Friday, September 19, 2014


I've been happily sewing away on my Little Quilts Swap Quilt.  I have loved this little quilt ever since I saw it on Amy's blog a long time ago.  I had a screen shot up on my sewing room wall for ages, and I just took it down when I received my copy of the book.   It just seemed like the perfect thing to make and I hope my swap partner likes it.

Little Quilts
Big plans for the weekend?  We'll probably keep it on calm side here. Bret is still coughing up a storm with the cold I so generously shared with him. Poor fellow. So I'll get some sewing in probably.  I have some blanket stitching ahead of me!  I love that so much.
Can't wait to hear what you're up to! Have a great weekend! xo


Blogger Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Very, very cute! I can totally see your PKM fabric used in this.

Have a great weekend! It will be a busy one here...junkin' work to do.


7:14 AM  
Blogger karen @ badlandsquilts said...

Such a cute quilt! Hopefully a little sewing going on here in MN along with some fall yard prep. (Boo on winter, can't it just stay away?)

10:59 AM  

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