yet! I hope that you're busy sewing up that bag!

3:06 PM  
Blogger circle r motel said...

I just love to read your posts, you are so funny! Thanks for brightening up my day!

8:00 PM  

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