Monday, September 22, 2014

Train Station

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Sharon invited Bret and I  to an open house at her friend Terry's house. I knew Terry had a pretty sweet train set up but holy cow people!  We couldn't believe how incredible it was.  Here's Sharon standing in front of  "Sharonville". 

Terry's Trains\
Here's the quilt school named after our friend Alice-Jane.  You can hop on the Sharonville trolley to get there..

Terry's Trains might have stopped at our friend Ann's Photography studio, or maybe picked up a new outfit at Sharon' s Glad Rags. 

Terry's Trains

The trolley runs on a regular schedule making stops all around town.
Terry's Trains
Camp Snake-o is right around the corner to the east.. stay out of the pond, there's snakes and alligators there.

Terry's Trains
New development right outside Sharonville.

Terry's Trains
To the west, Riva's Ranch.  Pretty nice spread  going in both directions. 

Terry's Trains

There are larger towns along the tracks, and there's a lot of different trains that run through town and out into the countryside, both passenger and freight.
Terry's Trains
There's even an industrial section with some hobos living under the tracks. Every now and again the rum factory emits smoke, which totally cracked me up.

Terry's Trains

There are several churches in the area, and this one has it's own graveyard.  I didn't see any zombies though.. wouldn't this be fun at Halloween?
Terry's Trains
There apparently is a bit of crime in the bigger towns, you can see a police officer apprehending a suspect down at the Harley Dealership.

Terry's Trains

Nearby in Lake Louie there is a lot going on.. a small wedding, boating, church and a luncheon spot.

Terry's Trains

There were seats in the shade for watching the trains go by, and there were a lot of different kinds of trains, which was pretty interesting.  There were quite a few kids there, and the older ones enjoyed a treasure hunt around the tracks looking for a long list of items.

Terry's Trains
It was a great open house for friends and neighbors and we saw quite a few people we knew.  Terry and his friends work on the trains during the summer, and then end the season with an open house. After this weekend the trains and all the many details will be packed back up and nicely labeled for next year.  I honestly don't know how they the do it, there were thousands of tiny little pieces , how are they not finding little people or animals all through the winter?
We had a great time, thanks Sharon for inviting us over! Terry, your 'train set' was amazing!  I really enjoyed seeing all your hard work on display!  It really is pretty incredible!
Have a good week everyone!


Blogger mascanlon said...

So creative! I love seeing other folks passions, these is obviously a labor of great love and lots of fun!

5:35 AM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

That's so cool - thanks for sharing.

8:24 AM  
Blogger carol fun said...

Outdoor garden railways are such fun. I remember a couple I saw when I lived in Modesto. Sharonville cracks me up - I lived in Sharonville Ohio and it still has a train station and museum about train history in the area.

12:58 PM  
Blogger Sherry said...

Wow - that is beyond words. I've always been fascinated with train sets and love all the details (buildings, cars, people, etc) that they use in the displays. This was pure joy to see the pics - thank you for sharing!

7:08 PM  

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