Thursday, September 14, 2006

Cool Breeze

Good morning! Today is going to be a slow moving day. The weather is cool and breezy and I am happy as a clam. A clam in a cool breezy house that is. Yesterday my quilt came back from the quilter. This quilt was made as a sample for the mystery quilt we put on at our retreat each spring. It wasn't as popular as the quilts before, and we have quilt kits left. I had thought that this cabin design would fit our weekend at the camp. I selected fabrics that reminded me of the colors of the cabins, and the surrounding areas. The quilt is quilted with an all over design which is fine. I will get the binding on it and get it back to the shop. We'll hang it up next weekend and hopefully the kits will sell. While I usually like to work on a smaller scale, I think its a fun quilt and it was easy enough to make. Its the perfect size for sofa time.
My other two tasks today are fun, and not that fun. Fun will be taking photos for two of Elizabeth's new patterns. She has the large quilts photographed by a professional photographer.
The other will be cleaning the refrigerator . Finally after 23 years of living here I am getting a fridge with an ICE MAKER. Ice 24/7 my friends. At my beck and call. A treat many of you take for granted I'm sure. We had new pipes installed a couple of years ago, and with that the plumbing for water at the refrigerator. And tomorrow is the day of deliverance.. deliverance from an ice maker free world. And a bit of salvation for those family members (who shall not be named) who take ice from the trays and leave just one cube. AND FACE MY WRATH.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The quilt is darling! I'll bet those kits sell like hotcakes.

Ice trays! Yuk. I can relate to the empty ones but thank God I've had an ice maker for several years now & use it every day.

10:42 AM  
Blogger (Angie) Norththreads: said...

Wow, so pretty!!

1:22 PM  
Blogger savvycityfarmer said...

It's all about the simple pleasures.. I got a new fridge a year ago...I love on it all the time...I clean it, wipe, it and kiss each week when I put new groceries away...good for you.

8:50 PM  
Blogger Angelina said...

I don't take ice for granted! My boy won't drink water that doesn't have ice in it and at our last house that meant constantly checking the trays in a panic (because I know someone who doesn't refill them too.) But at our new house the fridge we inherited has an ice maker and at least once every couple of days we comment on how wonderful it is to have ice automatically made for us. I'm excited for you!

New fridges are almost better than new shoes.

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very lovely quilt !
: )

1:40 PM  

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