Monday, August 31, 2015

Classic and Vintage-Log Cabin

Good morning!  It's Fat Quarter Shop's Classic and Vintage day here at PamKittyVille, and its featuring one of my favorite classic blocks, the log cabin!  There's so much history with a log cabin block, and so many styles, even logs, uneven logs, light and dark sides, scrappy, thin logs, fat logs.. and lets don't even try and get into the log cabin variations. 

Classic and Vintage Log Cabin
For a long time it's been one of my favorites, and I've made quite a few log cabin quilts.  You can see the one that I made with 1 1/4 inch logs for Alex's book here.. and one I did for a blog hop here,  and one I made for a swap here.

There area lot of different techniques for stitching up a log cabin block.  I like to cut each log the correct size, buy you can also use strips and cut as you go. And now you can use  a hybrid method that uses oversized logs and the Creative Grids Log Cabin Trim tool.   Be sure and catch Kimberly's video over at the Fat Quarter Shop YouTube Channel where she shows you how to  use it! I think it looks like the perfect marriage of methods!

Classic and Vintage Log Cabin

I turned my log cabin block into a little mat/potholder.  Ha, like I'd ever use it on a goopy pot!

Classic and Vintage Log Cabin
I know you want to get sewing so you can download the block  pattern pdf here.  Fat Quarter Shop also has a pattern for the Hope Blooms Quilt, and you can by that pattern over here, it's a bargain!

Ok, hope you all have a fantastic week! xo

Monday, August 24, 2015


Good morning! How was your weekend?  Usual fare here- doing this and that and the other thing. Getting a coffee, going for a ride.  The weather was nice and we had the windows open most of the weekend!  I believe school starts around here today, so we'll see a pick up in the traffic  on our street, and there will be a lot more kids walking  past the house. The neighborhood will seem lively again!
project prep
I managed to get cutting.. this is part of a little project I have going, not to be revealed till sometime in September.  I but some old and new Pam Kitty fabrics, they're a cheerful lot.
project prep
One thing I really love  about blogs and instagram is all the wonderful photos of fabric and stuff and colors... I know I don't do a lot of that.  So when I looked up and saw that little tea bag holder I said what the heck.  So there you go.  I've upped my game. For one day.  Maybe I'll remember I have a lot of really cute things here and there, and I'll stop thinking about that cow Lori has. Because that cow haunts me.
Ok, lets go forth and conquer the week! Have a good one! xo

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mail Call

Hi there and Happy Thursday!  How is the week going ?  We are in the middle of a cooling trend, which to me is anything under 90 degrees...and I'm loving it. That 10 to 15 degree drop makes all the difference in the world. And like anyone who qualifies for a senior citizens discount, I want to talk about the weather. In the summer it's all about whether or not the fog came in through the (Golden) gate, is it a spare the air day and how hot will it be tomorrow?

sewing kit
But TODAY I can talk about some other things!   I received a surprise package from Elaine.  Back in June, Elaine won a give-away I had for the Pat Sloan Applique book.  I was happy that she was excited about it, and I shipped it off to her.  This week, I received this delightful package from Elaine as a thank you.  OHMYGOSH CAN YOU STAND IT?  Totally thoughtful, she remembered that I said my mother used a coin purse.. I don't even remember where I mentioned it, and she made a little coin purse for her.  Inside are two 100Grand candy bars which I think is the cutest thing ever to put  inside a purse.  My mom has a secret sweet tooth.. so she'll love them, and of course she's going to flip over the little purse. 

Open sewing kit
The sewing kit is wonderful. I have seen people making these on Instagram, and always coveted them.. and now I have one, make from my own Pam Kitty Garden fabrics.  It was such and out of the blue surprise, and so very thoughtful.  So again, Elaine, thank you so very very much.

Also in the mail another sweet surprise!  I saw Debbie work on this runner on Instagram and over on Facebook and loved it.  It's so cheerful and I love pears, the fruit to eat and the fruit in fabric form.  When I received a package from Debbie I was thinking hmm, what's this?  Feels squishy! 

Holy cow, I open it up and here's the pear runner! Debbie made it for me!!!! She used a lot of my favorite Pam Kitty prints and I'm thrilled with it.  So so cute and unexpected. Debbie is on a sewing and cross-stitching frenzy now that she's retired...when she isn't busy babysitting the darling Greyson!
I'm overwhelmed at my good fortune.  Seriously, I love love love my runner and my sewing kit! Debbie and Elaine you've spoiled me!  Again, I cannot even believe how kind people are to me.

Ok, hope you guys have  a super weekend!  xoxo
Note: according to Debbie's post on Instagram, the pattern for the runner is "Pears & Pinwheels" by Blueberry Hill Quilt Designs

Sewing kit information here!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Monday

Greetings.. did you survive the weekend?  It was a scorcher here, Bret's car told him it was 109 on the way home from some errands yesterday. Rude.

Livermore is quite the wine lover's paradise, and there are large and small vineyards everywhere, this one in front of my (not-so) secret Starbucks parking lot.  I have been watching these grapes mature and actually stepped out and grabbed one to taste.  Sooo sweet.  The grapes love the sun.
So what all did you do this past weekend?  Just a lot of organizing around here.  I'm trying to get a bit of control on my sewing table.  I have a lot of in progress things with little cut pieces just waiting to get mixed up with other things.  In the meantime I have a lot of fun ideas of new things to make.  So I need to get a move on. 
Any big plans this week?  I hope to keep cool, get things put away, and then concentrated on putting my Snapshots rows together.  I notice Sherri was smart and already has her rows together. I know I'll feel more in control of things if I can do this too.  Unless I get sidetracked, which always happens.  Who knows.  Whatever I do it will be inside.. till the end of the week when it cools down a bit.
Ok, that's my update! Happy week, keep cool! xo

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Snapshots Saturday: Month 8

Happy weekend peeps!  It's a Snapshots day here in PamKittyVille, and I'm ready here with my "Like Riding a Bike" block.  How cute right? I made this block while I was on my happy-go-lucky Utah vacation with Nanette, so it will always remind me off sitting in her sewing room chatting and sewing and having fun!  Just like bike riding, it's good for you to sew with your pals when you can!


You can check out the video for this block over at the Fat Quarter Shop you tube channel  and then download the pdf pattern here

Then pedal into your sewing room and get busy!  This block has a lot of pieces, so get out those Alphabitties to help you out.

And while you're at it, it would be great if you considered donating to the St. Jude's Children's Research's a great cause !
Ok, everyone!!! We're closing in on it! Have a happy weekend! xo
#fqsfun #fqssnapshots

Friday, August 14, 2015


Good morning! It's my Farm Girl Friday today!!! Thanks Lori, for inviting me along on your Farm Girl Sew Along.  When I paged through my Vintage Farm Girl book I fell head over heels for this cute Pie Cherry Quilt.  I just kept wishing I could see a picture of the whole quilt. I looked around online and then lo and behold when I was visiting Nanette I saw the REAL PIE CHERRY QUILT at Thimbles and Threads in Draper.    Don't you love Lori's version? 

Lori's Pie Cherry Quilt
I kept to her color recipe, using aqua and white backgrounds and aqua sashings.. and I think I have a nice mix of pink and red cherries. While I was making it I thought it would be fun to have red and yellow and pink cherries, Ranier cherries are so pretty too.  My favorites are the dark Bing cherries that are grown in our area here.  On my Utah vacation I collected up a bunch of aquas to use, and some white with aqua background prints, and then of course went to my stash of Pam Kitty Fabrics for the pinks, reds and greens. 

I also picked up  a couple of soft browns that wouldn't be too bold for the stems.  I like how they turned out. Just the right intensity I think.

PieCherryQuilt #farmgirlfriday
All my sewing without lights resulted in some mismatchiness, but you know, honestly, I don't care.  I'm in love with how it turned out.  I was planning on using Lori's patchy borders, but now I think I'll use my aqua swirl print.. I'm just not quite sure yet.  So don't worry, this won't stay a UFO for long. 
Ok, did you make some Pie Cherries?  I can't wait to see all your blocks on Instagram!  The tags for this block is #piecherryblock #piecherryquilt #farmgirlfriday.  
Thanks for following along on my farm girl adventures! Come back tomorrow.. it's time for the Snapshots block for August!!! BICYCLE TIME! xo

Monday, August 10, 2015

Bird Brain

Happy Monday my fine feathered friends!  I hope you had a lovely weekend. I have birds on my mind, Friday afternoon we had a fun visitor to the backyard. Of course I didn't see from the backyard, but from the front pulling up after dinner out.  I was happy to see this little silhouette on the (unsightly) palm tree, a woodpecker or flicker.  Probably a juvenile Downey Woodpecker.. we've had those before.  Of course I whipped out my camera just to see if I could zoom in an really identify him, but I was way too far away, and by the time I went through the house he was gone.  I had another bird surprise last week.  One afternoon I was sewing and I could hear a huge racket by the local crows.  I mean I heard it inside over the a/c, my tv, my fan  and the sewing machine.  I went out back and saw probably 25 crows circling my neighbors oak tree, totally cheesed off at some kind of owl sitting there minding his own business.  By the time I reached for my binoculars he was no idea exactly what he was.  I recognized him by his silhouette.  He was probably a medium sized owl, brown.  Super fun.  It's been a long time since I've seen an owl in the neighborhood. Back in the day we had a pair barn owls living in our palm tree, and Frankie and I would lay in the hammock at night and watch for them to fly out of the tree like ghosts.  It really was breath taking. 

Also, aside from all the birds, I did some sewing.  Of course you'll have to wait and see if I did get those pie cherries sewn.. but not for long, August 14 is fast upon us.  So while we wait, I'll show you some of the fussy cutting that I did recently for Holly's project.  Yummy right? The colors make me think of sorbet or cupcakes or something delicious ... macarons.. I'm not sure what exactly but something refreshing and tasty.

I guess I have dessert on my mind.  Hope you have a great week friends!  I can't believe we're already in the second week of August.  Time just flies by sometimes.  We should make sure we enjoy it! xo

Friday, August 07, 2015


Happy Friday my lovely friends!  I so appreciate that you stop by and read my posts and have a coffee with me! Or tea or diet coke, or water or wine.. whichever it is, I really do thank you!   I know the posting has been few and far between lately, so I am grateful for your faithful visits!

pie cherries
I'll tell you , I'm more than a little surprised it's Friday already.  This week is a blur punctuated by my biannual trip to the dentist.  I have gotten a lot of sewing done, all my pie cherries are ready, this is just a small sampling.  Since it's not a secret who's doing what block.. no point in not showing a few here and there, but not so many you just say ho hum Pam, we get it, you're making cherries. Get over yourself.
They're sure cute though, right?
Today there will be more sewing.  I'm getting back in the groove, slow but sure.  When it's warm out my sewing room is extra warm, even with a/c,  all the lights and the iron heat that room up.  I've been sewing with just the light of my machine and my  blocks really reflect that.. a lot of misses in the matching, but I'm really enjoying the process, so I'm just getting over it.  Compromise.  I am not going to beat myself up over it.. FOR NOW ANYWAY.  No telling how I'll feel later. 
I hope you have a good weekend everyone!  No idea what will go down here in PamKittyVille.. but it will for sure involve some coffee, some  L&O and some sewing.  Count on it. xo

*thank goodness its farm girl Friday! 

Monday, August 03, 2015


Good morning people!  Hope you're well! We're in a bit of a cool down, they're promising high 70s tomorrow so I'm starting to perk up a bit.  I know a lot of people have the same problems, I'm grateful it hasn't been worse and super grateful for air conditioning.   
Over the weekend I actually got some sewing done.  I am halfway through the blocks on for my #farmgirlfriday day, which is a relief!  But today I'm pulling out a bag of Sunrise Studio fabrics to work on a magazine quilt for Holly.  Super cute, and it's a fun change to work on  something fresh and new. The prints are so adorable, and the colors so cheerful.  They go perfect with Fog City Kitty and Pam Kitty fabrics in general.    That's on my agenda this week. Fingers crossed I can get it done and get it to the quilter so I can get back to my project. 

Quilt Now
I was having my coffee and I grabbed my latest copy of Quilt Now over the weekend.  I love Katy's magazine, it's a fresh format and I like even the ads. Seriously what's not to love about the UK?

Quilt Now
WHAT THE WHAT??? Much to my surprise I found this Richmond Clutch made from Pam Kitty Garden!  Designed by Katy Cameron, it's adorable!  What a treat, you know corny as it sounds, I always am so excited to see projects in Pam Kitty fabrics. Seriously, it's a total daymaker when I see it, I want to carry the magazine around and point it out to people at the market, who have no idea what I'm talking about.  I hope you'll head over to Katy's blog ( or her instagram here) and check it out.  She's making the Jen Kingwell Small World quilt and it's really wonderful.  Plus other super cool things, duh! Thanks Katy, for liking my fabric and making cool things with it!
Ok, that's it for now.  I'm feeling cheery and want to get a jump on the day.  More coffee!! xo

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