Friday, November 11, 2016


To say that's its been quite a week is undoubtedly an understatement at this point.   I'm glad we have our shared interest in sewing and quilting here as common ground. 
Iron update... STILL LOVE IT.

Velocity Iron

Scrappy project planner... still love it.  I dove in to the tulips this week.  For me sewing is the perfect way to gain  control of my brain's over activity.. focus in on the task at hand.  Sometimes housework does that, but lets face it, sewing is a lot more fun!

Scrappy Project Planner
What do you use for task lighting in your sewing room?  I have an Ott desk lamp with a long arm, but now the bulb needs changing and I'm curious what other people use. My black desk lamp is not attractive but it sure does the job.  Why can't form and function meet more often. I want to have all the cute things. But also to see them.

Scrappy Project Planner Tulips
These tulips are so cute.  I love their chunkiness.  I'm making them for the fun of it, with no plan or schedule.  I'm in love with chunky zinnia's in Lori's IG post here, and think it would be fun to have a garden of chunky flowers.  Next up maybe red. I'm going thru my admittedly disorganized baskets for the fabrics, so maybe red is up next, maybe aqua. Not sure.
Hope you have a great weekend!  xop
Hey P. S. Did you see they've announced the cover of the Splendid Sampler Book?  Check it out here on Facebook!  So excited to see it and be a part of this project!


Blogger Little Quiltsong said...

These are so cute! Love your Tulip Blocks!

2:51 PM  
Blogger moknowsall said...

Just found your blog from a link on pay salons new book, which I had found a link from quiltville. I live in san ramon and just took up quilting again. I am an David scrapbooker too. I'll be checking out your material and blog soon! Thanks, the fabric looks sp vintage and playful.


9:42 AM  

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